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About Me

What do I list here? LOL I am a breast cancer survivor of almost 3 years. I caught it early - early detection is KEY - so GO to those yearly visits. I underwent the gastric sleeve on 12/28/12 at the request of my Oncologist after trying for a year to lose weight on my own with a dietitian and gym membership. Chemotherapy and diabetes had slowed down my metabolism. Sooooo I decided to undergo the gastric sleeve. I am an almost divorced mom of 3 years (my marriage did not make it through bc) BUT I am a "cup half full person." My b.s. meter went with my cancer. I have realized how short life is - and that we need to make EVERY moment count. I have a great sense of humor. I said to my friend Bel -I don't ever want to live dependent on a machine & something for sustance . Bel looked at me a moment, blinked, walked over to my desk, unplugged my laptop & threw out my diet Pepsi... What kind of friend is THAT?! (LOL)


The first thing that comes to mind is that "I'm a child of the MOST HIGH God." Continuously learning & growing. Imperfect but fun loving, compassionate and real. Those who are friends - know how loyal and true I can be. Those I love, I love a hundred fold. I have found that it is important never to judge anyone - you haven't walked in their shoes. I am far from perfect -- but at least I can admit it!God is soooo not done with me yet!


I have also learned that you should NEVER settle for less. Life is too short and it should be filled with meaningful "abundancy." I intend for 2013 to be filled with just that.


I have also started a blog - www.theprodigalsdaughter.blogspot.com Years ago the Lord told me He had called me to "write" I haven't been obedient to that calling. I haven't as someone once said "applied the seat of my pants to the seat of my chair" - hence, I'm trying to do that now. I hope the Lord uses my blog to bless people because I write from my heart.

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