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  1. stinker

    All of my December sleevers...

    I am at 175.8, and I don't really have a firm goal weight (my doctor did not specify one either), my size 14 clothes are starting to be too loose and I can feel that I am about to gear down to a size 12. I would like to hit 150 next a re-evaluate, and after a long stall, I have lost a pound and a half this week. Now I am at the beach and having cucumbers, tomatoes, grouper, and bananas for lunch YUM! I find that I am not stressed at all about numbers, just happy to be slowly heading in the right direction. I am not exercising as I should, and that is my next goal now that we are back in a routine as a family - starting back on walking and yoga this week Everyone has had such success! So inspiring to read your stories and your challenges, too...
  2. I did not meet my goal either - I am 176 as of today, and I have been in a stall for about two months. During this time, my mother in law became very ill, went into hospice (in another town), and passed away. With all the travel and stress, and having to "make do" with what was available for me to eat, I have really seen the effects of stress and chaos on the healthy journey. We are slowly getting back into our routine, AND I DIDNT GAIN ANYTHING! Setting these short-term goals is very helpful to me, and I really enjoy seeing everyone's progress!
  3. stinker

    All of my December sleevers...

    My 6 month surgiversary was Monday and I have lost almost 45 pounds I'm pretty excited, and though I have slowed down, I have lost some weight every week except two weeks...sometimes I only lose .6 pounds, but this is still so much more success than I ever had with diets! And I don't feel like I am suffering or depriving myself. I'm rooting for all our December sleevers, some really great progress I see!
  4. 12/6/12 surgery date Day after surgery weight = 224 Weight today = 185.4 Goal for June 21 = 168.0 (minus 17.4)
  5. Another little bounce up this week +.6 - I am like a bouncing ball with the weekly weigh-ins, but the downward trend continues
  6. stinker

    All of my December sleevers...

    Surgery 12/6/12 Day after surgery-224 Yesterday at 186.8 Total 37.2 pounds
  7. After a gain of .6 last week, I lost 2.2 this week - the downward trend continues, with little bounces up and down! Good luck everyone!
  8. stinker

    All of my December sleevers...

    One tablespoon...I checked the can!
  9. stinker

    All of my December sleevers...

    Nope, I put one scoop of Chia seeds in 8 oz of Silk with 1/2 scoop protein powder, shake it, then drink after just a minute or two. I love to crunch up the chia seeds, and they add a nutty flavor to the Silk.
  10. stinker

    Hair Loss after WLS

    Thank you! I am almost 3 months post surgery, and my hair has been coming out in a mass exodus! Very comforting article...
  11. stinker

    All of my December sleevers...

    I have become obsessed with Silk Soy Vanilla Milk with one scoop of Chia seeds in my shaker cup! It is a nice protein boost (from the Silk, sometimes I add unflavored protein powder), and you can crunch on the little Chia seeds in the milk. Chia has REALLY helped with constipation, and it is high in fiber and healthy oils. So that's one snack I have in the evenings. Nuts are a great grab and go snack - I am not worrying too much about fat/oil, because I eat so little, and I focus on getting in healthy foods first. Also, 1/2 banana is a good grab and go, and very filling. Good luck!
  12. stinker

    All of my December sleevers...

    Shotzzie, we are sleeve-twins. I had my surgery on 12/6, and I am down 35 pounds!
  13. So, I gained 0.6 pounds, but I'm not stressed because I have three wonderful mitigating factors! 1) TOM, 2) on steroid dose pack for my back, and 3) I lost 4 pounds last week! Feeling positive, good luck everyone...

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