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    Amber'sJourney got a reaction from mel2643 in September Was Your Progress?   
    Surgery on 9/27
    SW 216
    CW 147
    Loss 70 LBS
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    Amber'sJourney reacted to kparker0501 in I Was Sleeved In May And Just Found Out I Am Pregnant   
    I dont think PP was being judgemental. She was merely giving a personal opinion. I too have the same beliefs and it is AWESOME to know that someone will speak out and not be backed in a corner because their beliefs differ. In my opinion it was being supportive,just not what you all wanted to hear. I have a daughter who make rash decisions all the time and she tells me that she is so thankful that I tell her like it is because it helps her see the other side. That is the problem with our world today, "bowing out gracefully" and not standing up for what is right. All for the sake of not wanting to offend someone. Sometimes the truth hurts.Good for you BIOCHICK!
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    Amber'sJourney reacted to BioEngineeringChick in I Was Sleeved In May And Just Found Out I Am Pregnant   
    Do you even know if you ARE pregnant? Has a doctor checked you? I have to give my opinion...but I too believe in God's plan and murdering a child because you have acid reflux and morning sickness (both COMPLETELY NORMAL even without a sleeve) is the most selfish act I can imagine. At my fattest I carried 2 girls and was sick for all 9 months not able to eat meat at all throwing up every 15-30 minutes with high blood pressure and medicated heart burn plus max tums and nearly died giving birth BUT i would do it over a hundred more times because they make life worth living. It was after they turned 3 that I got sleeved so that I could spend even more years on earth healthy loving them. I cant imagine willingly flushing their entire lives ...a million smiles...down the drain over morning sickness and heartburn....
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    Amber'sJourney reacted to 920amy in Dr Garcia Tijuana Patient Stats?   
    I used ALighterMe, I had no issues, and they never bashed any other surgeon or company. I do know they had an issue with someone internal talking their database, I think it is all cleared up not, but I don't know. As far as Mi hospital, Dr. Lopez, Abraham and Eduardo, I felt the hospital was good, it was clean, and I never felt at risk. Dr. Lopez and Ortiz were really great, and friendly. Abraham and Eduardo went above and beyond. My mother was afraid to leave my side the entire time; she wouldn't even leave to eat. Abraham and Eduardo went out of their way to bring her food, and take great care of her. The day I was operated on, one of the ladies was supposed to have band to sleeve revision, she was in for over 6 hours, and her band had eroded into her stomach and was sitting at the bottom of her stomach. She had been 2-3 different surgeons in the US that had lied to her and told her everything was fine, her band was in place, which was why she had chosen to come have revision surgery. Dr. Lopez and Ortiz went above and beyond, and opened her up and removed the band from the bottom of her stomach (they didn't know it was there until they started her surgery). They could not sleeve her, but she was just grateful they had saved her life. (She scheduled to return later to be sleeved) I also felt they had saved her life. They took extra care of her, and kept her longer at the hospital and in TJ for her to recover since she had to have full open surgery. My understanding is that ALighterMe paid for her extra nights stays in the Marriott, and also helped her to reschedule all of her flights. None of this extra care was a part of her 'contract'. ALighterMe from my experience and everyone involved are upstanding, honest, caring people. When I was in TJ, I met many people with other companies, when we were there, we didn't care what coordinator we used, we didn't care what Dr. we were using, and we cared about EACH OTHER which is what we all should be doing. We are all in this journey TOGETHER, don't listen to gossip, and don't tear each other down. I recommend everyone do their research and pick a Dr. be confident in your choice, and help others to do the same. Please don't turn these boards into a gossip fest that scares people away from a lifesaving procedure for the sake of yourselves feeling like you need to hen peck each other.
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    Amber'sJourney reacted to Billie Jo Brown Alexander in Almost Died Fm Vsg Surgery.   
    I thought I'd jump in here. I live in LA I even had a consult with her same Dr. I was going to use the same hospital mentioned as well. Now all that being said the Dr. Is excellent one of the best in the country. The hospital on the other hand is a whole other story. My friend is a nurse here and begged me not to use that hospital and if I had to change Dr.'s just so I would go to that hospital. I haven't had my surgery yet but I chose a different Dr and and much better hospital.
    As for her daughter being an attorney I believe she's telling the truth Louisiana is unique because it still follows napolianic law so to practice here is much harder and unique.
    This state is very crooked its all about who you know. Welcome to the deep south. This state has even said multiple times it would re-elect a govenor who was found guilty of corruption. Smh.
    Not to say there aren't some holes but I thought I'd give another Louisiana perspective. I've lived in several different places and traveled all over and can honestly say Louisiana is backwards in a lot. Just my 2 cents
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    Amber'sJourney reacted to sunshyneqtie in Protein Shakes Help Please   
    What about the "yes whey" shots? They don't have collagen listed as an ingredient.
