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  1. Ok. So the apron skin is getting chafed and blistersy underneath but a search for underwear that protects it is coming up empty. Who recommends what? Ive got medicated spray powder and baby wipes but I live in the south and I garden. Help! Sent from my SM-G991U using BariatricPal mobile app
  2. Just had my sleeve to bypass revision on the 6th. Sleeve was 2013 and the result was GERD and Barrets esophagus. So here I am. Physically more challenging this time but that could be cause I'm older. Good luck all. Sent from my SM-G991U using BariatricPal mobile app
  3. ElyQuint


    WOW. A. My house spouse is my a live in. He takes care of the house and I bring home the facon. Whether we are married or not is between us. Lol. B. Obesity is widely regarded in the medical community as contributing to a multitude of cancers for which chemo is a staple treatment. C. I'm not nearly as concerned with his weight as I am with his health which is dictated heavily by what you put in your face and hot dogs are bad and C. I'm not asking for anyone's judgment or even advice about whether to depart. I'm asking if anyone has had similar feelings. D. I never tried to make him be something he isn't. I expressed a feeling on a forum where people experiencing a similar life change might be able to shed some light on this new emotional experience I'm having. I'm not forcing any of my life choices on him (except the decor, that's all me.) Let me rephrase the question. I have a man whose health concerns me as I improve my own. Sometimes this concern is so overwhelming I feel like I have to end the relationship. Has anyone experienced similar feelings? (@Introvert: He's a chef. I'm not allowed to shop, stock or cook!
  4. ElyQuint

    July sleevers please check in..

    Same boat. I have about 35 or so to go but have no real food limitations. At some point you learn to eat around the sleeve. I need the rigid journalling and measuring and structure. But I feel normal so I try to eat normal and then I don't lose. Also I get my period for two weeks a month and usually don't sweat what I eat but if its going to be that long I'm going to need to discipline myself.
  5. I'm a year out. I drank wine right up to surgery and waited about two months before picking it up again. When I did I failed to consider my reduced tolerance. Now a days I have a glass with dinner but it takes a good three hours to get through. I often water it down so I don't make a spectacle.
  6. ElyQuint

    July 29th Sleevers Where Are You?!?

    Hi all: July 29th will be my one year anniversary! 108.5 pounds lost, new job, new city, new house, new hair, big smile! Good luck all!
  7. ElyQuint

    What is your dream job?

    I think I would like to live more independently now. A more off the grid lifestyle where my needs are met naturally and more creatively. I'd like to learn to make furniture rather than trading my time for money to pay for furniture. If only they had a surgery that removed 75% of my student loan debt.
  8. Today is my last day at the job I had when I had my surgery. When I started there I weighed 288. As I leave I am 195. I've never hidden my surgery. This was a personal decision which is oft debated on this site. As I approach my new job on Monday, I am contemplative of the new relationships I will be building. My new colleagues will not have any awareness of me as the "fat girl". I know I still have a ways to go but the mental fat girl has mostly fallen away. These new folks will see me eat healthy, exercise and lose weight fairly gradually. They won't even require an explanation. I wonder if I will feel compelled to tell them. I am happy with my decision to tell folks about my surgery and I won't debate the choice as its been done here already. But I wonder how long the former fat chick will be my chosen identity? Anyone have any thoughts?
  9. ElyQuint

    Reforming The Fat Girl

    Frequently actually. Many people challenge the decision. I don't think they view weight as a health concern. Its as though its cosmetic. I did tell my new co-workers. Its just too awkward. I'm no good at secrets.
  10. I started using protein shake powder when cooking. I couldn't stand the texture of most shakes so I started making muffins out of shake powders, hemp seeds, almond flour ect.
  11. ElyQuint

    So mad at myself

    Stop bullying yourself. Your not a bad person your just a biological creature that noticed fake cheese paste sedates the physical angst of boredom. Dude. Its yummy, salty, coma inducing goodness helps us procrastinate doing what we always said we couldn't do until we lose weight. When that wears off, you get to procrastinate because you're a carb eating loser who doesn't deserve to do those things anyway. food is NOT the problem here. Your boredom is the problem. Address the boredom friend. Something about boredom makes you anxious. Try intentionally doing nothing in a quiet room. Observe any thoughts that arise and the physical sensations which come with them. The more you "sit with" that which you are trying to avoid, without judgment, the less of a demon it is. It gets easier to say "crap! Its "that thought or that feeling again. I know where this leads." Then, run like hell. Go for a walk, clean the bathroom, dance to your favorite song, learn to play guitar. Just don't get bored. I suggest this because I'm a lazy fake cheese eating loser who knows what will happen if I let myself get bored. Lol. We are all in this together.
  12. ElyQuint

