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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. landen24

    MAY sleeverss

    May 7th 64 pounds and feeling great
  2. landen24


    I just got Okayed for chicken...anyone have any good recipes??
  3. landen24

    Lasagna Cupcakes!

    Seriously the recipe ever!!
  4. landen24


    Perfect thank you!
  5. landen24


    @M2G when you make the chicken what do you way it with, that's the hard part for me because I don't want bread or pasta or rice or tortillas etc?
  6. landen24


    Thank you. I honestly don't know what kind of recipes I'm looking for, something easy because I don't like to cook! Lol
  7. How long did you wait until you drank?
  8. Had my surgery may 7th, the first month was rough due to low potassium...and then I had a 3 week stall. But now I am feeling great and losing !!! Thanks everyone on here for your support and encouraging words when I was having a rough time at the beginning and letting me vent
  9. landen24

    May 7th

    Congrats I have lost 44 and I am only 8 pounds away from onederland as well!!!
  10. landen24

    Favorite cookbooks?

    Omg thank you so much for the website!
  11. I am at week 7 right now, total lost is 34 pounds. I have not lost anymore weight since week 3-4. IRRITATED. And I don't know what to eat anymore, sick of the same things
  12. I want something different, something tasty! In need of flavorful food!
  13. My surgery was may 7th I felt the same way and found out I had low potassium, ever since getting that fixed I feel much better! Good luck
  14. landen24

    Old navy compression pants

    I'm wearing them now, I love them, but have never tried any others
  15. I think I'm regretting surgery. I'm so hungry, I'm so sick of soft foods, I don't feel good, I can't take it anymore
  16. landen24

    When will it get better

    Thank you. yes, but I'm in the same boat on exercising, I am too tired to get out of bed! But I also had an er visit for low potassium which makes you tired, so I'm still working on that. Good luck to you as well.
  17. landen24

    When will it get better

    Thank you everyone and my surgery was may 7th
  18. This Tuesday will be three weeks post op. I am so depressed, all I do is sleep. I am so sick of the puréed/soft foods. I am so sick of it that sometimes I don't eat anything at all. People keep saying it will get better. BUT WHEN?!!! I am regretting getting this done and wish I could just eat.
  19. I was sleeved may 7th and I hate it, I'm in the same boat, I am so depressed all I do is sleep. I just want real food.
  20. I miss food, it all looks good, I can only have boring, not so good foods. My surgery was 11 days ago...I think I might be regretting it
  21. I am in the Purée stage, I am only 11day post op, what did you all eat in this stage?
  22. landen24

    discouraged today

    Omg I'm 11 days out and I hate it, I want food so bad, everyone keeps saying it will get better, but when!!! I'm have 4 more weeks of the same boring foods to eat, I don't know how I'm going to do it
  23. landen24

    I just want to eat

    @rewind did you make the quiche or buy it? Do you have a recipe?

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