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    Amber'sJourney reacted to k9qt in Day 14 Post Op Hospitalized For Leak!   
    Good news from Dr! The test showed more improvement than they had expected so he is letting me go home tomorrow with my picc line and continued IV nutrition for a couple weeks. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, doc says if there was a leak to choose from this is the one you want....I have to say tho I am really tired of listening to and feeling my stomach growl.....
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    Amber'sJourney reacted to Pooh5270 in My Vsg Surgery In Tijuana   
    Hi, my name is Lauri and this is my first day on this board and I am still trying to figure everything out. I am just a little over 3 weeks post-op and doing fairly well other than I still get nauseated every time after I eat. It kind of takes the joy out of eating altogether, but I guess that can be a positive thing too since it will keep me from eating too much and too often. I started my research back in July after we got a windfall of money and I started looking for a surgeon that I could afford. I was lucky enough to find Ready 4 a Change and talked to alma there. She is a wonderful lady and my first of many great experiences with their company. I originally was looking at having a gastric bypass and they said that a gastric sleeve might be a better option. Hey, it was less money and less invasive so I was all for it!! I have been morbidly obese my entire life and even though I was attending Weight Watchers (and still am) I felt this was the chance of a lifetime to help me finally lose weight and get down to a more normal size and feel what it is like to be a more normal person. I still don't plan on being a runway model or anything like that, but if I get down to around 180, I will be a happy camper! I was disgusted with myself after reaching an all-time high earlier the year before of 422. I never imagined being over 400 pounds and trying to find clothes was becoming a real chore. This was heart-breaking to me because I am a real clothes horse.
    I had done some yo-yo'ing weightwise, and had gained weight back after taking a break from WW, but when I made a committed effort to start back, I was at 390 pounds. This is the weight I started at when I started working with Ready 4 a Change. I set things up and we set a surgery date for October 4, 2012. Because of my high BMI, alma suggested I do the pre-op diet for 3 weeks prior to surgery. This consisted of 2 Protein shakes a day and a salad for dinner with some kind of Protein on it. I managed to lose 13.2 pounds prior to going to Tijuana. I took this as a good sign and was proud of my progress. I was at 376.8 pounds going into surgery.
    We had nightmare after nightmare getting ready for the trip. We had problems getting our passports and had to drive to Seattle from Portland the week before we left to get them and then they lost them. We had flight delays and problems with my mom's power wheelchair, but we made it to Tijuana! Everything seemed to be golden once we were there. The staff at Ready 4 A Change was so accommodating and helpful, I can't begin to say enough about them. Samuel, the driver from San Diego to Tijuana is a real sweetheart as well as his father, Samuel. Melissa or Meli, the coordinator along with Rosie was there to answer questions and get us settled into the hotel. The Tijuana Mariott is beautiful! They made sure we were set up for pick-up the next morning at 6:45am.
    Surgery date arrived and I was excited! The staff and doctors went over the whole procedure with me and told my mom and myself what would be happening every step of the way. They made sure my mom was taken care of and had food to eat and a bed in my room to sleep in for the 2 nights I was in the hospital. Surgery was quick and easy and I was back in my room in no time flat. I was sleepy, but they reminded me that I needed to be up walking 20 minutes every 2 hours to dispel the gas that was used to fill the abdomen for surgery. I was a stubborn patient--I wanted to sleep, not walk! I begrudgingly did it as little as possible and I paid the price for it by being in more pain. It was nice to have my mom by my side to baby me and take care of little things when I didn't feel like calling a nurse. The staff was wonderful, although the language barrier got in the way from time to time. The doctors spoke pretty good English, but the nurses didn't speak as much. At the end of the day though, we figured it out. My biggest complaint came the morning after surgery when they wanted me to get up and take a shower. I was so weak and didn't know if I could make it, but I did and then they came in and changed my bandages. We repeated this again day 2. Dr. Garcia came in to see me and said that I had done very well with my pre-surgery diet and had the liver of a much smaller person. This made his job much easier. He said my surgery went well and I was free to go back to the hotel for another 2 nights.
