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  1. I am 5 months out. I had a leak 1 week after surgery, had a stent placed and removed 7/19. I really haven't had any problems since then. With my stent I was on all liquids and after it was removed progressed as normal with my foods. The past week I've started having terrible cramping while eating or drinking & it lasts for a while after. I am taking small bites, chewing thoroughly, not overeating, following all the rules. I've had diarrhea daily, mostly in the morning. Thankfully no vomiting or any other symptoms. I had my gall bladder removed 20 years ago so I know it's not that. Has anyone ever experienced this or heard of anyone who has? I'm seeing my Doc Thursday morning.
  2. AmyinMI

    I did it!

    Mine started right before my 3mo mark. Still coming out. I will be 4 months post op 9-15-13. My doctor predicted it should stop next month based on my surgery date, complications & when it started. I keep joking that most of my weight loss is in my hair!! Lol If I'm not laughing, I'd be crying about it.
  3. AmyinMI

    does everybody lose hair?

    I'm almost 3 months out and it is coming out by the handfuls. I'm a little bummed, but everyone who says they lost it also says it stops & grows back.
  4. In Lansing and also sleeved by Dr Lane in May.
  5. For me I didn't realize I had a leak until 10 days after. By then I already had a major abscess and my signs then were fever, chills, vomiting, and major body aches. I ended up in the hospital for a whole week.
  6. Take it from us with complications that were beyond our control (I had a leak) nothing is worth the risk!!!!! You will have food soon enough, don't push it!
  7. Hi, I also had the hiatal hernia repair with my sleeve. I was sleeved 5/15 and am still on pain meds & having quite a bit of abdominal pain. Everyone keeps telling me it will get better, I sure hope so. Feel free to send me a private message if you want to talk more.
  8. I was sleeved 5/15 and am still having quite a bit of pain & discomfort. I had a hiatal hernia repaired at the same time and 2 days after being release I picked up some sort of virus. Chills, fever, aches everywhere etc.... Anyone else out there still not feeling good at all 9 days postoperative? When did it get better for you? I feel like a big wuss, but my surgeon & nurse keep assuring me everyone is so different. TIA for any input, feeling pretty down right now.
  9. Congrats Terri!! I'm the 15th in Lansing!! :-)
  10. My program Doc says forever....they are too hard on my sleeve even after I am healed. I'm following Dr's orders but totally curious if everyone else was told this?
  11. Had my preop EGD this morning. I was very nervous, but it was a fast piece of cake!! My surgery is coming up fast on 5/15. Being at the hospital today and seeing my surgeon (who I LOVE) really sparked my excitement.
  12. AmyinMI

    Pre Op Diet

    Anyone doing New Direction for their preop diet? My surgeon doesn't give us a choice.
  13. AmyinMI

    May 2013 Sleevers!

    Is there a FB group for May sleeves? I just got my 5/15 surgery date & find it easier to follow on FB.

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