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  1. LutheranChicTN

    Eucharist (catholic) -Post Op

    Thank you. So many questions especially now that I'm 3 weeks out. All the small things keep popping in my head. =)
  2. I'm also going with Dr. Lopez (4/26). I've second guessed myself so many times on which Dr and probably will again during the next 3 weeks. But currently I am confident in choosing Dr. Lopez. I chose him specifically because of specializing in high BMI patients. He has had no deaths and very few complications. Plus you get Dr. Lopez and Dr. Ortiz both bariatric surgeons and the anesthesiologist is also a trained surgeon as well. So 3 dr's in the OR. Dr. Garcia is not with A Lighter Me. Ready 4 a Change is who you would contact for him. =)
  3. Has anyone had any problems with taking the Eucharist after being sleeved? I'm thinking that the tiny amount of wine won't hurt but I was just curious to see if anyone else had any issues? And yes I'm specifically wondering about wine not grape juice. =) I'm being sleeved on 4/26 so next communion after being in the hospital would be 5/5 (9 days post op). Thanks.
  4. LutheranChicTN

    Dr lopez.

    I'm going April 26th. The pre-op diet isn't horrible. It just takes some adjusting to get used to it. You still want to aim for about 800-1000 per day. Remember LOTS of protein is the key thing. The goal isn't necessarily to lose additional weight but to shrink your liver so that it's easier to operate on you. =) When I need a snack I grab a hard boiled egg or sometimes another protein shake. Everyone has their own preference on Protein shakes. I originally went with the EAS AdvantEDGE because they have 17g protein. I also went to UNJURY (http://www.unjury.com/store/protein/unjury-protein/unjury-starter-pack.html) and ordered the starter kit because I heard good things about their shakes. I personally love the Chocolate Splendor. But they also offer a Chicken soup flavor in case you get tired of Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry. I've been doing the pre-op since Jan because of my high BMI. I'm down 40lbs so far!!
  5. LutheranChicTN


    April 26 surgery date and 34th B-day!!! Dr. Lopez @ Mi Doctor in TJ, Mexico! 5 weeks to go!!!
  6. Hi Amanda! I'm glad that all has gone well. =) Woo Hoo!!!!! I don't know if you have answered this or not, but why the last minute switch on Dr's? I'm still going with Dr. Lopez.. I'm now scheduled for April 26. Plane tickets have been bought and all. =)
  7. LutheranChicTN

    Ant april sleevers out here yet?

    I first checked out Hospital Angles with Dr Corvala, but changed my mind after doing further research.Not that there was anything wrong with Dr Corvala from what I could find but I went for Dr. Lopez instead because of specializing in High BMI surgeries.
  8. Surgery date: April 12th Location: Tijuana Mexico Surgeon: Dr. Alejandro Lopez Ortega and Dr. Jaquiline Osuna Dr. Ortiz **** I was informed when I booked my surgery a few days ago through Rhonda that Dr. Osuna is dealing with a family emergency and will not be the 2nd surgeon. Dr Ortiz will be filling in**** Agency: alighterme (Rhonda) Current preop weight: 428 (down 35lbs pre-op so far!) Goal weight: 175 Age: 33 Ht: 5'5"
  9. LutheranChicTN

    Ant april sleevers out here yet?

    I put my deposit down yesterday!! =) I moved the date from April 8th to April 12th but that's still a little up in the air at the moment. I will be having the surgery with Dr. Lopez and Dr. Ortiz as secondary at Mi Doctor in TJ. Also on a side note- I'm down 33lbs so far on pre-op!! Now I need at least another 7 to go for the lower BMI. Oh and I have to get passport cards still. Which I've heard is only taking about 3 weeks to receive.
  10. LutheranChicTN

    April sleevers

    Still shooting for April 8th, Dr. Lopez at Mi Doctor in TJ.
  11. The main thing is that this too will fail and I'll always be over 400lbs. Plus complications/ leaks. Moving around right after the surgery. That my mom is spending this money out of her 401K and it will be all for nothing. ;(
  12. LutheranChicTN

    Any Tennessee Sleevers Out There?

    I started my 2nd week of protein shakes. I crave carbs. Its not easy to stick with however I know it'll be worth it when it comes to the surgery. I also got an "all clear" from my PCP today about having the surgery done in April in MX. Oh and I'm down 20lbs in 3 weeks. Woo Hoo!!!
  13. LutheranChicTN

    Ant april sleevers out here yet?

    April 8th Dr Lopez in TJ at MiDoctor
  14. LutheranChicTN

    Any Tennessee Sleevers Out There?

    Hi All! I'm in Lebanon, TN. I am currently in contact with a few Surgeons in Mexico. I hope to be having the surgery in Mid-March. I have a high BMI and will be starting the pre-op diet soon. Can't wait! =D