    We made friends with some of the other patients and arranged to go shopping and tour Tijuana. Things kind of fell apart, but my mom and I took a 3 hour taxi tour of Tijuana and went shopping on Revalution Street and brought home some souveniers. I ate some chicken broth finally and drank some Water and ate a popscicle. Eating was, and still is, a chore. Since surgery, I've gone back to Weight Watchers and the first week back I actually gained weight! I was up 2 pounds, but we figured it was all the fluids and everything they gave me in the hospital. The second week back, I was down 18.4 pounds and last week I was down 3.8 pounds. Altogether, I've lost 20.2 since surgery, but overall I am down over 40 pounds and it feels great! I am hoping for a little more loss this week and I'm going to try to start exercising more. Other than my discomfort with eating, I am thrilled with my surgery. My doctor in Mexico thought I could lose 100 pounds in 3 months, but I am thinking more like 60-75 pounds. I am just going to follow the diet and let my body do what it feels is right. As long as I'm not gaining, I will be happy. Thank you for reading my story and I look forward to being a member here.
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    Amber'sJourney reacted to Joybgunter in Hello All!   
    I will try to make this short and sweet! Hi to everyone.......I had the dreadful lapband done in August of 2008. I weighed 200 lbs at 5"3', tiny frame. UGH! Right?.......had great success, No probs, was 123 by March of 2010. Soon the honeymoon was OVER. Pain, burning, constant reflux, draining of Fluid gave relief, putting back in never got to right restriction again. Gained 40 lbs back in year playing around w stupid piece of plastic. Could not tolerate the reflux and constant vomiting any more as of summer 2012. Am private pay so researched and found GREAT Dr. In MX who actually refuses to do anymore bands and specializes in revision surgeries. Flew down alone, was met in San Diego by awesome hospital coordinator who had my name on big sign. LOL! Had fun driver across the Yuha Desert. Was NEVER alone, treated like royalty. Removal of torture band and revision to surgery to sleeve was a success. Band had eroded, found giant floating hernia and tons of scar tissue, which was repaired also. I was at 180 lbs on day of surgery. Flight home not so fun, but had lovely Delta people meet me w wheelchairs at each airport, which I highly recommend. Oh! Surgery was on Sept. 24, 2012. My recovery was slow, about a month and half to get back to 100%, but that is just me. I am rarely hungry, have NO reflux issues whatsoever, and have lost 32 lbs. In spite of flying across the country, I live in SC, it was SO WORTH IT! I am SO HAPPY! I do have 20 some lbs to go but I know I will do it!
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    Amber'sJourney reacted to CowgirlJane in Feel Like I Made A Mistake   
    5 days after my sleeve surgery we had our annual big family christmas party. I went, drains and all. While everyone else was having wine, or coffee or something nice i was drinking Water and really struggling. My brother, the host, is a big tea drinker and connected me with the Safari Spice tea and I loved it. I have never been a tea drinker, but the herbal teas have converted me. I do usually put in a tiny bit of Stevia for sweetness.
    Herbal teas aren't made from tea leaves so they don't have caffeine! i still drink them and of course we all have our own individual tastes. I am not a big "mint" fan so I tend to go for the ones that have a slightly spicey/cinnamon flavor although I like others too. There are lots of brands/flavors but here are a few I like:
    -Celestial Seasonings Safari spice rooibos tea
    -Yogi Egyptian
    -Yogi bedtime
    -Sleepytime (celestial seasonings??)
    Some friends of mine told me to try a couple of others that I haven't yet tried though:
    -good earth sweet and spicy
    -Yogis Mayan Cocoa Spice
    -Celestial Seasoning Bengal spice
    I think I should like chai but the stuff brewed from the bags never tastes right to me.
    I have also bought some teas from Trader Joes but they tend to be similiar flavors that I mentioned already.
    Anyway, buy one or two boxes and just see what appeals to you!
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    Amber'sJourney reacted to KristinaRN in One Year Out And Pregnant!   
    I am over the moon! I have PCOS, and have struggled with infertility for years. I have an almost 6 year old daughter, and tried unsuccessfully for 2 years to have another child, before having my VSG surgery. I was one year post op 8/24/12, and I just found out today that I am pregnant! This was the first month we tried since my surgery, and I was only on 50 mg a day of clomid (I have been on up to 300 mg a day in the past). I have no words for how ecstatic, and terrified, I am. Please keep me in your prayers, and I will do the same for all of you!
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    Amber'sJourney reacted to newgrandmother in September Sleevers   
    amber its its in the post op part of the forums. look foward to seeing you over there
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    Amber'sJourney reacted to Katie713 in Feel Like I Made A Mistake   
    Have you tried Isopure? It's a clear Protein liquid in a variety of flavors. A 20 oz bottle has 40 grams of Protein. During the clear Fluid stage I had Decaf tea in the morning, then sipped about 1/2 bottle of Isopure diluted with Water and ice, then at lunch chicken broth or beef consomme (for protein) and more Isopure in the afternoon, then more broth at dinner and SF popsicles and SF Jello in the evening. This way you are getting lots of clear fluids and lots of protein.
    I would make sure you are taking anti-nausea meds and a PPI like prilosec twice a day before meals.
