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  1. Curious has this ever happened to anyone else and if so where do I begin? In 2013 I was in hospital in my home town Houston for three days recovering from gastric sleeve surgery or so I thought. I had lap band in 2010 and was sick often from it even though I followed all the rules and life changes. Than in 2013 I had a revision to gastric sleeve which I was told went very well just go home follow the new changes which were pretty much the same as before and see nutritionist at dr office frequently to stay on task. i did it all! When I'd go in for a check up I was always told I was trying hard enough because I should be losing more weight. Id only lost 50-60 lbs total. Then went in again for an EDG after having a continuous upset stomach. After that procedure he told me I had hpylori and to take this medications. Another year passes and I'm still stuck at the same weight give or take a few pounds and I've moved to California from Texas. Began having the same symptoms as I did with hpylori but also had somehow lost another 26 lbs after moving to Cali. I attribute this to the sunshine. When my stomach pain would not go away after months I decided I'd go to another gastroenterologist and internal medicine specialist here in Loma Linda California. She ran all the usual tests and an EDG which found that I have a lot of burning type ulcers but here's the kicker SHE SAID WHEN I WOKE UP AND MY HUSBAND HEARD HER THAT THERE WERE ABSOLUTELY NO SIGNS THAT ID EVER HAD GASTRIC SLEEVE SURGERY AND THAT ALL MY PARTS WERE ALL THERE NORMAL AS TEHY SHOULD BE PRIOR TO A SURGERY!!!! What do I do?
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    Did I have surgery?

    No I'm sorry if I explained it wrong. When I had the last EDG withthe new specialist when I woke and she spoke with us she told us both at the same time that there were absolutely no signs of any type of gastric surgery. I asked her to clarify and she said all of my stomach was just as it should be prior to any surgeries. No sign of revision
  3. I am beginning the 5day pouch test today and its only 5 pm and I have a headache and dying to munch on something. I started the test because I've been stalled for two months! Sleeved on nov 20th 2012 and I've only lost 60 lbs. any suggestions to get me through the test?
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    Gladuator protein powder

    If you go to smoothie king they'll tell you the exact calories of each fruit. pineapple is low alto for me I work at a desk all day and I get a big one and suck on it all day with Water bottles in between and by the end of my day I've got it all on. I go home at 5 have a very small meal and they'd it. I've been finally losing approx a pound a day lately
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    Let's Check In November 2012 Sleevers!

    Please tell me moment by moment what goes in your body for nutrition ? I was sleeved 11/20 and I'm down almost 30 only one pant size but I must be down inches or my body's shifting because lately everyone is commenting on my curvy figure. Ha even had an 18 yr old make moves on this old 50 yr old lady. I'm not satisfied with loss at all. Pretty sure not eating right and I definitely need tricks to keep me from wanting to eat at night. Bad habits are hard to break cuz I'm not hungry.
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    I saw my surgeon first thing this morning he said I was doing really great and also told me I should start on Soups with chunks in its when I got home is when I all of a sudden have the blue lips I don't feel bad I feel fine I'm not out of air and i breathe well I check my blood pressure my fevers were last week not today not recent like last day or two I only vacuumed the one bedroom very carefully very slowly just to get the hair out of the house and I thought it would be just as easy as going for a walk actually was easier than I thought but your right I should of thought harder about that. I guess waking up and finding out that my doctor wants me to lose 80 pounds in six months kind of made me feel like I needed to put a rush on this. Plus I'm so worried about getting around school tomorrow because I cannot have a day off. It is a new job and I'm only been there two months so I have no time off and I don't want to look too bad because this was cosmetic. Bad planning on my part I appreciate all of your device I hope you'll continue give me more you're pretty intelligent I'm impressed thank you my lips right now are just ashy looking hopefully the blueness is going to go away soon
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    One Week Out

    Well my surgery was successful and I'm two day post op. still in hospital til morning due to all the scar tissue he had to cut away at. My dr has me on clear liquids 33cc three times am hour. Pain is minimal no gas issues at all. Walking all the time. This is my Thanksgiving day. Can't wait to see what I'll look like next year this time. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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    One Week Out

    i ate a couple bites of real food today. Now im worried and feeling guilty about my surgery tomorrow. What if he doesn't do it?

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