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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. I drink watered down sprite with tons of ice and half water about every other day. My nut said my life and my choices... People on here are no better sometimes then the critics we already face. Choose what is good for you and taste good and the nasty strict sleevers please kick rocks...
  2. sligh1983

    Atkins Frozen Meals

    My nut and doctor said I can do smart ones the Protein is high and the portions are not big. They have a great selection of breakfast food and lunches. Also the Iron chef brand of lean cuisines.
  3. sligh1983

    All of my December sleevers...

    Day of surgery 298 Today 280 Down 18 pounds Sleeved 2/6/13
  4. sligh1983

    Favorite post op drink?

    May sound weird but Arizona fruit punch and water and tea is all I can tolerate.. I like crystal light before but now I can't take it...
  5. sligh1983

    5 months! 85lbs gone

    You look great.... By the way I love the hair
  6. I was having the same problem... But the protein is so important.. Try Greek yogurts they are 15 gms and I also tried whey protein shots.. They are 42 gms and you can drink them in three shots. I feel great now that I get my protein in.
  7. sligh1983

    What do you miss most?

    I had my surgery done 2/6/13.. And you?
  8. sligh1983

    What do you miss most?

    I miss Pepsi and not having any pain when I eat.
  9. sligh1983

    African American Sleevers

    I had my surgery at overlook medical. I am from Union county. My surgeon was doctor Forrester. How many days for you!
  10. sligh1983

    African American Sleevers

    Hello Sleevers, I am 30 and seven days out... I am from Nj and my surgeon was great to me tough but good.... This is new experience for me and my family and I am glad a found a forum of people who are going thru the same thing and emotions...

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