    Scared mom

    My mother was the same way. For her food is care so she really felt helpless. I made her my accomplice. She came to support groups and seminars and Dr appointments. She helped me with recovery and generally navigating this process. I gave her another way to care. Now, 9 months post op, she feels a part of all my successes. Its really cute actually.
  13. I've seen so many of these posts and could have been the author a year ago. The pre-op experience has little to do with the post op reality. It is not indicative of your likely success or failure. Statistically speaking, when it comes to weight loss, we are used to failing. We all think we are the worst offender and the weakest link. You are about to commit to an incredible journey of self love and kindness. I encourage you to concentrate on what your mind is saying about you and how that has impacted the decisions you have made on your own behalf. Then embrace your decision and refuse to listen to any part of your inner dialogue that undermines you. You will find that the negative voices get louder when your stomach starts growling. Its panic. It has been a successful method of self sabotage and its time to show that bastard in your brain that tantrums are not going to be rewarded with french fries any longer!
  14. ElyQuint

    excellent meals

    Lavash is a wonderful middle eastern flat bread. Sami's bakery (online or health food store) makes a spinach/flax/millet Lavash that is low in carbs and just the right size. Savory, delicious and perfectly textured for pizza or sandwich bun.
  15. ElyQuint

    excellent meals

    Ok. Here is a good one. He mixed grilled avocado, cilantro, lime juice, salt and nonfat plain Greek yogurt into a tasty sauce/dip. He made a mini pizza on flax Lavash bread with ricotta, mozz, peppers, mushrooms, soy chorizo and the sauce. Amazing. I use the sauce on my one egg cheddar omelet and it becomes a gourmet dish. I use it on veggie patties topped with goat cheese. Incredible sauce.
  16. ElyQuint


    Its tough for me to say. I got pubic hair in third grade and went from underweight to overweight over summer break. Got pregnant as a teen and after that my weight went crazy. Started the depo shot and my period never came back. I had an endocrinologist tell me if I lose weight I won't have PCOS anymore but my sister has it also and she averaged 115 pounds. Hell if I know. Its different for all. The hair is so tedious. Its an obsession and it really messes with your self esteem.
  17. ElyQuint

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Nah. I tell you they are longer! No more t-rex arms. Course, now I have t-rex breasts. Lol. I'm great! Hoping the same for you!
  18. ElyQuint

    Struggling with junk food.

    This may sound a little risky but it often helps me. The key is awareness. Once you dismiss your attention you can put anything in your body. The problem is that you still think of your body as a civic but want it to look and act like a Benz. Stop feeding a Civic!!! Think of your food as fuel. The quality of that fuel is a reflection of how you feel about YOU at the moment you consume it. If your going to eat, eat quality. People who love themselves don't eat doritos. They eat avocado w/ cumin, imported cheeses and marconia almonds with sea salt, rosemary and olive oil! Doritos are cheap, fake food and your decision to have surgery was a decision to live a high quality life. When you feel the junk food impulse consult the snob in you and prepare a high class snack fest that you won't need to tune out while eating!
  19. ElyQuint

    I have arrived in ONEDERLAND!

    I can't tell you how encouraging that is! I'm exactly 200 this morning so any minute now! I never miss an excuse to celebrate! I might have to splurge on a massage! I want to show my body some gratitude after all the crude abuse and pre-surgery dorito binges it has suffered!
  20. ElyQuint

    I have arrived in ONEDERLAND!

    Oh how I envy you! I stalled out at 200.5 for two weeks now and I'm losing my mind about it (Notice I didn't say exercising my brains out or restricting my weekly wine intake about it lol)! Congrats!!! How are you going to celebrate?
  21. ElyQuint

    need to focus

    Good catch!
  22. ElyQuint

    post wls cold

    I have been sick for like a month. Cold, sinus infection, cold. I've decided to drop the "rules" until this clears up. In other words, I'm upping carbs (fruit, honey, soups ect) and increasing calories using healthy whole foods. This has been my first real sickness since surgery in July and its strange not to be drinking cranberry juice, garlic pizza and chugging water all in excess! My how life has changed.
  23. Bipolar here. While its a wild ride while your chemistry and your brain adjust to this massive shift of habits, it is eventually a force for positive change! Much happier, much more even tempered and socially confident. Preparation, full self awareness and strategy planning.
  24. Crap. I been under the delusion that its bacterially caused and will get better after I consistently take my prilosec long enough to get rid of the bacteria. I don't wanna take it forever.

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