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  1. brady38

    August Sleevers..what Is The Progress

    Starting weight 245 Current weight 217 Sleeved on aug 21 I don't have a typical day yet. I'm six weeks out and some days are better than others. I can eat yogurt crackers with no problem. I can't do Protein shakes right now they make me sick. I drink sobe Water and sometimes a slice of cheese.
  2. brady38

    August Sleevers..what Is The Progress

    I was sleeved on 8/21. First week was liquid and now I'm on puréed foods. Really boring. I eat protein shake yogurt applesauce and mashed potatoes. That's eat. Everyday. I'm not hungry but am bored with this diet. I'm down 18 pounds from highest weight.
  3. I also had my surgery on the 21st and I drank diluted apple juice and lots of Popsicles. I bought protein drinks can't stomach them. Tried the unjury chicken broth made me nausea and the unflavored protein smelled and taste ungodly. I feel fine with just drinking. I went for a walk today had a little bit of chicken broth from chicken soap that I could stomach and I felt great no problems. I've already lost 8 lbs. woohoo!!! You'll be fine just stay hydrated and walk as much as you can. Good luck:)
  4. brady38

    I May Turn Into A Sf Popsicle...

    Lol. That's all I seem to eat is sf Popsicle nd flavored water. Unjury chicken broth makes me nauseas go figure nd the unflavored doesn't taste unflavored and the smell is ungodly. A lilttle bored right now just 4 days post up:)
  5. brady38

    August Sleevers?! Where Ya's At?

    I pray everything went well.
  6. You two are truly lucky. I'm not in intense pain but I'm in pain and it feels like something was pulled out of me in the right side. Still adjusting to everything. Trying to get the fluids in which is hard and the Protein yea I'm lucky if I get in 10 grams a day. I don't have any regrets. I thought long and hard about my decision and im in it for the long haul. No one said it was going to be easy. Thanks for all the support my VST family:)
  7. brady38

    August Sleevers

    Not sure. Don't really know the difference yet I guess:(
  8. brady38

    August Sleevers

    I Had my surgery on Tuesday and the gas is kicking my butt!!!

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