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  1. Anyone scheduled for surgery in PV with Dr. Lopez on Jan 17. Looking for sleeve buddies. My mom is going with me but wanna find some buddies to share the experience with.
  2. SuNMooNStaRS816

    Dr. Avara in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

    I also had an awesome experience and continue to have an awesome experience. My journey has gone without a single hitch and I have lost 72lbs and am 6 lbs from goal. It seems so surreal still, but you will be here before you know it. Totally natural to be anxious at this point. They will take care of you every step of the way. Dr. Avara and staff are amazing.
  3. SuNMooNStaRS816

    united healthcare community plan

    Everyone's coverage depends on whether the employer decided they would pay for WLS or not. You have to call UHC and find out if it is a covered benefit for you or not. If not change insurance and pay for a plan that covers it. Or go self pay. If it is excluded these will be your only options.
  4. This is my journey in video. Check it out. http://fgr.am/f/reyoRbcmuE
  5. Feeling fantastic!!! Just found this pic from last summer when I was 204lbs. This makes me realize how far I have come. My surgery was 10/1/2014. I am so close to goal it's an amazing feeling not to worry about what I am eating or what I am going to wear. I am no longer embarrassed to go out in public. I am enjoying life and feeling good...
  6. SuNMooNStaRS816


    I make a batch of steel cut oats once a week in the crock pot. I do add cinnamon to them and a lil skim milk and protein powder to them.
  7. SuNMooNStaRS816

    My transformation in video!

    Thank all of you.
  8. I so sympathize with what your saying. I was so depressed and miserable. I made everyone else that way too. This has changed all of our life's: myself, kids, and my sweet lil grand baby. I feel happy, healthy, and terrific.
  9. Your video is amazing also!!! You look so happy!!!
  10. http://fgr.am/f/reyoRbcmuE Here is mine. Check it out!!!
  11. What does your doc think about you wanting to lose more? Does he say you should be at goal before surgery? I have always been told you should be within 10lbs and stable for 6 months. You do not want to have surgery then lose more and have loose skin. I would get the docs opinion.
  12. Who did you use for your surgery?
  13. SuNMooNStaRS816

    My transformation in video!

    Thank you. This video has refreshed my view of my journey. It has honestly been awesome. But when I put it in video all the feelings came out. It was emotional. And if my video helps or encourages anyone that is all I can ask. My intentions are to always help others and let them see how much this has changed my life for the better.
  14. SuNMooNStaRS816

    My transformation in video!

    Thank you!!!!
  15. SuNMooNStaRS816

    My transformation in video!

    All your kind words mean so much!!! If my journey helps anyone else that's all I can ask for. We are here to support each other and encourage one another.
  16. SuNMooNStaRS816

    Pics at 19+ weeks post op.

    Thank you so much!!!
  17. SuNMooNStaRS816

    My transformation in video!

    Thank you!!
  18. SuNMooNStaRS816

    8 months...

    Looking awesome!!!
  19. SuNMooNStaRS816

    8 months post-op (pic)

    You look so happy!!! That's the most beautiful transformation!!!
  20. I love this idea and would be very interested in leadership or co leadership. I am an RN who is very interested in a role in the bariatric community. I live in south Mississippi and know there are many others in the area that would be interested in attending. Monthly meetings and fun educational activities would be awesome. Maybe an annual 5k walk run. I know my nutritionist and surgeon would be glad to speak with members. I can't wait to see what the outcome of this idea will be.
  21. SuNMooNStaRS816

    I'm trying to come to terms with the idea that...

    I love that!!!
  22. Dr. Guillermo Alvarez has had a cpl young patients I believe. And he is one of the best in Mexico. He has written a book and has videos on you tube that you can check out. Endobariatrics.com is his site. You contact them with all your info and they will get back to you. I believe they charge $8750. If my child truly needed this surgery I would do it. I have 3 children of different ages and 2 step children. If any of then needed this I would do it. But each child is different and you definitely have to take their personality and emotional matureness into this equation. I hope you are able to find the right answer for her. My prayers will be with you.
  23. SuNMooNStaRS816

    Pact -- Earn $ for exercise - Lose $ if you don't

    I have never heard of it but sounds interesting. I would like to check it out. Hope it works well for you!!!
  24. SuNMooNStaRS816

    BMI of 32 and getting a sleeve?

    My BMI was 36. Now it's 24.4 Normal. I started at 199 and am now 138. At 4 1/2 months out. I have begun adding cals to slow the wgt loss down. This is what my NUT has instructed me to do. It has slowed to one lb a week the last 2 weeks. I have 8 lbs to goal. I don't think I will have a problem stoping the wgt loss.

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