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  1. rickyswife

    Sleeved April 9-down 46lbs

    I can see it too, woo hoo!
  2. rickyswife


    I have high BP and one of my goals is to come off the meds.... we can and WILL do this!
  3. Okay.... I just love this post, it explains how I felt..... at 50 pounds I was still wearing the same clothing, the only thing loose was the bra (sad to report).... and people were not even commenting on the fact that I had lost 50 pounds.... I was like.... someone please notice, I have been working so hard... and then I lost a few more suddenly my 26/28 were too big (had yardsale made nearly 500.00 off of the plus size clothing, not joking, TRUE STORY made close to 500.00 ) so I went for the 24s, guess what I totally went from 26/28 right to 22 BAM... no stopping at 24 at all, happened in a flash.... hang int here, I am in the niddle of a five day stall now.... but hanging there knowing that my body will, yes it will catch up.
  4. You might want to get your BP checked, I have BP issues and weigh myself everyday, I am on meds.... and I do retain water, I gain 2 to 3 pounds everyday, and somehow magically lose it while I sleep.... if I were ever to gain 5lbs in one day I am to go to the doctor..... but yes everyday up 2 or 3.... and it just idssapates overnight.... where does it go?
  5. rickyswife

    Will i loose my big girls?

    Wow you are rocking the weight loss, love it!!!
  6. rickyswife

    Skin Graft from Barney or VSG?

    I am not a diabetic, but I have always bruised Very easily.... did not work in my favor this go around, I have bruises that I don't know where they come from, PCP has run blood work several times, nothing, was told I am just very pale and very tender, thanks.
  7. WHOA.... anyone else suffer from extreme bruising post op.... I look like I have had a skin graft from Barney the Dinosaur... and it hurts so bad too.... surgeon did state my bruising was excessive.... I was just shocked.... even the pictures I see of others bruising do not match mine, a paper plated held over my bruises does not cover..... how did you treat your bruising? And on average how long did it hurt really badly, I know it will ease, but right now I am in the one week post op, whining stage.... if it were not for this bruising I think I would feel pretty great....
  8. rickyswife

    1 week post ops

    I am a week out, and actually yesterday was my worst day ever..... for the life of me I can not figured out how I wnet downhill over night it seemed..... as for my instructions I was told to concentrate on making sure I get my Water or Clear Liquids in first, and that it was fine for me to wait until one week out to try to start adding shakes back in to the mix, every surgeon is different, I am blessed I am having no troubles getting the water down and feeling better today..... really perked up. I am having troubles sleeping..... BUY A NEW mattress should have been on my pre op list. I am curious is the ISOPURe as bad as everyone says... I hear it is great for the counts but so many say is is YUKKO.... my surgeon also recommended Isopure.
  9. rickyswife

    54 lb lost in 9 weeks

    Thank you so much, I am being sleeved on May 6th, in two days, I NEEDED THIS INSPIRATIONAL POST!
  10. rickyswife

    First day of pre-op diet!

    I have a greater aversion to the funky smells of the shakes then I do to the actual taste going down.... I do admit to nearly puking a few times.... I am on my 19th day pre-op and have lost 16 pounds.... you can do it!
  11. HEre is where I am going, and WHY...... I have been fortunate in the fact that my cardiologist has been on board with me going to Mexico for self pay since my insurance does not cover..... my cardiologists office went over everything and helped me to choose a surgeon, he said NO MATTER where I go I am foremost HIS concern as his patient, and tha HE will be taking caring of me AFTER, so my choice was important to him as well.... after great discussion, and the cardiologist reviewing the desires he had for my selection..... I ended up with Dr. Cabrera.... my coordinator is CHristy... (and yes I see that the coordinators all seem linked... so confusing) but everything has gone so smooth from faxes, to phone calls, to instructions, to just everything, I am GAING reassurance the closer I get..... it does include a two day in hospital stay as well as two days at the Hilton...... my plus one is my 20 year old son...... and CHristy continues to go over every detail, and answer every panicy question I have.... I would have been so confused and scared if my cardiologist had not gotten on board for my doing this..... the sleeve is about 5,000.00 with this group of surgeons...... so glad I had help because doign research was baffling me in the start.... you can check it out here.... http://www.mexicobariatriccenter.com/ and remember I am goiing in two weeks and will do a FULL REPORT.....
  12. rickyswife

    How much protein do I need?

    So glad Iggy mentioned them going down.... I was wondering but I have not read all of the MASSIVE amount of instructions and support paperwork that I was given.
  13. rickyswife

    when is your surgery date?

    My surgery date is May 6th.... I am self pay going to Mexico.... I am currently on a high protein low carb low cal..... 2 shakes and a lean & green diet...... so far I am doing great.... but I still have a ways to go.... making some radish chips as I speak.... YUMMY!
  14. Oh yes I am already trying to see if there is a cardiology option at a lower cost too, thanks for all the great advice everyone.

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