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  1. August is gone...September has just arrived. For everyone who has been Sleeved and those who will be Sleeved, why not share what we have on a daily basis - are you game? B - egg whites (2tbs), cheddar cheese (1/2 oz), wheat toast L - Turkey slices (2 oz), cheddar cheese, low-fat pita chips (1 oz) D - ? for now Just started making turkey chili (for the first time too). dinner will be: 1 cup turkey chili and 9 small (it takes that many to make 1oz plus it has 3g of Protein too ) pita chips - F/F & L/S Water: already had 4/16oz bottles and I'm not done yet probably 3 more before I turn in tonight.
  2. CoolBreeze

    For Everyone:

    It is a wonderful feeling when you know you are not alone in the Journey of a Life time. VST has been great for me as well. No judgements. Just sound advice, comments, compliments. Great people. I'm a member for life.
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    Broke Down And Wept

    You are never alone when you have VST. This is a site that knew I was going to need support after my VSG (I wished I could've discovered it a looooong time ago). I felt like I had to have this surgery because I was too weak mentally, emotionally to lose weight on my own. Then thought why not ask for help, there's nothing wrong with asking for help. Then when I got the help I kept going back & forth as to whether or not I should do this. Crying, angry, crying, doubtful in my ability, mad. The psychological side of the pre-op was indeed for me, and I am still seeing a therapist and don't mind telling it. I needed help, I got help and now I'm on my way to being the best possible healthy me in quite a number of years. I am proud of ME. Hang in there, the VSG will help you to see that this was and is the best thing you can do for YOU. KEEP THE FAITH. DON'T LET NOBODY GET YOU DOWN!!! You can do it. VST is right for you.
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    Getting Back On Track!

    I'm with you Ms. skinniness. I've been doing the same thing...nibble here, nibble there and before you know it you're going in wrong direction. I don't want to go back to that so I'll join you on MFP. I finally figured out how to input my meals so that helps. Add me to your friend list - (snakedoctor2 is my username on MFP). Let's get it started
  5. All of these ideas sound very good. May try one each week. Keep 'em coming
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    Circuit Training Workout

    Sounds challenging. Can't wait to try this one when I get to that stage. Thanks for posting.
  7. I am lactose intolerant and I use soy milk when mixing my Protein and it usually takes anywhere from an hour to a day to start working on me. No matter what kind of liquid I use its going to send me to the bathroom. It just depends on how much time it gives me. For me, milk makes it taste better but Water or soy milk gives more time before I have to go. It seems to be a trial & error thing these days.
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    I thought the same thing. Glad I was wrong CoolBreeze
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    What's On The Menu? Let's Share...

    Sept 15 B- 1 egg whites with cheese (1oz), sausage on english muffin (my way). L - Tuna/mac salad (1/2c) D - Tuna/mac salad (1/2c) Vites done Water about 5 16oz bottles give or take. Sept 16 B - Turkey (2oz), english muffin, hummus (1oz) L - not sure yet D - not sure yet
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    So how do I get my ticker to show up when I post/respond to a thread? I can not get it to do that.
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    Recipe Book?

    Look interesting. Might have to invest in this one. Thanks for posting. CoolBreeze
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    Alfredo, Spinach & Mushroom Scrambled Eggs

    This one goes in my recipe box
  14. You can check out these web-sites too. I use them and they're from folks who have had Sleeve surgery or one of the other... www.emilybites.com (this is my fave) www.theworldaccordingtoeggface.com you may have to adjust the recipe depending what stage you're in. There are more but I can't remember them at this moment. hope this helps you.
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    You Gotta Get This App

    Will have to try it. CoolBreeze
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    Chocolate Frappe

    This one I'll try. Thanks for posting. CoolBreeze
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    Favorite Recipe Sites

    I have not heard of these web sites (except for theworldaccording...). Gonna have to put those on the list. . Thanks for sharing.
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    If you get diarrhea can you take Imodium (pill or liquid) to relieve it? CoolBreeze
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    Sugar Free Vs No Sugar Added

    Also erinsdsu, you have to be careful with things that say sugar free as well. Somethings say s/f but also say sugar alcohol. And from what my NUT/Doc say that too is not good.
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    "cauliflower" Potato Soup

    This sounds tasty. And I am not a fan of cauliflower but I will try this one. Thanks for posting.
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    I've Been Sleeved!

    Congrats on being sleeved. I wish a speedy recovery and welcome to the losers couch
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    Laughing Cow Cheese

    I too enjoy laughing cow. I spread on pita chips, and toast a thin bagel and spread it on that - delish CoolBreeze
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    No Excuses For Not Working Out

    <a href='http://www.verticalsleevetalk.com'><img src='http://www.verticalsleevetalk.com/tickers/34995-coolbreeze/bodyweight.png' /></a>
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    I saw my doctor today and he cleared to try different foods to see how I tolerate them, so he said I could try salads if I wanted to but if it doesn't agree with me to leave it alone. So I did have about 2 forkfuls of ceasar salad and that was ok. No indigestion or anything like that. But I guess I'm like emlefe, I wanted the assessories that go with it. So I decided to go that route, just have what I would put on it instead. Now Pasta salad is something I love but have not tried it yet. My doctor did say I could try it but I think I'll wait