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  1. Ican'tbeliveIgotitdone

    November Sleevesters?

  2. Ican'tbeliveIgotitdone

    November Sleevesters?

  3. Ican'tbeliveIgotitdone

    Suggestions for Excercise 2 weeks post-op

    Hey I'm from up state NY , as well . I hadn't surgery on 11/14/12
  4. Ican'tbeliveIgotitdone

    5 weeks out & only 21 lbs down :(

    Hey , I wouldn't worry yourself . We all loose differently , I just had my 2nd office visit yesterday , I'm lost 25 lbs since surgery , that was on 11/14/ 12 .. I walk a lot as well it's important . My Doctor also said I could work out , I mean it's already been a month . Like I said dont worry it will come off
  5. Ican'tbeliveIgotitdone

    Just Had Surgery On 11/14/12

    How do you feel
  6. Ican'tbeliveIgotitdone


  7. Ican'tbeliveIgotitdone

    November Sleevesters?

    Im sorry i just mis read your surgery date ,i feel stupid...im new her an trying to figure,out how this really works...sorry ,but anyway how do you feel .im always bloated how about you !
  8. Ican'tbeliveIgotitdone

    November Sleevesters?

    Don't freak out ,i was very afraid myself,i was even crying on the way to the Hospital,i was so nervous .after i ck in they called me bk to take vitals.after that the Doctor came an an ask me you ready,I similed an said yes lets do this...befroe i new it i was in the operating Room an everyone introduce them self to me ,they were all very kind.My Doctor said dont worry before you no it you'll be up .He was so right.now i was out of it for the rest of the day ,but manage to get up later on that night an walk around.very inportant.By the next day i felt alot better ,but my tummy felt very heavy,an i would have to hold it all the time i would get up an move around..you will be just fine .Today makes 13 days ,i feel good but i get my days were i still hurt,Just dont over do it ...GOOD LUCK TO YOU
  9. Ican'tbeliveIgotitdone

    Puree Stage - Recipe/ideas

  10. Ican'tbeliveIgotitdone

    Puree Stage - Recipe/ideas

  11. Ican'tbeliveIgotitdone

    November Sleevesters?

    Hey , how are you feeling after surgery . I had mine 11/14/12.
  12. Ican'tbeliveIgotitdone

    November Sleevesters?

  13. Ican'tbeliveIgotitdone

    Any November 14Th Sleevers?

    You made me laugh when u said u lost one of ur chins...????I did to ... It feels good now that we're. Loosening the weight an we have a whole lot more to go an I can't wait ...
  14. Ican'tbeliveIgotitdone

    Any November 14Th Sleevers?

    Oh wow how are you feeling , my doctor said I'm ready to start purree this week . How bout you .

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