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  1. HELP!!!!! I was doing great posting, replying, messaging, etc. on my ipod. Then a few days ago, it just stopped working and all of a sudden it wanted me to log in again (where before I didn't have to). When I tried logging in, it wouldn't take my log in information. So I went on my computer and changed my login password. Now my ipod is giving me the following message: Error Connection error: The operation couldn't be completed. (kCFErrorDomain DFNetwork error 2). I just want to be able to use my ipod app as I am on that more than my computer. Also, my ipod keeps telling me a have a message from a friend on this forum and none exists. I can be reached at theresaclare@verizon.net. Thanks for your help!!!
  2. Scaredy Cat

    I Want Some Candy! Help!

    Can't we have sugar free candy?
  3. {{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}} one day at a time!
  4. Scaredy Cat

    New Beginnings!

    Welcome Deb! Good luck in your journey. We're all here to support you
  5. Scaredy Cat

    Lose It!

    I use LOSE IT! On my iPhone instead of My Fitness Pal. Anyone else? I need some buddies.
  6. Iggychick - we are the same height with the same goal weight. I'm hoping to get sleeved in January.
  7. Good luck and welcome!!
  8. Scaredy Cat

    Small Accomplishment

    Oh I'm so jealous!! I wanna be you!
  9. It's so motivating to see photos like yours. You look awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!
  10. Scaredy Cat

    Before Pics

    Selbrady, I feel just like you! We'll both do great!!
  11. Scaredy Cat

    Question Why? Two Weeks Of Liquid Diet

    I'd seriously think of getting a different doctor - one who is ethical and whose concern for his patient is more important than his bank account. It's ridiculous! Call your credit card company too - they will probably be able to get you out of this. I feel bad - I wouldn't go to a place like that.
  12. Scaredy Cat

    Pre-Opt Diet Question

    I think I dread the pre-op more than the surgery!
  13. Scaredy Cat


    Honestly I can't fall asleep either but it's from all the anxiety/excitement of an upcoming sleeve event - ME!! Ugh, my brain won't turn off!
  14. Scaredy Cat

    How Long For Edamame?

    Isn't enadame a form of protein? It's soy beans!! Enjoy
  15. Scaredy Cat

    College Sweatshirt

    Woohoo that's so exciting! Good for you!!

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