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  1. TerriInMI

    Getting scared!

    Please don't let fear drive you. If I did, I'd also not have made this decision. My story is a little different. I had complications, and two surgeries and spent 4x as long in the hospital as the normal patient. I came home Sunday.. But, trusted my doctor/surgeon and put my life in God's hands. Because if He didn't want this for me, I wouldn't have the option. I'm going to have a little longer recovery, but I am sure things are going to work out. Good luck and you can PM me if you like. I have built a great support group and would be glad to share. God bless!
  2. Hello, Here is my experience. I was sleeved on Monday 5/20/2013. Leak tested on 5/21/13 with no leaks and cleared for release. I came home on Tuesday afternon after I could keep down ice chiips, popcicles etc. The rest of the day I slept. Wednesday night I couldn't sleep all night, I couldn't get confortable. I take meds for anxiety and thught that was the problem. At 4 am, the pain became sudden and severe and I woke my husband and told him we need to go to the hospital, and that is what we did. They did a CT Scan to make sure I didn''t have an pulmmonary embolism. Then they did a leak test, and that came out positive. So off to the OR I went. Regarding the pain it is fine. Thank you so mucfh. Terri
  3. TerriInMI

    Updated photos for almost 6 months out.

    Wow, you look amazing! Congrats on a job well done!
  4. TerriInMI


    Oh I agree with you Mommyradd. I am 51 and wish I would have done this 15 years ago.... Congrats to you younger ladies....you have your whole life ahead of you....
  5. TerriInMI

    Sleeved today!

    Wow that is terrific that you are feeling so well this soon after surgery! Mine is in 10 days and I hope it is as easy for me. Prayers that your recovery continues to be smooth!
  6. TerriInMI

    Surgery at 730am!

    Good luck to you! Sending you prayers for a safe surgery and recovery. Look forward to hearing from you after. I have 14 days left and I still can't believe I am going to do this!
  7. That is very encouraging! Glad you are both doing well!
  8. TerriInMI

    May 2013 Sleevers!

    Beth I tried to send you a message on FB and it said that since we aren't friends, it will go to your "other" folder. LOL. I don't know what the "other" folder is, but I hope you can find me and add me to the page. My surgery is 5-20-13. My name is Terri Tyrer and you should be able to find me if my message didn't show up. Thanks!
  9. I got the awaited phone call today.....May 20th is my date! I'm so excited!
  10. Hello, How can I get a copy of these lists? I am sure they would help me prepare! Thanks so much!
  11. TerriInMI


PatchAid Vitamin Patches