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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Should be out soon!!! Btw tried coffee since I was nervous.... Huge mistake!!! Mine and his surgeon says before she takes him in as I'm puking into his preop trashcan serves you right I told you so... Gotta love Dr.Hawver!
  2. Cheated twice I didn't get caught I was scared to not get my surgery if you slip instead if beating yourself up and causing more stress to cause cheating again move on and try again
  3. billyvmom

    What Should I Pack?

    A extension cord for your phone charger outlets are never close enough to the bed. Phone charger your own shampoo and conditioner and extra britches incase your sutures leak. Buy a box of alcohol wipes smelling them helps with nausea
  4. billyvmom

    Feel Like I Made A Mistake

    I agree they can give you zofran and even Valium for nausea. Stay away from all dairy for a week and see if that is what causing it. Lots of people can't handle dairy after this. I couldn't handle protein shakes I switched over to isopure sickly sweet so I diluted with water but, they don't make me gag or give me diarrhea. Prayers for you.
  5. Know how horrible it is watching people eat in Front of you. Thinking about going on it again with him but, im so sick of soup!!! At least I won't be starving this time around.
  6. billyvmom

    September Sleevers

    You look great!!! Just had to let ya know!!!
  7. billyvmom

    Annoyed With Questions

    I feel like I'm a science experiment and it's people that are size 5 who ask what my starting weight is.
  8. I started at 141 and am 190 and my goal is a size 10 also I'm in a 18 now but I am 5ft so it's ginna take a while to get there surgeons goal for me is 120
  9. billyvmom

    Annoyed With Questions

    Or my second favorite question what was your starting weight? How rude!
  10. I have been very open with the fact I was having the wls but, now every time I see or talk to anyone within the first 5 minutes I get " the question" how much have you lost. It's very annoying just don't see why they can't say hey you look great and leave it.
  11. I also started a group called gastric sleeve journey
  12. Brandy Christensen Mckenzie
  13. My 6 week shirt that wouldn't button before surgery the one I was so proud to get into is loose!!! I can find space in arms belly and to my hubby's dismay boobs.

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