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Continuous improvement

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Surgery was July22, 2013; recovery time four weeks. No major problem other than morphine is not my friend.


The weight is coming off at a rate I can enjoy. Any faster and I'd have to go to work in a sack. Lol the slow weight loss allows me to purchase a few new clothes. All of my 22-20 size pants don't fit and I can assume my skirts won't either.


I don't get upset if the scale does not move. I just look in the mirror and can see the difference in the inches I've lost.


Best advise, follow the program outlined by your doctor, go to all follow up appointments, ask when and how often you will need blood work done. Continue to get your fluids in everyday. Take your vitamins and supplements, they are very important. Eat protein first.


When you are unsure, ask your doctor. We are all different so the way your doctor may have trained and performed the procedure will be different and the instructions you follow will be different from someone else. That does not make it wrong, just different.


Join a support group that is up lifting, I don't stay on this one much any more due to some bad vibes of folks and I've had to block them. I do check in from time to time because there are good people asking great questions and need help. Have more than one support outlet.


Lastly don't judge. How and why we became over weight is personal. How we opt to lose the weight is personal. When you start to judge, please stand in front of the mirror to ensure you include yourself in the mix. If anything play it forward, be a good mentor and friend. There are some out there that will truly benefit from it.


Stay true to the journey.



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Hi Karen,

I've always thought your comments & blogs were good, & inspirational. Which is one of the main reasons I took special interest in what you have to say. The other, I too am from the Philadelphia area and periodically liked to check up on other Philadelphians. Glad to hear all went & still continue to good well for you. Best wishes on your continued success.

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Thank you both!

I hope your sleeve joinery has/is a good one. Since the post I've moved into a size 16, I have not been that size since high school! And then I was laying flat on the bed just to zip the popular jeans of that fashion fad lol.

I have found that I'm not getting my water in like I need to; I'm shaking myself (bad, bad) and setting alarms on my phone. Have to start keeping my sip bottles everywhere again, I can't get too relaxed this is a life long journey.

I have fallen in love with having tuna salad for breakfast, I know lol but it's a morning protein I like. I found I was eating two bacon strips or one sausage and not enjoying it or not finishing it. I eat three tablespoons of tuna salad and I'm good for my morning.

Enjoy your journey and have great continued success.


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