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  1. I'm going to try and answer some of your questions. I'm four weeks out. I too had a portion control problem and would OFTEN snack at night after everyone else went to bed. My husband is an awesome cook and having seconds was completely normal for me. So what is it like now? I look forward to mealtime! Especially dinner. I physically cannot eat like I used to. There's just no room. Your body will tell you if your eating too fast or too much. For me personally, my back starts to ache bad and gets increasingly worse until I throw up. Because of this, I've learned rather quickly to stop eating when my back STARTS to hurt. There's always tomorrow!!! I love spicy food too. Right now I'm in the puréed stage but I'm looking forward to regular food. On a side note, I've lost 26 pounds in 3.2 weeks and I'm feeling great!
  2. FatFreeMe

    Counting down the minutes

    I'm scheduled for feb 11th also. Pre-op diet has been easy for me because I am so sick with a cold, diahreah, even developed a hemorrhoid. I haven't even been able to drink my shakes. I'm supposed to have 4 a day. Today I had one. I'm trying to drink a lot of water because I don't want to become dehydrated. Hoping to feel better, this SUCKS!
  3. I'm Feb 11th too - start pre-op on Monday. Heard this was gonna be the hard part of the process...
  4. I didn't have to do this. They should have said something to you about what to wear for the procedure.
  5. FatFreeMe


    You wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't meant to be. Prayers going out to you - you'll be awesome!!!
  6. Wow, you look amazing!!! Congratulations on your success! I was on the fence but am leaning more and more to getting it done. You're inspiring
  7. Thank. You Frank for posting and all the good stories that followed. A couple days ago I was so freaked out that I was searching for "stomach transplants" on the Internet in case it goes really bad. I'm reassured now Just breathe!
  8. FatFreeMe


    Wow, today we are hearing that 2/3rds of Americans are lazy and don't push themselves enough and that he would never let himself get that fat. He's also saying that I could still do it on my own and I should be on the treadmill everyday pushing myself.
  9. FatFreeMe


    BTW, I have decided to go ahead with the surgery. I finished all my pre-op appointments and will get my surgery date and pre-op diet on Thursday. I also recently got laid off from a job I had for 20 years. I told him that I'm not looking for another until after my surgery. It's added a lot of stress to our life. He's self-employed and I carried the insurance and paid 75% of the bills.
  10. FatFreeMe

    In need of some support.

    My dad passed three years ago due partly from being morbidly obese. He had sleep apnea and high blood pressure (like me). He had back pain (like me). He had heart disease and other issues that thankfully I don't have yet. I'm doing this to myself so I don't become like him -- sort of a self- intervention. I'm NOT going to follow him into his grave! I'm so so sorry for your loss. I can truly empathize with you. You need to buck up and turn that sadness into motivation now! Don't get lost by not taking care of yourself - your dad wouldn't want that I'm sure because I know damn well my father is rooting for me!
  11. FatFreeMe

    What is your essential cooking tool?

    My husband does 90% of the cooking. My surgeon requested he attend all my NUT appointments because of this.
  12. You sound so much like myself. I'll be getting sleeved in Feb. hope my journey will be as successful as yours!
  13. FatFreeMe


    I'm late Jan/early Feb too. Good luck!
  14. FatFreeMe

    Anyone From New England?

    Little Red 30 - how are you doing?
  15. I just lost my job on Friday after being with them for 20 years. I will lose my insurance at the end of February. I just have a stress test and one more NUT appt before my doctor sends in my info for approval. I'm not sure if I should try to get a job now in earnest and then have to explain in a couple months why I need time off or should I stay on unemployment until after my surgery (if I can get it scheduled by the end of February. Oh what to do... Also losing my motivation.

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