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    kw2walker reacted to Canary Diamond in They are falling!   
    How exciting! Congratulations!
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    kw2walker reacted to sherry24184 in Continuous improvement   
    I find some of the supports groups on FB are kinder and more supportive. I'll never understand why some people just need to be so mean spirited. Thanks for the words of wisdom
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    kw2walker reacted to Tiny One in Continuous improvement   
    Hi Karen,
    I've always thought your comments & blogs were good, & inspirational. Which is one of the main reasons I took special interest in what you have to say. The other, I too am from the Philadelphia area and periodically liked to check up on other Philadelphians. Glad to hear all went & still continue to good well for you. Best wishes on your continued success.
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    kw2walker reacted to RJ'S/beginning in I did it! I crossed the finish line   
    Karen Congratulations on your easy surgery experience....Not everyone gets to have that for their beginning..I know I was one of those horror stories....10 months out now I am doing better...
    The crossed the finished line..Sorry girl you have your work cut out for you...This is where the work begins....The struggles, learning a new way of eating. Dealing with why you had to have this in the first place and why you had a food addiction..
    I am glad you have a good support system..
    But this is a life long change for you and you will find it hard at times...You did this for the right reasons...We all did...But this is not for the faint at heart...This completely changes the way you view almost everything....
    So happy for you girl......onward and upward to the new and improved and healthier you!!!!!!!!!
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    kw2walker reacted to LifetimeLoser in I did it! I crossed the finish line   
    welcome to the dark side...bwuahahahah
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    kw2walker reacted to Tiny One in Steps away from the finish line!   
    Good luck tomorrow.
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    kw2walker reacted to smjuroska in Steps away from the finish line!   
    Good Luck tomorrow!
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    kw2walker reacted to TES in Steps away from the finish line!   
    Wishing you all the best!
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    kw2walker got a reaction from Ms. Mannix in Does size matter?   
    My doctor used a 38 for me.
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    kw2walker got a reaction from Ms. Mannix in I'm here   
    Your Philly Cheerleader is here for you.
    You will rock this thing mama!
    I'm so excited for you.
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    kw2walker reacted to Rox in I'm here   
    I'll be right there with you on the 30th - walk, walk, sip,sip,
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    kw2walker got a reaction from joatsaint in Weighing After A Poop? You Are NOT Alone! :-)   
    Seems like we are all full of it. LOL. What to weigh once empty?
    Muscle? I hope to uncover a six pack somewhere on the bod. LOL
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    kw2walker reacted to NMJG in Weighing After A Poop? You Are NOT Alone! :-)   
    Hahahahahahah that's excellent, thanks for a chuckle....
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    kw2walker reacted to PhilyNurse in Weighing After A Poop? You Are NOT Alone! :-)   
    I weigh myself post-bm as well. I usually see at least a .5lb difference!
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    kw2walker reacted to BellaHugz in Weighing After A Poop? You Are NOT Alone! :-)   
    Just had to laugh, a good weigh in is a good weigh in!
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    kw2walker reacted to Chris R in Weighing After A Poop? You Are NOT Alone! :-)   
    Of COURSE you weigh after a poop! I just wish I could take off my glasses too - but then I wouldn't be able to read the scale!
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    kw2walker got a reaction from Ms. Mannix in Bummed out   
    Thank you all for the well wishs and I greatly needed the hugs. The family is doing much better. In fact my niece has been really good all week and told me yesterday that she plans to stay at my place the week of surgery, she'll arrive once I get out (Tuesday) and look after me.
    I figure with doing clear liquids for the first week there in not much to prepare, scoop some jello in a bowl or heat some broth. I don't want to tax her either, this heat has not been kind to her.
    Again, thank you all for your kind words they are greatly appreciated.
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    kw2walker reacted to jan8j in Bummed out   
    I'm so sorry for the issues. They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I firmly believe that your mother is with you and that she supports your decision--that's one of the reasons you were thinking of her so much. Hang in there and know that your mother will be watching over you!
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    kw2walker reacted to EasterNcChick in Bummed out   
    God Bless ! Sending lots of hugs and love .
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    kw2walker reacted to BellaHugz in Bummed out   
    Hang in there, you are going through a season of change and with that comes some self questioning.. What am i doing?
    Soon you will look back at this and say I did it!! So set your goals, be you own bestfriend and love your self.
    Reset some of the New home goals and make your new home as comfortable as you can!
    Take care!
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    kw2walker reacted to Ms. Mannix in Bummed out   
    I'm so sorry you are going through all of this alone. If I were in the area, I'd surely help you move & be of some support.
    You have a lot going on. Your body & mind are becoming a little weary. You're on a liquid diet & MOVING. Your body is TIRED & it needs to rest. It's OK that your car is full of stuff. Unpack in a few hours.
    Your closest support is in the ER & you're missing your mom. {{HUGGGGS}} to you.
    Breathe and slow down. Rome wasn't built in a day & even GOD rested on the 7th day.
    Your spirit is still strong & it will get you through.
    If your home isn't in order before your surgery, IT'S OK. Unpack the essentials, have a comfortable place to rest & recover & be sure to have your liquids and meals handy.
    Once YOU begin healing, you can then complete your place.
    TAKE CARE OF YOU so you can then take care of your new place.
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    kw2walker reacted to Ms. Mannix in Stalling   
    Thank you .....Words to live by.
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    kw2walker reacted to Private Sleever in Stalling   
    I ditto Cmt7831....
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    kw2walker reacted to fh61 in Fabulous while on the table   
    congratulations to you both. i guess i better go get my toes done too! did the hair last week. surgery in 7 days.
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    kw2walker reacted to slimagainsoon in They are falling!   
    Wow, that's awesome, it is a good feeling when the clothes start getting loose. It's only been a couple months that I bought size 16 summer clothes, now I wear 12. Shopping is so much fun now. Yes, I too have to pull out the winter coats and give away, size 2x.

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