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  1. My doctors name is Deiter Pohl. First appt. is Friday. Would love to know if there are any New England sleepers. I'm in RI.
  2. Scaredy Cat

    Lose It!

    I use LOSE IT! On my iPhone instead of My Fitness Pal. Anyone else? I need some buddies.
  3. HELP!!!!! I was doing great posting, replying, messaging, etc. on my ipod. Then a few days ago, it just stopped working and all of a sudden it wanted me to log in again (where before I didn't have to). When I tried logging in, it wouldn't take my log in information. So I went on my computer and changed my login password. Now my ipod is giving me the following message: Error Connection error: The operation couldn't be completed. (kCFErrorDomain DFNetwork error 2). I just want to be able to use my ipod app as I am on that more than my computer. Also, my ipod keeps telling me a have a message from a friend on this forum and none exists. I can be reached at theresaclare@verizon.net. Thanks for your help!!!
  4. Scaredy Cat

    I Want Some Candy! Help!

    Can't we have sugar free candy?
  5. {{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}} one day at a time!
  6. Scaredy Cat

    New Beginnings!

    Welcome Deb! Good luck in your journey. We're all here to support you
  7. Iggychick - we are the same height with the same goal weight. I'm hoping to get sleeved in January.
  8. Good luck and welcome!!
  9. Scaredy Cat

    Small Accomplishment

    Oh I'm so jealous!! I wanna be you!
  10. It's so motivating to see photos like yours. You look awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!
  11. Scaredy Cat

    Before Pics

    Selbrady, I feel just like you! We'll both do great!!
  12. Scaredy Cat

    Question Why? Two Weeks Of Liquid Diet

    I'd seriously think of getting a different doctor - one who is ethical and whose concern for his patient is more important than his bank account. It's ridiculous! Call your credit card company too - they will probably be able to get you out of this. I feel bad - I wouldn't go to a place like that.
  13. Scaredy Cat

    Pre-Opt Diet Question

    I think I dread the pre-op more than the surgery!
  14. Scaredy Cat


    Honestly I can't fall asleep either but it's from all the anxiety/excitement of an upcoming sleeve event - ME!! Ugh, my brain won't turn off!
  15. Scaredy Cat

    How Long For Edamame?

    Isn't enadame a form of protein? It's soy beans!! Enjoy
  16. Scaredy Cat

    College Sweatshirt

    Woohoo that's so exciting! Good for you!!
  17. Scaredy Cat

    Bmi 35 Need To Lose 75 Lbs

    I'm 5' with BMI of 51. I need to lose about 150 lbs. I pray getting the sleeve will help me!!
  18. I'm only 5' so my goal size would be about a 2. Seems I reachable to me right now (pre-sleeve) but for my height, my weight should be around 105 - 115! Such a long way to go..........!!!!!
  19. Scaredy Cat

    Comppliments = Eating?!

    Although not required, I think I should see one about my weight. My mother used to each chips and Cheetos in front of us kids but not allow us to have any. She hid candy in her bedroom (we would steal a little here and there). She would only buy the yucky cheap cereal she knew would last forever and then tell us if we were hungry, we could eat the cereal, she would always serve herself first and best. Ugh. When I finally married and moved out, I could eat everything and anything I wanted. Ok - not a good thing. I swore iwould NEVER do that to my children. I never tell my kids they can't have anything I'm having. I teach them moderation. They're both skinny and food does not rule them. I'm happy about that. For me though, the damage is done - now I need to undo it!!!
  20. Mine is scheduled for Tuesday. I'm waiting for a call canceling it due to the hurricane. Ugh!!
  21. Scaredy Cat

    My Terrible Day

    Who the hell is she to say WHEN you should have WLS!!! I hate people like this - way too judgmental and she's full of crap too. I'm getting sleeved - BMI is 51. Talk to your surgeon. Find another NUT cuz she's NUTZ.
  22. Constipation can cause severe pain in your back as your body works to digest anything you've eaten.
  23. Scaredy Cat

    Tomorrow (10/29) Is The Big Day!

    Happy sleeve day Rhonda!!!
  24. Scaredy Cat

    Sandy !

    In Rhode Island - state of emergency and schools all closed. In true RI form, no bread nor milk nor D batteries on any store shelves.

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