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  1. Prissy


    Thank you! I am gonna check it out!
  2. Prissy

    They Fit!

    Congrats! That's awesome!
  3. @crowell823- Thank you for your response! I finally was able to somewhat sleep on my side. I had been sleeping in our recliners as well. Lol. It was comfy but not enough to stay a sleep for long periods of time. I finally got a great night of rest! So, it's already getting better and better! ???? May I ask if you have any other advice since you are a little further than me? Are you able to actually eat food now and keep it down?
  4. This is such a great topic! I am also at the very beginning and I've already noticed how I am craving saltiness. All the protein shakes and liquids we can have all seem so sweet. I had veggie broth yesterday and it tasted like the best thing in the world! We will get through it, it's just tough at the beginning because our bodies are craving the carbs and wanting all the bad stuff for us! The timer thing is such a great idea! I was having the same problem with not knowing how often to sip.
  5. Hi guys! I was just wondering if anyone else was having trouble sleeping on anything other than their back? I have the hardest time sleeping on my back and I've had a headache since 2nd day post op. I just wanted to see if anyone else experienced this?

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