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  1. CoolBreeze

    4M Post OP 500+Lber

    Very Inspirational. Such dedication. Such determination. God is Good!! Keep up the fantastic work.
  2. CoolBreeze

    MyFitnessPal.com Members

    Sure! I liked the TV series "The Unit" (CBS) and the leader of the unit was codename Snakedoctor, played by Dennis Haysbert...(All State commercials). He was cool under pressure . My name here was also one of the code names for one of the members of the team. :ph34r:
  3. CoolBreeze

    Welcome To Rock ... Wall

    Has anyone done Rock Climbing (Indoor that is) before? It one of things on my post-op list to do. Has anyone done it since surgery. How was it? How do you prepare for rock climb? What do you wear.. shoes, pants/shorts etc. Thanks.
  4. CoolBreeze

    Chopped Off.....

    Very Nice! It fits you.
  5. CoolBreeze

    Just Made Teryaki Turkey Burgers

    Recipe sounds yummy..will try this one. Do you happen to know the nutritional info on it? Thanks for posting.
  6. CoolBreeze

    My First Goal I Finally Hit It

    One(derland) feels so Good!! I entered onederland a few day ago and I love it. My weight has not started with a 1 in 30 yrs. Think I'll stay in ONEderland
  7. CoolBreeze

    Boot Camp!

    Going to have my first Boot Camp exercise experience... Just what should I expect? What's in my head is Military, not so....right?!? I am looking forward to it ... I think Has anyone ever participated in a boot camp exercise before? What was your impression?
  8. Bless the Name of Jesus, I am in ONEderland!!! OMG!! It's been long time since I've a '1' at the beginning of my weight. THE JOURNEY Continues..

  9. CoolBreeze

    Walking Shoes For Gavel Roads

    It is so good to see that everything has worked out for you. Determination. Dedication. That's what it's all about.
  10. sleep APNEA UPDATE... Went to my primary on Monday to check the numbers for diabetes and blood pressure. And got results back this morning. Here they are...couldn't have asked for better results Glucose 132; A1C 6.3; Diabetes under excellent control: don't need to restart meds. Bless the name of Jesus! My lipids: Cholesterol 166; (normal range less than 200); HDL cholesterol 56 (normal range greater than 40). LDL cholesterol 91; (Normal range less than 100). Triglycerides 95 (normal range less than 150). Doc wants me to reduce the Fat in my diet...(take it to around 20g or less a day - that's right around where my WLS doc wants it too, which is about 5g a meal (minus the 'snacking' of course ), sure hope the food still taste good. Hey numbers like these (that are foreign to me) I'll do it to bring the them down even more. Well - I still have Sleep Apnea but NOT as bad as I did Pre-Op so my Pulmonary doctor is encouraged that as more time passes I could be off (completely) the c-pap by early next year...YES! I still snore but not like I use to (whew). I don't frequent the bathroom like I use to, I'd go like EVERY 90 minuets. She would like it if I did not go at all during sleeping time - not too sure about that Doc, not with all the liquids (a half gallon minimum) we drink in a day. THE JOURNEY CONTIUES...
  11. CoolBreeze

    Sleep Apnea - Gone....not

    A feeling I know all too well. I woke up this morning with dry mouth after having worn that mask all night long. I had use vaseline on my lips as well b/c they felt like Mojave desert. I am hoping that it goes away by early next yr. We'll see.
  12. CoolBreeze

    Great Low Carb Recipe Site

    Sounds good. Thank you for sharing. Do you have fave already?
  13. CoolBreeze

    MyFitnessPal.com Members

    I'm snakedoctor2 you can add me as well if you like. Sent from my iPhone.
  14. CoolBreeze

    Breast Or Breasts?

    chicken salad made with the breast is about the only way I eat it. I am not a fan of breast (chicken or turkey), so I mostly have chicken thighs, drumsticks, or wings. When you say "Breast or Breasts" you had to know you were bound to get the reaction (s) that you got. I was one of them. The things that make you go "Hmmm"
  15. That's great!! My tops were 32/34 and pants were 48/50 (in mens...the fit felt better). It will be so fantastic to shop for a lrg/xlrg tops. The simple thing of shopping for smaller sizes is monumental for us and 'no big deal' for others.
  16. I am 5'3 and top heavy so my tops were sizes from 24 ( on a good day), 34 on those worst ones. I will excited to just leave the 2's & 3's... My pants are now around 44-46 (mens b/c they feel & fit better), they were 48-52 so that is an improvement to this point....to be continued.
  17. It would be fabulous to ask for something that doesn't begin with a 2 or 3 ie 26 -34! Iam not sure what size it would be but 16-18 bottom and top don't sound too bad... Oh just the thought is motivating!! :wub:
  18. CoolBreeze

    Lactose Intolerance ?

    I was before surgery and I still am. I to drink protein drinks that have no milk, lactose free, soy. My cheese is soy, and things like that. Hope this helps you and your hubby.
  19. Well went to see primary doctor and had blood drawn for the A1c test. My b/s levels have ranged between 77 & 117. Haven't gone over the 117 mark in about 2 1/2 months. Hopefully that's a good sign. I am about to go to spend the night in the hospital to find out if I no longer have to share my bed with a mask and a hose....alas C-pap machine. Gonna be 'wired' so the tech can monitor my every sound (oh joy ). Hopefully I can give them back their machine and wave bye-bye to it as I leave....sorta. Has anyone else had to do the sleep study to 'officially' be declared Sleep Apnea(less)? Plus, my primary said I only have to take my blood pressure meds for a while longer but not all the rest of those meds. My wallet thanked her a lot. I asked my doc's assitant if she'd take this for me. The Journey Began... The Journey Contiues...
  20. CoolBreeze

    Almost 6Months Out..123Lbs Down

    LMBO I can donate a couple of pounds if it'll help and btw, you look very handsome
  21. CoolBreeze


    In addition to water, I use flavored powder mixes, iced T, iced coffee (decaf), even watermelon (yep it counts ). And I use splenda (all are sugar-free), also, I like the s/f popsicles too. Hope this helps you out
  22. Woo Hoooo! You did it. Congratulations!!! I'm 6 lbs away and can't wait to see a 1 instead of 2's & 3's. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! CoolBreeze
  23. CoolBreeze

    Fall Soups, Stews, & Chili

    Congratulations on reaching your goal weight!!