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  1. I am 5 months out. I had a leak 1 week after surgery, had a stent placed and removed 7/19. I really haven't had any problems since then. With my stent I was on all liquids and after it was removed progressed as normal with my foods. The past week I've started having terrible cramping while eating or drinking & it lasts for a while after. I am taking small bites, chewing thoroughly, not overeating, following all the rules. I've had diarrhea daily, mostly in the morning. Thankfully no vomiting or any other symptoms. I had my gall bladder removed 20 years ago so I know it's not that. Has anyone ever experienced this or heard of anyone who has? I'm seeing my Doc Thursday morning.
  2. AmyinMI

    I did it!

    Mine started right before my 3mo mark. Still coming out. I will be 4 months post op 9-15-13. My doctor predicted it should stop next month based on my surgery date, complications & when it started. I keep joking that most of my weight loss is in my hair!! Lol If I'm not laughing, I'd be crying about it.
  3. AmyinMI

    does everybody lose hair?

    I'm almost 3 months out and it is coming out by the handfuls. I'm a little bummed, but everyone who says they lost it also says it stops & grows back.
  4. In Lansing and also sleeved by Dr Lane in May.
  5. For me I didn't realize I had a leak until 10 days after. By then I already had a major abscess and my signs then were fever, chills, vomiting, and major body aches. I ended up in the hospital for a whole week.
  6. Take it from us with complications that were beyond our control (I had a leak) nothing is worth the risk!!!!! You will have food soon enough, don't push it!
  7. Hi, I also had the hiatal hernia repair with my sleeve. I was sleeved 5/15 and am still on pain meds & having quite a bit of abdominal pain. Everyone keeps telling me it will get better, I sure hope so. Feel free to send me a private message if you want to talk more.
  8. I was sleeved 5/15 and am still having quite a bit of pain & discomfort. I had a hiatal hernia repaired at the same time and 2 days after being release I picked up some sort of virus. Chills, fever, aches everywhere etc.... Anyone else out there still not feeling good at all 9 days postoperative? When did it get better for you? I feel like a big wuss, but my surgeon & nurse keep assuring me everyone is so different. TIA for any input, feeling pretty down right now.
  9. Congrats Terri!! I'm the 15th in Lansing!! :-)
  10. My program Doc says forever....they are too hard on my sleeve even after I am healed. I'm following Dr's orders but totally curious if everyone else was told this?
  11. Had my preop EGD this morning. I was very nervous, but it was a fast piece of cake!! My surgery is coming up fast on 5/15. Being at the hospital today and seeing my surgeon (who I LOVE) really sparked my excitement.
  12. AmyinMI

    Pre Op Diet

    Anyone doing New Direction for their preop diet? My surgeon doesn't give us a choice.
  13. AmyinMI

    May 2013 Sleevers!

    Is there a FB group for May sleeves? I just got my 5/15 surgery date & find it easier to follow on FB.
  14. AmyinMI

    My last days of food...

    The behaviorist in my program said almost the same thing. There will be a period of loss & mourning. I am finding it helpful to write a physical list of alternatives. Things to do when I would normally turn to food. Good Luck, you can get through this.
  15. May 15th at noon is my date!!!
  16. AmyinMI

    Pre op diet questions

    I was told it is up to the surgeon. My surgeon has a 4 week requirement. I just scheduled my surgery for 5/15 and started it Friday. She did say my labs & overall health would qualify me for a shorter preop period, but she didn't have anything available.
  17. My surgeon requires everyone to do a 4week pre-op diet. No exceptions from what I'm told.
  18. AmyinMI

    Any April Sleevers

    I'm hoping to be an April Sleever!!!
  19. Last night my friend & I went to the informational meeting & met the surgeon, nurse, nut & insurance guru. LOVED them all!!! I was sold on the sleeve before, and now I am even more excited & positive this is the right choice for me. I am all set with my BC/BS requirements and just have to start the pre surgery appts. They will be calling me today to schedule the first nurse & assessment appt. They think I could possibly be sleeved in April, and if not it will be May. My Dr. requires 4 weeks on meal replacements prior to surgery. I'm trying to write down all of my questions because they are constantly popping in my head. Thank you to everyone for sharing, everything I am reading is helping in one way or another with my own journey.
  20. I'm from the Lansing area & just starting. I have my first meeting tonight but am already convinced the sleeve is for me.
  21. AmyinMI

    BC/BS of MI

    I am new to the forum & very early in my journey. I am going to my initial informational meeting tomorrow night. They sent me an insurance worksheet and when I called BC/BS I gave them my codes & asked the questions. When I asked if I needed pre authorization she said no as long as the Dr can document all of the criteria have been met. Is this normal? Reading everyone's stories on here & just knowing how insurance works makes me a little leary. Does anyone have any input, ideas or experience with this? Thanks!!
  22. AmyinMI

    BC/BS of MI

    Thank you for your responses!!! I will find out more tomorrow. I am in the Lansing area & plan to use Sparrow's Weight Management Center. Who & where do you recommend Paul? Always love to hear positive referrals.
  23. AmyinMI

    Surgery Day!

    Good Luck!!! Will be watching for how things go!!

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