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  1. Ok. So the apron skin is getting chafed and blistersy underneath but a search for underwear that protects it is coming up empty. Who recommends what? Ive got medicated spray powder and baby wipes but I live in the south and I garden. Help! Sent from my SM-G991U using BariatricPal mobile app
  2. Definitely don't feel the same restriction I did when I had the sleeve. I dont know if I'm just being conservative when I eat or if I truly don't have a full feeling now. Sent from my SM-G991U using BariatricPal mobile app
  3. ElyQuint


    I just had a revision to RNY because my post sleeve GERD was so bad. I now have Barret's Esophagus so didn't want to put it off any longer. Sent from my SM-G991U using BariatricPal mobile app
  4. Anybody know if it is okay or does it cause ulcers the way tobacco does? Sent from my SM-G991U using BariatricPal mobile app
  5. Just had my sleeve to bypass revision on the 6th. Sleeve was 2013 and the result was GERD and Barrets esophagus. So here I am. Physically more challenging this time but that could be cause I'm older. Good luck all. Sent from my SM-G991U using BariatricPal mobile app
  6. ElyQuint


    Well. He's trying really hard but he doesn't seem to get. And his cooking is awesome (thank heavens) but I do pretend to eat because his intentions are so good but his math is way off!
  7. ElyQuint


    WOW. A. My house spouse is my a live in. He takes care of the house and I bring home the facon. Whether we are married or not is between us. Lol. B. Obesity is widely regarded in the medical community as contributing to a multitude of cancers for which chemo is a staple treatment. C. I'm not nearly as concerned with his weight as I am with his health which is dictated heavily by what you put in your face and hot dogs are bad and C. I'm not asking for anyone's judgment or even advice about whether to depart. I'm asking if anyone has had similar feelings. D. I never tried to make him be something he isn't. I expressed a feeling on a forum where people experiencing a similar life change might be able to shed some light on this new emotional experience I'm having. I'm not forcing any of my life choices on him (except the decor, that's all me.) Let me rephrase the question. I have a man whose health concerns me as I improve my own. Sometimes this concern is so overwhelming I feel like I have to end the relationship. Has anyone experienced similar feelings? (@Introvert: He's a chef. I'm not allowed to shop, stock or cook!
  8. ElyQuint


    I have an interesting issue with house spouse and I'm guessing I'm far from the only one. He took care of me through this process but still thinks it was a bad idea. He is a chef and has food obsessions. He is overweight (not like I was) and says that he'd rather enjoy life and die young than obsess about sugars ect. I really want him to be excited about getting healthy cause I don't want to spend my fifties pushing his wheel chair to chemo every day because he wanted to eat hot dogs. Sometimes I want to break up about it. Anyone?
  9. ElyQuint

    The collarbone pose

    I do this too.
  10. ElyQuint

    Confession re: Loving Myself

    You've got it all backwards. Losing weight and getting healthy is an ACT of self love. You've begun treating yourself with love and love is what you are getting in return from your body.
  11. Aloelax from the health food store. I take it every three days to ensure movement. Water & exercise help but not enough. Fiber doesn't do it either.
  12. ElyQuint


    I'm low carb high fat vegetarian. I do just fine.
  13. ElyQuint

    Binge eating help

    Sounds like you need a big old dose of radical self love!!! Keep it simple. Bring it back to sticks and stones. Log your food, feed your spirit with exercise, music, meditation, art, fun of any kind!!
  14. " I understand vsg is just a tool, but I hoped it would be a great tool for at least the first 8-12 months, giving me time to work on the mental part while I still lost weight. " This is precisely what is happening right now! Here you are, unable to over-indulge, and you have already decided you are a failure! Of course your enjoying the little food your eating! Of course you're obsessing over the things you can't have right now! That's your brain panicking about not getting a fix. Stop judging it and observe it. That's what working on the mental part means. Learning the ways that the brain gets you to cave and learning how to stop the little bastard from undermining your confidence. Get a journal. Write it down. Pay attention to the patterns. Learn your negotiation tactics so you can recognize your mental triggers. The weight will start dropping soon enough so focus on that voice in your head! Its not will power. Its self defense. Now is the time to watch how your "opponent" disables you.

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