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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. indian

    Boredom and old eating habits

    The biggest challenge with the sleeve is our brains.
  2. I want to have a rational scientific explanation as to why tea or coffee should not be taken after sleeve. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  3. indian

    Funny nsv

    What was your weight on the date of surgery ?
  4. indian

    October Sleevers!

    Great Success ! Congrats.
  5. indian

    October Sleevers!

    Eat Protein to kill hunger and resist the temptation to eat every hour.
  6. indian

    October Sleevers!

    Please write your weight on the day of surgery also to let others get a better idea of your progress. Because starting weight is very important criteria to gauge your success.
  7. I am 2. But surgery has helped me a lot. Just go for it.
  8. Thanks ! I think I am taking too many calories 1500+. I have a problem that I am a vegetarian so can't eat lean meats. Please tell what was your weight on the date of surgery ?
  9. indian

    Really hungry, need advice

    Me too , always hungry and willing !
  10. Your starting weight was quite low !
  11. Please give us some tips ! Our starting weight was similar but progress is quite different. Thanks !
  12. indian

    Items that Swell in your Stomach?

    Popcorn may increase your hunger afterwards ! It has too little protein !
  13. we are almost similar !
  14. The initial weight loss will act as a rocket booster for your weight loss ! Please begin exercising and walking !
  15. Please eat egg whites !
  16. The initial weight loss in first month along with your ecstatic state of mind will make all the naysayers irrelevant, believe me !
  17. indian


    How much exercise precisely ?
  18. indian


    Stupendous weight loss. You are obviously doing something right. Your secrets please ? What was your weight on the date of surgery.
  19. indian

    My Anniversary

    Please update your profile.
  20. indian

    7 weeks out

    What are the secrets to your great success ?
  21. indian

    Fake Food

    Mind you, peas have too many carbs.
  22. I think in all posts on forums like this You should give only " Weight on the day of Surgery " and "weight as on today "
  23. indian

    Recovery ?

    Walk for a few minutes every hour. It will improve everything.

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