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  1. Lisa Curry

    How It Went, For Me!

    Glad to hear its getting better for you.. I had my surgery June 25th and My husband and kids were outside in the pool yesterday and BBqing. God I wanted a burger so bad. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. I'm such a fatty I wanted to just lick the chicken...Whats wrong with me...lol...
  2. Lisa Curry

    6 Days Post Op

    Anytime The best thing when I was coughing was to place a pillow on my belly and hold it firmly against it. It really helped. Another thing is that they won't give your anything to wet your lips with except for the glycerin sticks...So nasty...I suggest you go in the bathroom and take paper towel and wet it and bring back to your bed so you can wet your lips... And you can swish the water in your mouth and spit it out it really helps with the thirst!!.. Good Luck to both of you with your Surgery you guys will do great !!
  3. Lisa Curry

    6 Days Post Op

    Hi, I got my sleeve on Monday June 25 th at 12 noon. When I woke up from the anesthesia I had tremendous gas pains (which pain meds do NOT help! ) So I had my husband help me to my feet and walked. I walked that recovery room at least 30 times...and it helped !! My advice as soon as you open your eyes MOVE !! There was a guy who had gotten the surgery a couple of hours before me by the same surgeon and he refused to get up and walk. That man was in so much pain he was crying ! I told his girlfriend that I had the same surgery and I know its uncomfortable but he has to move and he won't be in as much pain. She finally convinced him to get up and just take a couple of steps and he was shocked how just the little bit of movement alleviated his pain. The key to a painless recovery is to move !! Anyway Tuesday morning I was still in the recovery room when then brought me down for my swallow test. It wasn't that bad. After all the horror stories I heard I was expecting it to be horrible but not so much Anyway I passed !! Thank God I was so happy because I was dying of thirst!! They brought me back to the recovery room where I patiently awaited my doctor to give me the all clear to have some water. That all clear came about an hour later. The nurse came to me with a medicine cup with 1 tsp of water in it. I was like really are you kidding me I'm dying over here. She said lets just try a lil bit. I took a small sip and within minutes I was sick to my stomach!! I dry gagged for about 5 minutes and was in so much pain! I thought my stomach burst-ed open. My blood pressure spiked to 190/130 my pulse was 120 I thought I was dying. It was the worst feeling of my life. They pushed some pain meds and got me to relax and finally my vitals came down and the pain subsided. When I awoke they told me to hold off until Wednesday before I try again and I was happy to oblige. Wednesday morning came too soon because I was so scared to drink anything. I was still in the recovery room due to the bad reaction I had to the water. My nurse came over with some unsweetened ice tea. She convinced me to take a sip and it wasn't too bad. I still felt extremely nauseated but no vomiting. So I felt like... Ok I'm healing. Finally Wednesday night I was moved to a regular room. Once I was in a regular room the good pain meds stopped and it wasn't so bad...lol...Until I went into a coughing fit. I was in so much pain I asked the nurse for stronger pain meds and she said let me ask the Resident. The resident ( an a*****e) came over by this time I was in tears. He said I really don't want you dependent on the pain medicine. I thought I was going to rip his juggler out. I said are your kidding me!! What am I a junkie. I just had 80% of my stomach removed less that 48 hrs ago. I have been walking and doing great without the assistance of any pain medicine stronger than Tylenol. I am in serious pain right now and your doubting weather or not I really need it. Just give me the medicine or get my Doctor your boss on the phone now !! So he finally ordered it. When I saw my Doctor the next morning I told him and he was not a happy camper, because he knows that I am not a complainer and he apologized. Anyway after that fiasco I was still having difficulty tolerated liquids so I was kept until Friday morning when I was able to demonstrate that I can hold it down. Friday I get home and my husband drops off my prescriptions (Nexium and Caltrate (?) liquid) and of course my insurance didn't cover the liquid so I had to get the pills and crush them. Ugh so disgusting!! Now I am home and went from not being able to tolerate liquids well on Thursday to drinking my protein shake today Sunday. Granted it takes me an hour to drink it but I still get it down. I got on the scale today and am down 10 lbs from Monday !!!! I couldn't be happier. Now off to the boardwalk for a stroll with my kiddies Talk to you all soon. Lisa
  4. Lisa Curry

