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  1. lilyrose

    July 2013 sleevers

    Yay guys, we don't have much longer to go now... Liquid diet has commenced and now on the downward slide... I'm so excited for all of us, here's to a healthier skinnier life to us all... Love Lily xx
  2. Getting thinner gal, I totally agree with you. I have actually seen dr Nolan on 3 occasions now and I am so happy that I chose him. He is extremely straight to the point and now after building a rapport with him, that's exactly what I like about him. I can even have a joke with him now. He is such a good surgeon and very thorough. I would recommend anybody to see him. A big congratulations to you on your weight loss. That's really well done. I'm looking forward to following in your footsteps, 25 days to go..... But... Who's counting ha ha.. Did you have your surgery at Allamanda? Take care and thanks for your post xx
  3. lilyrose

    Heavily tattooed?!

    Hello, hopefully your weight loss won't destroy them. I'm sure that they will just shrink as you do... Fingers crossed...
  4. lilyrose

    First entry post op

    Happy Recovering.. Keep us posted.. Xx
  5. lilyrose

    July 2013 sleevers

    Patti, i sent you a message.. And yes i will definitely pray for you about this work situation.. I think that we all are feeling a little impatient.. The next few weeks are going to drag I think.. I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas, I am so ready for this surgery. I'm so glad to have found this site, it's great chatting with people who are in exactly the same boat.. Tevida and Christina please let us know when you guys get your date... Xx
  6. lilyrose

    Hubby Doesnt Like Me Now

    I'd kick that low life scum bag to the kerb ! You deserve soooooo much better. Xxxxxx
  7. lilyrose

    July 2013 sleevers

    How exciting Patti, we both don't have long to wait now
  8. lilyrose

    July 2013 sleevers

    Hi Madeline, yay we are so close. I'm having mine on the 2nd July and like you it can't come fast enough. I also had a band which obviously didn't work lily
  9. Let me know when you know.. A Facebook page would be awesome. I want to start one up myself on Facebook but might need my daughter to help me ! I'll let you know if I start one xo
  10. lilyrose

    Testing Today!

    Oh yay how exciting. Good luck
  11. lilyrose

    Let the journey begin!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your blood loss but so glad that you are ok now and at home.. I will be thinking of you. Take care and I hope that your recovery is a very speedy one. Looking forward to hearing all about your progress.
  12. lilyrose

    July 2013 sleevers

    Oh nuts are nutritionists lol...... Well don't I feel silly now... Bloody dumb blonde over here in oz land.. I thought that it would be a bit cheeky calling psychologists nuts... Lol... Patients maybe... But psychologists.... Lol...now me and hubby are cracking up.... !!!!!
  13. lilyrose

    Im sleeved

    Thinking of you music lover. Hang in there. xo
  14. lilyrose

    Eating more and more....help

    Thinking of you and praying for you. I haven't been sleeved yet so I can't really help. I wish I could.. Maybe go and speak to a psychologist. Could you possibly speak to your surgeon. I have read a lot about sizes of the sleeve and it has been proven that the bigger they leave the sleeve the less success you will have especially in the long term. My surgeon also spoke to me about this. Could being re sleeved be an option if this is the case ? I really feel for you as if we all had willpower to control what we eat and how much we eat possibly we all wouldn't of ended up chubby and needing the sleeve in the first place. Maybe also try as well to have some more protein, as it may fill you up more and take away cravings for other foods. As I mentioned I haven't had my sleeve yet, I've only had a lapband so I'm probably not the best person to be giving you advice.. All I can really do is wish you the very best of luck and hope that everything works out for you.. Hang in there xxx
  15. lilyrose

    July 2013 sleevers

    By the way when you guys refer to a nut appointment. Does that mean a psychologist appointment lol !!!! Do you guys call psychologists nuts over there. That is hilarious if you do. I just told my hubby and we are both giggling now !!!

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