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  1. Thank-you Nazia for your response. I did have the VSG done by Dr Almanza Jan 2013. Spent the first night in the hospital and the following two nights in a hotel. My sutures did become infected after I came home to the US. But it was quickly eliminated by antibiotics. My questions to you is this: Did you have the procedure there? Or did someone else tell you about it? What specifically made the experience horrible? How do you know the nurses weren't trained? I ask these questions, as this was not my experience at all. Just curious... -Alan
  2. rmeofone

    None of Your Business!

    Best of luck! Mine went great and I'm 5 years out. Tell them you're going on vacation. You don't owe them an explanation. No-one ever questioned me. And... no-one was ever the wiser. Also - you should notify your primary care physician to see if they will accept follow-ups or recommend a gastro who will. I had a hard time finding one since I had the procedure done in MX. Regardless, I've done my annual doctor visits and labs with my PCP and everything has worked out. Feel free to ask more questions as you continue your journey and best of luck!!
  3. Thank-you jennyleec68... Secondhand stories are not helpful.
  4. I too was sleeved by Dr. Alamanza In TJ on 1/21/2013. I believe he did 10 sleeves that day (I was his 6th). Although I wasn't too happy about that, I had a positive experience and have experienced very successful WL and overall health results. The reason I chose Dr. Almanza was because at that time, he was probably the most experienced VSG surgeon available. I wish people would limit their criticism to those who actually used his services, vs. passing along hearsay... Do your homework. Then make an informed decision. You may want to schedule with any Dr. on a slow day. I believe Mondays are the busiest, due to the weekend...
  5. rmeofone

    Hunger Pains

    Hunger pains came back after ~ 9 months. It was great while it lasted!!
  6. Unfortunately, I'm learning that they ALL have unwanted calories! (Damned!) I can prob max at 3 G&T's. You'll notice a difference between fountain tonic and fresh tonic from an unopened bottle. Much more Fizz in the latter. No problem with wine either. I DID notice that my weight plateaued (even increased) when I drink regularly (Its been a really crappy year...).
  7. 20 month's out. My tolerance level has dropped tremendously! Beer carbonation is uncomfortable, so I stick with margaritas (fresh) or gin & tonic. Neither causes discomfort, although i can only have ~2-3 max at a sitting; otherwise I'm smashed!
  8. rmeofone

    Sleeve Fantasy Football Anyone?

    OK... Just saw this thread, but are you still taking new teams?
  9. rmeofone

    Where did my sex drive go?

    Don't care to drive?? I chauffeur... jk... Alan
  10. rmeofone

    Mentor Needed

    Good Luck tomorrow Nita!! When you get home, make sure your child(ren) stay AWAY from the tummy! I have a daughter who (used to) love to sucker punch me as a joke. It took a few weeks to end THAT after surgery! I remember being sensitive for 6 weeks or so (and immediately after being sucker punched by my 6 yo! -Alan
  11. rmeofone

    Mentor Needed

    Hi Melissa! Congratulations on your surgery. Its the first step in regaining back your life!! I had mine done Jan, 2013 and couldn't be happier. It's great that you have emotional support there for you. It helps to vent. Are you working and when do you go back: I had mine done on a Thursday and was back to work the following Monday. I found it easier to keep busy at work than to sit at home. Wasn't uncomfortable at all. I'll tell you, the first month I lived off of "Pure Protein" Protein shakes (Cookies n cream, vanilla, chocolate) and chicken broth and, of course, Water. Feel free to pm me if you have questions or want to chat. I'm happy to listen or weigh in on your concerns! (Pardon the pun) -Alan
  12. It's ok to be nervous. FWIW, I was basically your size before the surgery last year (1/21/13). I went down to Mexico, because of the Dr's experience and relatively low cost. I couldn't be happier. Down to 195 from 175, Off Metformin. Off Lipitor. Blood pressure back to normal Knees don't ache anymore. Maximize the first six months, as that's when the bulk of the weight comes off. I was simply not hungry (for the first time n my life). The weight loss for me stopped after that, but I've maintained for over six months now and am much happer and energetic. Good luck!! I forgot to mention.... aside from cycling several times / week over the summer, I haven't really begun to excercise on a regular basis. Can't imagine the results when i do!
  13. CGJ, It's your call, but since I already know, we might as well go out! -Alan (Posted by Alan's sister, since men aren't allowed in here)
  14. Bring Protein bars... I couldnt handle ANY of the amusement park fod when i went this summer. Pure Protein bars got me through!
  15. rmeofone

    Is this normal

    You are doing fine. Everyone is a bit different. Promise, it will get better. I'm 8 months out and eating normally. It took about 2 months to feel fairly normal, although i was eating in mutch smaller quantities! Hopefully, you're not feeling hungry..

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