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  1. I thought I was the only one who noticed it running down my body...lol
  2. I started losinf at 3 months. I'm at 5 months now and it seems to be less and less. Or at least thats the way it seems when I'm cleaning it out of the drain. When I started losing the hair, I increased my protein. I usually get between 8o and 100 grams per day now.
  3. Tryan

    green dress1

    From the album: Journey

    I wore this dress last March for my cousins wedding. I had VS surgery in August and this picture is 5 mo post op and 66 pounds down.
  4. Tryan

    green dress2

    From the album: Journey

    Me pulling the dress tight, looks completely different.
  5. Tryan

    photo (1)

    From the album: Journey

    I wore this dress last March for my cousins wedding. I had VS surgery in August and this picture is 5 mo post op and 66 pounds down.
  6. Tryan

    Before/After 2

    Yo look beautiful in both pictures but you look amazing in the 2nd picture!
  7. Tryan

    weight comparison

    Good for you, I know you must feel great! You look wonderful!
  8. Hi all, I'm looking for people that want to share and compare their ups and downs with the sleeve. People that I can talk to or meet, maybe even go to the gym with. I'm in Anne Arundel county.
  9. Thats great! I can eat a lot more then a few bites though. I get full at 1 cup of food. I feel like my weight loss is slow but I 'm not exercing like I should be. I can tell in my clothes that I've lost weight. I've had to start wearing old clothes that I saved. I was about a 22 -24 and I can get into a 14 now but I don't like the way it makes my stomach look so I wear 16's and they are starting to look a little loose, I have to wear a belt. Do you take pictures of yourself? I usually take a picture in the same outfit on the 9th of each month. I haven't posted them but I think I'll do that tonight. We should talk more often, I could use someone to keep me in line lol. I'm tatu31 on MFP
  10. Hi, ya, that would be great. I haven't been on here much lately. I've been using my fitnesspal.com to track my calories, exercise and weight. So how are you? Are you feeling okay?
  11. I think your nurse is nuts! Great job!
  12. 8\9\12 start weight 282 current weight 227 I stopped exercising when I went on a trip about a month ago. I need to get back on track ASAP! I eat anything and everything, PROTEIN first, I don't eat bread, rice, patatoes, pasta or corn. I'm slacking on my water. I need to get that back on track also. I feel good and I am very glad that I chose the sleeve.
  13. Date sleeved: 8/9/12 Start weight:282 Weight today:235 What you eating and how much daily: most days 64 oz of Water. 1egg for Breakfast, snack- peanuts 2oz or a pack of 100 cal beef Jerky it has 18 grams of Protein. Lunch- I piece of tilapia 19 grams of protein. Snack 100 cal greek yogurt vanilla 13 grams of protein. dinner 4-5 oz turkey or chicken or a piece of fish. Daily work out: not enough but usually 3 days a week. 1 hr on the tread mill at about 3mph then I work on strength training on either arms legs or stomach for about 30 minutes How hungery are you?: not very, mostly head hunger. When I'm not busy I tend to want to reach for food How you feel physically: better then I have in a long time. How you feel emotionally:torn, somedays are really good and others I want to eat like I used to or I want the weight to come off faster. Its crazy. Are you glad you chose the sleeve?:I'm glad I chose the sleeve Anything extra to say?: I often wonder if I will be one of the people that stop loosing weight after I have dropped 50 pounds and I always worry that I will be one of the people that gains my weight back.
  14. Tryan

    So Incredibly Disapointed In Myself

    Get the protein in it will help with the hunger. I cheated with 2 oreo cookies the other night and I paid with foam vomit about 15 minutes later. Im 2 months out but why would I eat a freaking oreo?? I won't beat myself up, I will move forward and make better choices and so should you. Good luck.
  15. Yay, I have a new buddy!! I'm in Annapolis. Well, we probably won't be going to the gym together but we can definetly compare and share and just talk if need be. You can reach me on here, by email or you can call me. I'll inbox you my info. So how much weight have you lost, are you going to the gym?
  16. Tryan

    This Is It! Surgery Day!

    Congratulations, It's going to feel great on the losers side. You'll be in my thoughts today.
  17. Tryan

    Laying In The Hospital Bed.

    Congrats! You're on your way to a healthier you!
  18. Tryan


    I can finish 16.9 oz of water in about 30 min. I don't know what it means. I guess I should always be getting my water in.
  19. Tryan

    Im New! Hey!

    Welcome! you'll find lots of info on here along with some really supportive people. Good luck!
  20. Nothing taste as good as skinny feels! I'm 7 weeks post op and down 39 pounds. This will be you soon, hang in there!
  21. I wish I could lose that much, I'm 7 weeks and only down 39 pounds. Whatever your doing keep it up and fill me in!
  22. Tryan

    Three Weeks And Two Days Post-Op

    It gets better day by day. I've found food that I love to eat I just don't eat as much. Hopefully you will look at food as a fuel for your body and find enjoyment in other things. For most of us "enjoying " food is how we got in this mess. BTW, I love the fruit punch! Good luck!

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