    Hopefully you will start feeling better, and when you add dairy or whey protein later (maybe in a week or two) see if that makes you feel worse or if you can tolerate it. You may now have an allergy that you have to work around. Alot easier to deal with once you get on solids, but for now, since hydration is primary and protein for healing you can focus on this.
    Good luck!!
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    Amber'sJourney reacted to greenfamily004 in September Sleevers   
    What post op group? Please direct me.
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    Amber'sJourney reacted to newgrandmother in September Sleevers   
    on the 12th here. you shouild join us in the post op group for september
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    Amber'sJourney reacted to UTGal99 in Nauseous Mornings?   
    I used to feel that way and then I started drinking a Protein Shake about 1 hour before bed and no longer feel nauseau in the morning. Give it a try - might work for you too! Good Luck!
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    Amber'sJourney reacted to desertmom in Vision And Vit A   
    At 4 months out I posted about my vision that was so much worse than before the surgery.lately my eyes have been red a lot and feels quite dry as well.
    Quite a few people said that they have found it too but dont know why.My dr said I was getting old and needed glasses..lol
    Well,while testing for other issues I am having (I've been getting these point bleeds called petechiae on my trunk and my legs,my hands peel all the time,my mouth inside peels all the time) I asked him to test my vit A as well.He didnt want to at first as he says no one really goes low on A.
    It came back VERY LOW!
    So,if you think your vision is worse than before the sleeve,test your vit A.It might be low.
    Now Im going to make him test my vit C as my other issues might stem from low C,simple to fix if you know what it is,very scary if you cant find the answers.
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    Amber'sJourney got a reaction from nurseghana in Can You Contact Your Family From The Marriott In Tijuana? How Will This Work?   
    The Marriot and Mi Doctor Hospital, both have 1800 numbers that your family can call you on, free of charge. My husband called me several times a day and I also skyped with my family daily. Good luck!
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    Amber'sJourney got a reaction from 920amy in Mexico Hospitals - Differences In Equipment And Staffing   
    Hi, I was at Mi Doctor in TJ. A nurse put in my iv and it was great- as in I didn't feel a thing! I've had quite a few iv's and it was a really good one. It also healed up much faster than others I've had after it was removed.
    I never had to call for a nurse, they were in my room every couple of hours injecting meds into my IV. Other than the gas pains, I wasn't really in any pain. When I woke up in recovery there was pain but that was dealt with quickly- when I called out and looked up there was a nurse prepping a syringe to inject in my IV.
    Language was not really a problem. Most of the nurses spoke some english and if they didn't and I had a question they would go get a nurse that spoke better english.
    The Dr. checked on me everyday. There was also a night shift Dr. that came to check in on me.
    I am posting a review tonight. Please read it It's much longer than this. Good luck!
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    Amber'sJourney got a reaction from 920amy in Mexico Hospitals - Differences In Equipment And Staffing   
    Hi, I was at Mi Doctor in TJ. A nurse put in my iv and it was great- as in I didn't feel a thing! I've had quite a few iv's and it was a really good one. It also healed up much faster than others I've had after it was removed.
    I never had to call for a nurse, they were in my room every couple of hours injecting meds into my IV. Other than the gas pains, I wasn't really in any pain. When I woke up in recovery there was pain but that was dealt with quickly- when I called out and looked up there was a nurse prepping a syringe to inject in my IV.
    Language was not really a problem. Most of the nurses spoke some english and if they didn't and I had a question they would go get a nurse that spoke better english.
    The Dr. checked on me everyday. There was also a night shift Dr. that came to check in on me.
    I am posting a review tonight. Please read it It's much longer than this. Good luck!
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    Amber'sJourney got a reaction from AmandaRaeLeo in Leak Tests- Dr. Lopez   
    He does three leak tests. One while you are still in the OR. Then the blue barium drink/drain test, and last the chest xray.
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    Amber'sJourney reacted to nicole836 in Stabbing/burning Pain   
    So I just saw dr! She said it was an internal stitch that it could take up to a month to completely dissolve! I'm 3 weeks out and she said to keep massaging it!!! I have not tried the spanks yet but may when I return to work on Monday!!
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    I had surgery with Dr Lopez on 9/27, in TJ. Great experience and would do it again! I haven't posted my 'story' yet, but I will in the next week or so. My sister went with me and she will be returning in November to get a sleeve with Dr. Lopez.
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    Amber'sJourney reacted to nicole836 in Stabbing/burning Pain   
    It's eased up a bit but I see dr tomorrow!!! I'm thinking its totally muscular / or an inside stitch! I complained 1 week out and she said I was just healing! Will let u know for sure tomorrow!!!! Hope yours gets better as well!!!
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