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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    brookeperez93 got a reaction from Beautyandbeyond in Newbie :)   
    Thanks so much guys! I need all the support I can get because I feel like people I work with and my Facebook friends are looking at me like I am taking the easy way out. But even if you do this, you still have to work at it!
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    brookeperez93 got a reaction from chantelleyxo in Newbie :)   
    Hiya! I just recently went to my first Doctor's appointment (1/8/13) for the Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery! Im 19 years old and was wondering if anyone of this age (or anyone, really) that has had or is going to have the surgery could tell me any tips from theirs, or little tricks that help. Things like that. I have done my research and have read the materials my doctor gave me. I have quit smoking, drinking soda, and consuming large amounts of sugar. I feel like I am fully prepared, but there are always surprises! Any info anybody feels like sharing would be much appreciated!
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    brookeperez93 reacted to mzrich in Lighten up a little...   
    I agree with u. Even if I thought like a "perfectionist" I would not belittle you for telling the truth. Its all as bout moderation. As long as you are keeping your weight off and happy dont worry about the flamers. Your honest and everyone is different. Noone is perfect, people seem to forget that.
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    brookeperez93 reacted to lacifer90 in Newbie :)   
    I'm 22. I haven't told everyone about getting the surgery done yet. Only my close family and a couple of friends know about it because I don't want to be talked out of it by bad feedback. I'm still in the process of trying to get everything done to meet with the surgeon. So far all my weight loss records for 6 months have been filled out but not send yet and I've have my psychological evaluation.
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    brookeperez93 reacted to enuff_is_enuff in New   
    I once was where you are. I was adamant that I wanted the lapband. I read up on it, joined the forum, etc. It really hit home for me reading all of the complications afterwards. Being nauseous, or having a stuck episode, sliming, I just didnt believe i would be able to endure that no matter how short lived they may be. Making the decision to have the sleeve was not an easy feat but nonetheless I am here. I am comfortable with my decision and now await my surgery date. There is plenty of good information on this site. They even have a section for those who previously or have the lapband and are looking to or have revised to the sleeve.
    Good luck!
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    brookeperez93 reacted to mizzzliza in surgery tomorrow 9 am! Jan 16.   
    They tried 3 times on me with no luck. Finally the CRNA had to start my IV cause the surgeon was waiting lol.
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    brookeperez93 reacted to JessicaAnn in Newbie :)   
    I'm 23!!
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    brookeperez93 got a reaction from annabelle in 19 y/o Pre-op Sleever Looking for Buddy/Mentor!   
    Yep, the title pretty much says it all
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    brookeperez93 reacted to Ms.AntiBand in Newbie :)   
    Welcome Brooke! I believe there are probably hundreds on this forum who wish they would have done this @ 19 instead of spending so many years being unhealthy and unhappy. Congrats at prepping yourself for a healthier life
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    brookeperez93 reacted to *Dean* in Newbie :)   
    I wish I did this when I was 19!!
    Good luck to you - loving your positive vibe
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    brookeperez93 reacted to No game in Newbie :)   
    Hi brook I'm so not twenty but I do see a lot of them here! If you go to the forum section and scroll down to the "age specific" part there is a forum for people I'm their 20's
    Good luck to you
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    brookeperez93 reacted to lilbearzmom in Horror Story   
    You are an idiot to post this here. I don't have any problem wih people posting their stories (even ones with bad outcomes), but in no way shape or form is this kind of situation common. The opposite is true. So stop trying to scare people away from LIFE SAVING surgery with your story. It would have been fine if you had told the story and left it at that. But no, you have to punctuate it at the end with your moronic advice and how you would never have weight loss surgery. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx violation of forum rules. People die from having their wisdom teeth out- should they not have surgery to alleviate their pain?
    I hate trolls.
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    brookeperez93 reacted to PdxMan in Horror Story   
    I am sorry to hear about your sister. Leaks are just one of the known risks of this surgery, and was a risk I was willing to take given the percentages of complications.
    Everyone has their own reasons for having the surgery and each of us has our own risk tolerance. If your risk tolerance is very low, then I agree, don't have any surgeries. But, for myself, my quality of life was going downhill fast. A complication of a leak or otherwise was just another risk of being morbidly obese. I was willing to take the chance to fall into the 97% of patients who don't have these types of complications.
    Again, I am sorry to hear about your sister and I will keep her in my thoughts.

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