    Worried Sick

    Rest is the best medicine. Your body does a huge amount of healing while you are sleeping. Drink orange juice, and chicken broth. Real chicken broth!! It's a proven cure Stress will make you sick so relax your body and mind. Be careful with the Tylenol it can raise your Liver enzymes. Good Luck !!
  5. . So, I did all my Pre-op blood work and it turns out my liver enzymes are high. (Again). My primary doc called me in and said he will clear me for surgery but to drink lots of Gatorade until then. So I was worried about them cancelling my surgery but was sure my primary's clearance will avoid that Then yesterday I get a call from the hospital to tell me the time I'm going in for surgery (Noon on Monday) and the nurse said you need to come in 2 hours earlier so they can check my liver enzymes again!! Now I'm worried that my surgery may be cancelled !! My liver enzymes are high due to the pain meds I take for my back. I have tapered down drastically to the point where I am in pain but I am dealing hoping that it will lower my enzymes before Monday. Will elevated liver enzymes stop my surgery?? I'm so nervous. Please advise
  6. So I only have five more days until my surgery if you don't count today or the day of surgery Yesterday I did all my pre-op testing at the hospital Lutheran Medical Center. I am sad to say the I have succumb to the "Last Meal Syndrome" I have gained 10lbs since my last MD visit 7 weeks ago. So instead of losing weight like every normal person does I have gained. (Story of my life). What is wrong with me? Why do I have this self sabotage mentality? My pre-op diet isn't even bad. Its not a liquid diet, just low fat and I still couldn't stick to it faithfully. Ugh, so disgusted with myself. I am going to start my own liquid diet tomorrow hoping to drop at least 5 lbs before surgery. Maybe instead of the Gastric Sleeve I should get a lobotomy because I think that may help more...lol... Please keep me in your prayers. Pray that I can keep my damn mouth shut for the next 5 days oh and that I don't die on the table.
  7. Lisa Curry

    Surgery In 19 Days

    We are sleeve buddies
  8. Lisa Curry

    Surgery In 19 Days

    I am a married mother of 4. My children s' ages 14, 13, 5, and 3. I am currently out of work due to back problems stemming from my weight. I always wondered how people got so fat that they can walk, well now I know..lol...I was so excited in March then my insurance denied the Auth so I got depressed and ate probably gaining another 20 lbs. But now I finally got the Authorization and scheduled for June 25th. I am so excited!! So since my Surgery is so close I am will be beginning my pre op diet on Monday. Since I heard the news I have been eating like I'm going to the electric chair. Anyway, this weekend I will go food shopping for the pre-op diet. it's not a bad diet just a regular low-fat cottage cheese, tuna, chicken breast, fat free milk kind of diet. You know the diet we have all been on at least once in our life. I'm going to prepare my food this weekend thinking about putting each meal in a zip loc gallon bag and just pull it out when its time to eat. I really suck at pre planning my food and eating low fat with small portions (Hence the weight problem) But I figured it will be a good practice tool for a new lifestyle which I have to adapt too. Well I will let you know how it all works out. Good Luck to Me
  9. Lisa Curry

    Tell Us Where You're From!

    Thanks I just signed up
  10. Lisa Curry

    How Long For Approval For Uhc? Choice Plus

    I have UHC my MD office sent in the info on Thursday and I got the call this Monday with my Approval and Surgery date!! UHC is one of the fastest for weight loss surgery approvals as long as you have all your ducks in a row.
  11. Lisa Curry

    Tell Us Where You're From!

    Thank you very much for your reply !! I know I am very worried about the eating after surgery. I have 4 kids and its what we do...lol...The difference is I finish what they don't eat and I'm not jumping and running around like them non stop...While on this bored I had a BLT. Since I found out my surgery date I have been eating like I'm going to the electric chair..Ugh what is wrong with me!! I am looking up new things to keep me occupied after surgery. I will start to frequent these groups more often...Thanks Again !!
  12. I agree with you about the sleeve. I was pro lap band also but did the research and changed my mind. About it now being as bad as a c-section, I heard its like having your gallbladder out. I have had 4 c-sections and my gallbladder out and the c-sections were a walk in the park compared to my gallbladder surgery. So just prepare yourself. Thats what I'm doing. I have my surgery date for June 25th starting my pre op diet on Monday.. Good Luck with your surgery and weight loss ~~
  13. Lisa Curry

    Tell Us Where You're From!

    Hi Guys, I live in Staten Island. Born and raised Brooklyn. Married with 4 kids. I am getting sleeved on June 25th 2012 @ Luthern Medical Center in Brooklyn by Dr. Vulpe. I am so nervous and excited at the same time. I start my pre op diet Monday any advice??
  14. Lisa Curry


    Hi Guys, I'm 34. Married with 4 kids. I am getting sleeved on June 25th 2012. I am so nervous and excited at the same time. I start my pre op diet Monday any advice??

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