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    Planetheater is Spot On! We can't use more than 20 or 25 gms at a time!
  2. Arts137

    Feeling Guilty

    I really don't want this guilt to sabotage my weight loss efforts! Sure is AOK by me... So don't!
  3. Arts137

    I'm having a bit of a tough time

    I am slowwwwwly losing and in the middle of an over month long stall (at 6.5 months) BUT, you said: "I'm bored with this whole weight loss thing. Seriously, it's as simple as that. I want to be at goal already! I'm sick of thinking about weight loss and smaller sizes. I want to just wake up and go about my life and not wonder if I'm at goal, or how much more I have to lose (27 lbs but who is counting?) My weight didn't define me before but I am starting to feel like I'm letting it define me more now." THAT (IMHO) is your fat brain talking!!! At least, my fat brain "Skippy" says this to me all the time. This is NOT a diet. This is NOT getting to goal, because when we GET to goal we have to still be on "our" program. Just keep on keeping on, my good friend. PS Skippy says we should have a cookie. But I don't think so.
  4. Arts137

    Epic fail?

    I agree with Gamegirl... Just "Do" the program and the scale will follow, no matter how long it takes! And they might have been been disappointed at themselves. Don't you take that monkey!!!
  5. Bwa Ha Ha!!! Sounds like a comment that I'd make...
  6. I do think that people felt I was "funner" when fat. I wonder if it was just 'la belle indifference'. I just "did" and did not think. Now I am quiet and I think a lot... but am happier INSIDE.
  7. Arts137

    Donkey on the edge…with fat eyes.

    I see the loss in you (and PS, you loot cuteilicious) (in ALL the pix) I have lost 100# and it is rare that I can see the loss in me... Yesterday I thought that MAYBE, I MIGHT POSSIBLY notice some difference... My wife says I look VERY different and that I am crazy. I remind her that that is a different issue entirely. My fat brain 'Skippy' says, have a cookie.
  8. Arts137

    My mom is scaring me!

    OK, if she can't have the surgery (and the cardiac issues might rule it out anyway!!!) Just do it together and "forget" the sleeve... Just eat strictly and be active. YES, the sleeve is important (at least for me) but since she can't have it, you can play it down and focus on the things you can both do together.
  9. Arts137

    wheat, carbs my dr said NO, NO!

    I've been reading, a lot! This book might explain it: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_0_8?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=why%20we%20get%20fat&sprefix=why+we+g%2Caps%2C181 I am avoiding simple carbs (processed), sugars and starches. For me, they seem to be addicting!!!
  10. Hey SpringHill... Maybe just avoid tuna for a month. We all have "some foods" that seem to cause early issues, but that may get better with time and as you heal!
  11. " If only losing weight was a simple as ‘just eating less and exercising more.’ Of course, if it was, we would not have the obesity plague that we’re faced with currently. The truth is that most people know precisely what healthy eating looks like. Moreover, they want to lose weight, but something sabotages the process." Our Fat Brain! "For many people food and eating was the most meaningful part of their day-to-day life. If you are going to put somebody, for whom food is the high point of their day, on a diet, please do not be surprised by the inevitable failure that follows." Oh Yes!!!
  12. Arts137

    Bougie Size

    Great thread (again)
  13. Yeppers. I had a HH diagnosed DURING surgery. MAYBE added 10 minutes to the procedure (per the surgeon) and added NO pain or recovery time. He was in there anyway!!!
  14. Great thread!!! The burps, hiccups, or runny nose are real and are likely caused by the irritation of the vagus nerve after the sleeve. I am a runny nose guy. Sometines I even sneeze. And I have tried to check my references on this and I admit that I am having difficulty in corroborating what I say. But at least I am a runny nose guy when full...
  15. Heads Up... DO check with your HR. Likely can not get Social Security disability since that program requires an impairment so severe that it keeps you out of work for 12 continuous months. 5 states, NY, NJ, RI, CA and I think HI have state run short term disability programs. For the rest, bo paid benefit unless your work provides or unless you bought a private ST policy. FMLA does not pay benefits but, as said earlier, does protect your return to work!
  16. Lots of great responses! Maybe they can set at a 'middle range (5 or 6) and let you move forward. BUT if you do have sleep apnea, it's GOOD to get it "treated"...
  17. Virginia's big. Where are you? What hospital, etc! :-)
  18. Arts137

    Are nuts a weight loss aid? -- NY Times

    MAYBE also post in reseach?!
  19. Arts137

    Stalled for 2 weeks

    And I am stalled for 5 weeks, but keep on keeping on. The one this a stall is NOT: It is NOT an excuse to quit. So I'm with you Claire, let's go!!!
  20. Arts137

    and we have the bird!

    B UT, I'd skip crackers (as a carb addict). How bout veggies?
  21. Arts137

    I Have A Question About Soft Food

    just puree, and DON'T push. Stop before you are full. Your Tummy is Healing from a BIG insult!
  22. Arts137

    room for newbies?

    Welcome love! Please explore and feel free to ask any questions and share your thoughts and ideas. We are all friends (in the same boat) here!
  23. Arts137

    Anybody Else Cheating?

    Laura, earlier you brought up "Dead Horses" As a government executive, I need to elaborate on my earlier thoughts: http://illinoisreview.typepad.com/illinoisreview/2013/09/the-dead-horse-theory-of-bureaucracy.html ten days post op your stomach is still very numb and swollen... Please be careful as to what you eat because you may not "feel" much until it is too late.. There is a reason why they have you measure and weigh food and eat the appropriate types of food