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  1. No, you will be just fine, just use a tampon
  2. amys

    Self pay

    go to Mexico?
  3. I was a size 20, I was fine on all my flights, except the last one coming home, the belt didn't fit. I was so embarrassed, the flight attendant was really nice and secretive about giving me an extender. I wanted to cry, but im sure the flight attendants are used to people needing them.
  4. I had to so the first night I gave them cash, but when I got back from the hospital, I didn't have enough, and my credit card didn't have 100 on it, so my coordinator just signed for me luckily
  5. How I did it, was fill out my contact info on the website, then the coorinator will email u. Then u pay your deposit to save your date, mine was 750 but ive read some is 500, then pay the rest when u actually get there by cashiers check. You just have to ask if its a hospital. I've heard not so good things about jerusalem hospital and dr almanza, you want to find a doctor who isn't doing a ton of surgeries per day. Also u need to ask alot of questions and do research.
  6. I used mexico bariatric center, and had dr, cabrera and valenzula. Surgery at mi doctor. I stayed at the marriot the nights I wasn't in the hospital..sooo nice! I flew home on the 6th day. I didn't have a passport, just my id and birth certificate and was fine. What you need to do is decide on what company and doctor you want to go through. I think there is 4 or 5 , mexico bariatric center, ready 4 change, a lighter me are a few. You will have a coordinator that helps you through ever step of the process. Just make sure you go to a hospital,not a clinic! I would go back to mexico for any surgery.
  7. amys

    traveling alone.

    I went by myself and im actually glad, then I didn't feel like I had to worry about anyone or entertain anyone. Also I think it made my recovery better because I had to do things on my own. Also I was sooo anxious to fly since I hadn't before. I took a chill pill. I was so afraid the seatbelt wouldn't fit,well I was fine, til the last plane on my way home. It wouldn't fit, I was mortified! I quietly ask the flight attendent and she brought me an extender sort of secretively so I didn't get embarrassed.
  8. I love love love dr cabrera and valenzuela!!
  9. amys

    What to pack

    Tampons! If there is a remote chance u could start your period take some! It was a nightmare trying to get some at the hospital, also a robe for when you are walking the halls, I brought a nightgown from home and changed out of my hospital gown, much more comfy. Flip flop or slippers for when ur walking too.
  10. I went to Tijuana by myself for surgery. I never once felt unsafe or scared. I would go back in a second, in fact I was sad my husband wasn't there with me to explore. Don't let her worry you, you will be just fine
  11. amys


    I did 5 days post op, I was fine:)