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  1. I have had a long road with vomiting, lactose intolerance, and not being able to do Protein powders post-op. Pre-op I could do pretty much any one that tasted good with no stomach issues. Well, I finally found one I can do post-op. Literally, the ONLY one I can do post-op. I tried Designer whey (yes shocked me that I could do a milk based one) Plain & Simple. It is unflavored (though I can taste it in water/almond milk). I've figured out the only way I can drink it is to make an iced Chai Tea with sugar free vanilla Soy Milk, pure vanilla, and a 3/4 scoop of the protein. If I use a whole scoop of protein I'm back to vomiting and feeling stomach pains. This is a relief for me because I wanted to try and up my protein and I couldn't do it without something in liquid form. Hope this helps anyone who is not able to do Protein shakes post-op. Again...this is a whey product which I've found I cannot do using any other Protein powder or RTD.
  2. TwinsMama


    From the album: Progress

    Down another size which is great! Still in the same stall. Going on 8 weeks...this is crazy!
  3. It took me almost 7-8 weeks to feel normal again. I'm 11 weeks out and I have more energy than I know what to do with now.
  4. You look great, job well done!!
  5. Pre-op they were okay. I found I liked other brands better like Syntrax, Jay Robb, etc. Post-op I can't do them.
  6. TwinsMama

    Dear Diary ....

    It must hurt to know your partner doesn't seem to be supporting your new you. Especially given that you've done so much to get here. It sounds like it's time for a heart to heart. We all want to be loved and respected. It's time you tell your partner that negative comments about your body are off limits. Period. It is going to be that much harder to love your body when you have a negative tape running in the background. Not sure if you have considered therapy for this. Perhaps it's time to try therapy alone and then together. I was told at a very early age that it is always easier for someone to be pulled down than lifted up. It's about mindset and self-esteem. What it sounds like you want/need now is to be lifted and supported. Your partner needs to be clued in to how much her comments hurt/discourage/frustrate you. If you discover that she knows and just doesn't care, then you have some decisions to make about not only your relationship but what this models to your kids. I hope this works out for all of you because you've done a marvelous job!!
  7. Congrats, keep up the great work!!
  8. I pretty much eat the same thing each day. The only variance is some days I'll switch up my Proteins. Here's the thing though... I have to track new meals, proteins, etc. I am good at knowing my calories and Protein once I see it on the MFP app. But if I don't track the new items, I don't know how those combinations do for my daily values. All that to say...I believe tracking is important for long term success. I am honest enough to admit it is not an every day thing for me. However, generally my rule is to track at least 80% of the time because I'd rather do that than not lose all my weight or gain it again. I like the accountability to myself.
  9. TwinsMama

    head hunger

    Don't jump ahead of schedule. It will hurt you in the long run. Stick to your plan and drink water. Add MiO or Crystal Light if you have to, but focus on staying on plan, on schedule, and hydrated.
  10. TwinsMama


    I was hungry early out. Make sure you are drinking at least your 64 oz and also sometimes acid mimics hunger. If you're not taking a PPI, maybe talk to your Dr about starting on one. I still get hungry at 11 weeks, so I know how frustrating it can be. I've gotten used to my stomach noises and even now, my male coworker and I laugh about it. It always starts in quiet meetings.
  11. Sorry to hear that, feel better soon!
  12. TwinsMama

    162 lbs in a year!

    Congrats that. is. awesome!!
  13. TwinsMama

    Not sure where to start..

    Also, not sure if you're into this but Bar Method, Callenetics, and T-Tap all work. T-Tap is my least fave but the other two are a great workout that leave you hurting in a good way.
  14. TwinsMama

    Not sure where to start..

    Anything with resistance bands works. I used those pre-op and toned up good when I lost last time. I've found great videos on YouTube that you can do right at home to avoid the trainer fee.
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  16. TwinsMama

    Home-made Garam Masala Recipe

    Thank you thank you thank you!!
  17. What annoys me is that something can smell and look great, then after a taste it is horrible.
  18. TwinsMama


    I was told that. Same goes for Calcium. Which is why you have to space Vitamins apart. Our bodies can only absorb some things in small doses.
  19. TwinsMama


    Maybe you can break your breakfast up into 2 meals at least 2-3 hours apart. The body can only absorb something like 30-35g of protein at one time...so your body is not absorbing all that protein. Edit: just saw Coco beat me to that comment.
  20. If you can't do whey you probably won't be able to do the powdered milk either. Milk is milk...dairy is dairy. I would avoid that but maybe try a veggie or soy protein. I still could not do those but it didn't hurt as much as the dairy ones.
  21. I found I can't tolerate reheated foods either. I learned that this weekend when I threw up a meal that was fine when I first ate it. Lesson learned. I also can't tolerate foods that are not healthy. I can instantly feel myself get sick if I have "bad" foods. That can be hard because you can think you're ordering something healthy and then get sick. Your weight loss in only 9 months is amazing!!
  22. Hopefully it is nothing more than soreness and a pulled muscle. If it continues in another day or 2, call your Dr just to be sure you're okay.
  23. TwinsMama

    How did you pass the time?

    I can relate. I just used the time to focus on my eating and drinking. Trying shakes, looking online at clothes I wanted to try (smaller), places I wanted to go, etc. I had a 6 month process then got to approval and found out the (original) Dr had another 6-12 months wait due to the waitlist. I got fed up and picked another Dr at the 4 month mark and they were able to get me in 2 months later. Looking back it helped to have extra time to prepare for this.
  24. Don't ever feel bad that you are getting help. What you're doing by having a therapist many of us should have done long BEFORE having surgery. So count yourself wise to already have help for yourself. I agree with Pookey, it would be helpful for her to tell you why she feels this. Maybe she worries about transfer additions (which are very real for WLS post-ops). Maybe she just thinks you're progressing fine and is worried about another distraction during your process. Only she can tell you. Hang in there and go into this with your eyes open. Hear her out and then discuss what you need to get you ready. If you find she is not being helpful with this, you can always consult another therapist.

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