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  1. Still feeling awesome, and glad that my apartment manager still doesn't remember who I am LOL, mistaken identity is the best thing about weight loss :-)

  2. LadyK

    Super Saturday Weigh In

    Down 2 lbs this week!! I'm 384 from 386
  3. LadyK


    I have experienced this, but only when I haven't had enough water. When I drink more, I sweat profusely, even at night when I'm sleep, but I think that's due to me putting too many blankets on the bed LOL.
  4. I love seeing before and after pics and reading stories like this, you are awesome! Congrats on your weight loss!
  5. LadyK

    Super Saturday Weigh In

    Was hoping it wouldn't happen to me...but the scale has not moved this week, time to step up the excersise and be diligent in getting a gym membership. I did notice a little more slack in my clothes though, I'm hoping while the scale did not move, my skin is catching up. In the meantime, I will pretend like I'm on the Biggest Loser and that Jillian is on my heels LOL, time to sweat.
  6. LadyK

    Short Hair

    I cut all mine off a year and a half ago, because my hair was overly processed and falling out by the handfuls. It took some getting used to, but I rocked the fro for a while LOL. It's almost shoulder length now. Since my surgery, I haven't noticed any more hair than normal falling out, so yes go ahead cut it, short hair is cute. You could also wear a wig, I wear wigs all Winter to protect my hair and give it a rest.
  7. LadyK

    Dark urine post-op

    Hmm, the only thing I can think of is maybe a vitamin your taking? My urine was a florecent yellow color, but I only noticed it after I took my b complex vitamin, the rest of the time it was almost clear or very light yellow. If my urine gets concentrated that is a cause for concern. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, I'm sure someone knows
  8. LadyK

    Super Saturday Weigh In

    Tallysfunny, I know exactly what you mean, I hope I don't hit a 10 lbs gain...I'm just going to avoid the scale when I know that is happening because even though you know what's going on, that gain messes with you mind LOL. From 390 to 386 4lb loss and my new clothes are awesome *happy dance*
  9. LadyK

    Super Saturday Weigh In

    Still at 390 today, but I am not panicking, I had went up to 395 during the week because of "horomonal fluctuations" and almost had a heart attack, but It went back to 390 yesterday and this morning. I knew not to get on the scale while that was happening but I couldn't help myself, lesson learned.
  10. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the encouragement! I feel so awesome now, my only regret is that I didn't do this sooner.
  11. I am elated and in awe that I am at 390, while I was heavier it seemed impossible to get below 400, but I am grateful I'm below 400. My next goal is below 300, then 200, then I want to stop somewhere between 150 and 169lbs. Any hoo, on to the NSV: 1. My Christmas present was new clothes because all of my 7x, 6x, 5x shirts and 42 and 44 pants are way too big, I can now fit a 22/24 sweater comfortably and 26 jeans, before I couldn't get one leg into the avenue's largest pair of jeans a 30/32 2. I actually ran up the flight of stairs into my apartment and didn't feel like my heart was going to explode LOL 3. I jogged through the parking lot with my daughters, (because of the cold) to the store entrance and one of my daughters said, "Mommy you can run now? Wow!! Before I would slowly lumber through the parking lot and feel like passing out, and one day my daughter 5 at the time told my husband, I don't want to walk with mommy, she walks too slow, I wanted to cry. Now I can keep up and most times I'm a few feet ahead and waiting on everyone else. 4. All of the heels in my closet are now too big! I wanted to start wearing them but now they flop off my feet when I walk in them. 5. My next goal also is the notorious booth :ph34r: It's been a long time and I want to see if I can fit without turning sideways. 6. Turnstiles are no longer scary. 7. I can do a few laps at the mall without having to find a bench to sit on or a motorized cart, same for the grocery store.
  12. LadyK

    Super Saturday Weigh In

    I am 390 today!! Woop Woop!!!!! So that's a 6 lb loss from 396 to 390 I can't wait for my new jeans to get here!
  13. That is wonderful! I been with my husband for 11 years too, it will be 12 this August(minus the 2 and 1/2 year we dated) I have always weighed more than him, and even though I felt horrible about it, he loved me anyway at 480lbs. I'm so happy now that I'm losing and on my way to being lighter than him. I am now at 394, I'm lighter now than I was when I met him Congrats on your loss!!
  14. LadyK

    Super Saturday Weigh In

    Hey all! Hope your week was awesome! I will not tell how many times I looked at the scale this week LOL, but I am so excited to say I'm down from 407 to 396.6! I'm finally under 400 lbs, I haven't seen 300's since high school and college! :wub: This is surreal to me!! So that is a 10lb loss and 84lbs so far, I'm so surprised because I've been able to eat more and was afraid I gained, but my clothes tell a different story, time to go shopping!!

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