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    Lapband patient revising to gastric sleeve. Sugery is 11/20/12.
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    reading, scrapbooking, singing,walking my dog,playing with all my grandkids.
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  1. vcarrick

    Did I have surgery?

    I did have surgical wounds and post operative discomfort. Not sure at all what was done or if he just decided he couldn't do it for some reason once he began. I don't know because I also wondered why I had to stay so long.
  2. vcarrick

    Did I have surgery?

    No I'm sorry if I explained it wrong. When I had the last EDG withthe new specialist when I woke and she spoke with us she told us both at the same time that there were absolutely no signs of any type of gastric surgery. I asked her to clarify and she said all of my stomach was just as it should be prior to any surgeries. No sign of revision
  3. vcarrick

    Did I have surgery?

    Yes I had a revision and I never felt like it seemed to restrict me much but dr said over and over again I'm probably not following the nutritional advice and needed to continue with his nutritionist. Which I continued and followed all the restrictions. No soda, no NSAIDs, high protein low carb, protein smoothies, walked daily and even joined an exercise group at school on my lunch hour etc...I'd always feel bad that I didn't feel like I was successful but even his nurse told me that when you're revised not to expect the same results she too had been revised.
  4. Curious has this ever happened to anyone else and if so where do I begin? In 2013 I was in hospital in my home town Houston for three days recovering from gastric sleeve surgery or so I thought. I had lap band in 2010 and was sick often from it even though I followed all the rules and life changes. Than in 2013 I had a revision to gastric sleeve which I was told went very well just go home follow the new changes which were pretty much the same as before and see nutritionist at dr office frequently to stay on task. i did it all! When I'd go in for a check up I was always told I was trying hard enough because I should be losing more weight. Id only lost 50-60 lbs total. Then went in again for an EDG after having a continuous upset stomach. After that procedure he told me I had hpylori and to take this medications. Another year passes and I'm still stuck at the same weight give or take a few pounds and I've moved to California from Texas. Began having the same symptoms as I did with hpylori but also had somehow lost another 26 lbs after moving to Cali. I attribute this to the sunshine. When my stomach pain would not go away after months I decided I'd go to another gastroenterologist and internal medicine specialist here in Loma Linda California. She ran all the usual tests and an EDG which found that I have a lot of burning type ulcers but here's the kicker SHE SAID WHEN I WOKE UP AND MY HUSBAND HEARD HER THAT THERE WERE ABSOLUTELY NO SIGNS THAT ID EVER HAD GASTRIC SLEEVE SURGERY AND THAT ALL MY PARTS WERE ALL THERE NORMAL AS TEHY SHOULD BE PRIOR TO A SURGERY!!!! What do I do?
  5. Quote Have you tried the 5 day pouch test? www.5daypouchtest.com I am beginning the 5day pouch test today and its only 5 pm and I have a headache and dying to munch on something. I started the test because I've been stalled for two months! Sleeved on nov 20th 2012 and I've only lost 60 lbs. any suggestions to get me through the test?
  6. I am beginning the 5day pouch test today and its only 5 pm and I have a headache and dying to munch on something. I started the test because I've been stalled for two months! Sleeved on nov 20th 2012 and I've only lost 60 lbs. any suggestions to get me through the test?
  7. vcarrick

    I eat stuff!

    I can't figure out what to do I keep my calories at 800 drink Water get in my Protein and I'm so stalled its ridiculous !!! I too eat food and I can't stick to just liquids. I'm at a stall for three weeks now! My biggest problem is eating late that's when I want to begin. All day goes easy. I'm afraid I'm stalled forever??? I take a long walk everyday just can't figure out what to do? Help me please
  8. vcarrick

    Gladuator protein powder

    Exactly! It helped me break my stall I see results everyday. And no I don't get the skinny but it does not have turbinado in it, just 3 scoops of Protein, Water, Ice and whichever two fruits I choose in a medium or large depending on how long my day is at work. I also went inside and spent 40 on a big jar of gladiator protein so I could make my own when I'm at home on weekends and don't want to go out. Good luck everybody! Happy valentines day
  9. vcarrick

    Gladuator protein powder

    Yes he does still. I'm telling you that if you do thAt you are stuffed by evening and then we both are just walkers at work long long hallways and lots of stairs. We walk every hr for five minutes super fast stairs and all to keep our metabolism up.
  10. vcarrick

    Gladuator protein powder

    I had to go in to smoothie king and they had papers up on their walls with fruit info. Next time ill take a pic with my phone and get it to everyone. Plus since I'm drinking it all day it's not like I'm shoving all the Protein in at once. I set my alarm on phone for every two hrs and drink the water. A man at work who was really large and had the surgery in July has lost over 100 and I'm following his plan
  11. vcarrick

    Gladuator protein powder

    If you go to smoothie king they'll tell you the exact calories of each fruit. pineapple is low alto for me I work at a desk all day and I get a big one and suck on it all day with Water bottles in between and by the end of my day I've got it all on. I go home at 5 have a very small meal and they'd it. I've been finally losing approx a pound a day lately
  12. vcarrick

    Gladuator protein powder

    You need to check Smoothie King website. 20 oz is 180 calories with the 2 scoops of protein. The protein is 45 grams for the 2scoops. The 40 oz is 390 calories with 2 scoops of protein. I bought the protein and it is 190 for 2 scoops of protein alone 45 grams. I put in an extra scoop so I get 70 grams and that is 285 in calories for the three scoops of protein, then you add your fruit which is not to high depending on fruit you choose. If this is a meal replacement that is awesome.
  13. vcarrick

    Let's Check In November 2012 Sleevers!

    Just had to share.Find a smoothie king nearest you and purchase the Gladiator protein powder it has 45 gms protein two scoops only 190 calories. You can make a seriously fruity smoothie with 70 grams if you use 3 scoops and just berries and pineapple total calories 340. All protein in for the day and your stuffed in one meal replacement. I usually sip on one all day and a little exercise drink my water and I'm good.

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