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  1. While I was in Mexico from Friday till Monday morning I used Google talk to video chat and text with my husband. MY daughter had a basketball game that saturday and I was able to watch some of it. We also used meebo. I left my phone in airplane mode the whole time I was there.
  2. I won't be there, but I wanted to assure you that you are in the best of hands! I am 2 years out and doing amazing. This is easy and you got it!
  3. I used dr. Ponce de leon on Feb 1 2013. I cannot say enough nice and effective things about him! The hospital they used and his coordinator. Not only did I go and have amazing results still 2 years out but I have personally sent 3 friends to him and I went with one personally to be her support person. You will not be disappointed. You get to stay in a super clean highly effective 20 bed hospital, then you get to go shopping and stay at a luxury hotel. They take care of EVERYTHING for you. You just show up ready for a change and go home 3 days later. Its really easy and he is so great.
  4. ASKSARAH - Sleeve

    Surgery just two days away...

    You are going to do great. Just trust the numbers and the history. Keep walking and if you think you are walking enough walk some more!!
  5. ASKSARAH - Sleeve

    Consult for tt

    Check out Mexico. That's where I am headed!!!
  6. ASKSARAH - Sleeve

    Plastic Surgery- Dr. Rodrigo Munro-Wilsom

    I would like to know what happened!!!!! I have a friend down there now and doing well and I would like to know some details. Like did he provide you with pain meds? What did you have done? How long were you down there. Dome general idea of what the prices look like. Etc...
  7. ASKSARAH - Sleeve

    Oscar mayer p3 protein pack

    Whats the sodium count? Usually those things are really high. I try to keep my ingredients to 5 or less. Glad you found something you like!
  8. Just do it!? Think as you eat, put that utensil down, measure your food out, breathe!!
  9. ASKSARAH - Sleeve

    Broiled crab cake

    ABSOLUTELY!! This was one of my favorite meals during my soft food stage. I went ot Trader Joes and got lump crab meat not the imitation since it has sugar in it. I mixed it up with some mayo, some seasoning, salt pepper and a little spicy mustard, to the consistency of mixed tuna, make little patties in the palm of your hand, measure out if you really want to. I heated up some olive oil in a small pan and seared it till it was heated through and flipped and browned. Ate it super slow and it was SOOOO good. Eat and enjoy it!
  10. ASKSARAH - Sleeve

    Why Is It?...

    This is the place to do it.
  11. ASKSARAH - Sleeve

    Anyone like me? 5'5" 180lbs bmi 30?

    I am like you now! I was 5'5" 264 lbs and I am 34 I was a size 24, 3x tops then I lost a bunch of weight and now I am about 175-180 and a size 6 and a small top.
  12. ASKSARAH - Sleeve


    So don't drink them, How far out are you? I gave them up at about 5 weeks post op. No need to drink them if you are getting plenty of Protein organically. I would rather eat than be dependent on powder and chemicals.
  13. ASKSARAH - Sleeve

    3 weeks post op. Not feeling too goid

    Umm you need to be drinking and eating soft foods and liquids, Don't get dehydrated thats the worst thing you can do to yourself. You probably feel bad because your not getting enough Fluid in you, go drink gatorade 2 or Powerade 0 or something like that. Get some broth into you as well, If your having the slimies you are probably producing too much acid and or eating too much or too fast. You need to be careful and follow your doctors orders. Go get a PPI, drink drink drink and go eat
  14. ASKSARAH - Sleeve

    Mexico or not

    I had an amazing experience in TJ MX. I had dr. Ponce de leon, $5500 out the door. It was fantastic. I have had the best results. ITs not scary or a weird thing to do, A Lot of people do it and I went alone.
  15. ASKSARAH - Sleeve

    I Am So Angry When People Think Surgery Is The Easy Option!

    Killing yourself would have been easier.... WOW you might want to get some help.
  16. I lost all taste for carbonation afterwards, it tastes like ass to me. It gives me heartburn. On mothers day I made my own grape soda with a grape flavor Water Enhancer and Perrier water and it was fun but it gave me heart burn. I can drink, but I am not a drinker. I just don't like the taste. The one drink I love is the Pomegranate margarita at Chili's and I get buzzed pretty fast and I lose it just as fast. And I drink coffee ALL day everyday. Latte with sugar free vanilla and whole milk please.
  17. ASKSARAH - Sleeve

    I Am So Angry When People Think Surgery Is The Easy Option!

    I hate to object to you but this is the easy way out..... It was my only way out. If you thought you were stuck on a mountain cliff and some helicopter had to rescue you or climb down the mountain cause you probably could which do you choose? Duh the helicopter. This is my helicopter! ITs been the easiest thing so far I have ever done. The hard part?? Actually eating.
  18. It hasn't bothered my husband of 3 years. I have lost over 100 lbs on a 5-5 frame. Its all in my gut and legs. HE LOVES that he can do Oral on me and he can breathe now. So no men don't care just enjoy the sex.
  19. ASKSARAH - Sleeve

    Things I feel like right now

  20. ASKSARAH - Sleeve

    Red robin

    My husband he always lets me substitute his fries for a cup of Soup. Its always just the right amount of food for me. If I need the calories I get the clam chowder but I normally get the chicken tortilla type. If I am hungry (rarely) I get the blta and eat some of the croissant and then take the rest off and eat the inside, turkey, bacon, lettuce tomato and avocado, makes a good meal the next couple days too.
  21. ASKSARAH - Sleeve

    Firm skin

    I used the ITWorks wraps and gel for a while. It was great. Nothing is permanent until you get under the knife. I have lots of wraps I never used I can sell to you at a super discounted rate if you want them. I am no longer a distributor and I am not using them either so if you want to try them I would be happy to send them if you pay a little over shipping.
  22. ASKSARAH - Sleeve

    Stall is depressing me :-(

    I can assure you this is NOT a stall. A stall is no lbs or inches lost in over 30 days. You are no where near that. Are you measuring? My guess is no. You need to take your measurements as this is what is happening right now. Good luck
  23. ASKSARAH - Sleeve

    Payment for Surgery

    I paid self pay in cash in MX. My surgery cost $5500 and a little plane ticket. Easy peasy, No insurance crap to go through, just pick a date and go!
  24. ASKSARAH - Sleeve

    Explaining WLS results

    Oh I think I highly diagree with your post! This is the easy easy out 100%! This has been a walk in the park for me. The weight literally melted off me for 10 months. Until I started exercising in October. It stopped 100% and in fact I gained weight. I stopped in January and dropped from a size 10 to a 6 in a matter of weeks. I watch what I eat only because the real estate is so small and I like to be a food snob. I do not feel hunger and I eat by the clock usually. I eat lots of fun foods and I stop when I am full which is usualy 3-4 normal bites in. 1 little rack of lamb I am finished, 2 bites of flan or a cheese cake or whatever I am satisfied. I did this to have the most normal life I desired and I received it. I am now a tiny person with a normal life. if someone were to ask me do you recommend this, my answer is yes and you will be successful because thats what the numbers say. I am over a year out.
  25. ASKSARAH - Sleeve

    How do I make this happen?

    I personally went to Mexico. My insurance had a 100% excelusion. So I looked into cash pay here in Vegas and it was over 20k UHHH No I knew there had to be another way. The next day I found out about MX. I made the call it was $5500, I had the money a plane ticket and was on my way in a couple weeks. It was THE BEST experience of my life. Look into it. There is a form on here for all us patients. I used dr. Ponce de leon and have personally refered 3 of my freinds to him and they are are happy with their results.

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