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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Be fore pre op diet 235 Day of surgery 9/18 222 Today 200
  2. How do u know when to eat? I get a bubbly burping feeling when I eat but if I havnt eatin for the day I get the same feeling.. I'm 2 weeks out and really just trying to wrap my head around all this new stuff plz help
  3. candyce

    I Have f**king Had It!

    I hear ya!!! I want to eat some real food.. I'm almost 2weeks out and can drink but I'm still so thirsty my mouth is never wet my skin is drying out I want to eat some subway and a salad .. when something taste good I'd like to enjoy it instead of lick the spoon and forget about it.. I know it gets better my mother in law did this 2yrs ago and she can eat to a point.. but damn do I really have to wait 2yrs to have a normal life again..or somewhat normal
  4. How do u know ur full.. I'm 2 weeks out and eating mushie foods but don't feel full..how do I know when to stop.. I just rake a couple bites and figure that's good but I only eat like once a day prolly don't even get 300 cals a day.. so how do u know when to stop eating
  5. I am only 6 days out and I'm hating it too lol.. I was just like u on sec day and yes the medicine is horrible but my bf would break up my 30 MLS into 3 10ml doses and delute it with some thing like my crystal lite, only delute with like 15mls though it don't take the taste completely away but it helped.. it gets better now I'm just sore no more dry heiving but still a no go on that protein lol
  6. candyce

    Day 2..

    This gas is unbearable makes me so miserable even walking doesn't help.. Grrrrr I just wanna scream
  7. candyce

    Day 2..

    Thank u all so much I can't wait till its over
  8. candyce

    Day 2..

    I hope so.. I'm so miserable I wanna take it back.. I keep gagging which is horrible..and the pain in my chest sux..just want to cry
  9. candyce

    Day 2..

    What did u do to get though
  10. I'm so miserable. When does it get better? I have to sip my pain med ans my chest hurts so bad
  11. candyce

    Omg! Here It Is

    Thank u guys so much.. any piece of advice is very appreciated.. I'm so nervous
  12. I'm getting sleeved this morning.. soo excited.. anyone else? Is like to stay I'm touch with someone who's going through at same time
  13. candyce

    Recipe Book?

    U can also check this same one out at ur local library.. I have many times.. I really enjoyed it

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