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    How's everyone doing?

    My surgery was Feb 6th. I've lost about 54 lbs. Can't seem to get under 170. But then, I'm not trying too hard. I think I've reached the point that if I lose any more weight, I've got to get back to shakes and more protein. I'm very comfortable at this weight, but would love to lose 10 more lbs.
  2. readyforachange


    You two girls are such an inspiration. I haven't been on the board for a while, and thought, tonight, that I'd see what had been posted about a neck lift. Boy! My lucky night! Frumpy.......I would have bought your book on your tummy tuck journey if you had written one. You did all of us a great service with your online journal. I, too, would like a TT....but first things first....I need a neck lift. My doctor told me I need to wait a few more months and get a few more lbs. off before having that procedure done. So, I'll be back to let everyone know. I plan on using Dr. George Sanders in Encino, CA. He has come highly recommended. Thank you, again!
  3. readyforachange

    When did your weightloss STOP !?!?!

    My weight loss really slowed at 6 months. It was also when I started drinking wine again. My sleeve was feeling better and I started having a sweet once in a while. I still eat small portions. I haven't been on this board for a while. Just reading this thread makes me want to get back on board and get the rest of this weight off. I've also, rarely, exercised. So there's a lot I could do to help myself.
  4. readyforachange

    I Am Loving Life Again!

    You look B E A U T I F U L!!! I'm with you on throwing out the scale. I rarely look anymore. I'm so much more interested in how my clothes fit. The scale hadn't budged for two months, yet my jeans are getting bigger. My body is really changing. I love this surgery!!!
  5. readyforachange

    Hi- New To This Site- Really Depressed

    I coud never get in all my Protein either. The only drawback is that you'll lose your hair. I lost a ton of hair. My hair was really thick, so it wasn't that big a deal. However, it did get me worried that it wasn't going to stop falling out. We'll, about 3 weeks ago, my hair stopped falling out. On my labs, I've had 3 blood draws since April of this year. My protein was always off; however, just last week, my protein in now in the normal range. For your own health, I'd try to drink a shake everyday. I didn't, I now wish I would have. My friend how had WLS lost a lot of hair, even though she got in all her protein. As far as weight loss, I don't worry about it. I didn't lose a pound for 2 months, then I lost 2 lbs over night. We are all eating so little compared to before that we are bound to continue dropping lbs. I am just so happy now. I've lost over 50 lbs and look great!! WLS is best the decision I've ever made. Take care! God bless you!!!
  6. readyforachange

    How Long Till I Can Use An Ipad?

    I was using my iPad and iPhone from the hospital. I slept most the first day. But was glad for the company of technology on my second day. Mainly to get back on this site.
  7. readyforachange

    In Mourning....

    Oh, and I should mention, I had a few thoughts of, "what on earth have I done to myself". The first week is the hardest......actually, those first few months can be tough cause your stomach is so sensitive to food. You think, "is this all I'll ever be able to eat?" Then, as time wears on, you are able to eat more and also, have more food choices. Once you start seeing the numbers on the scale go down, you start doing the "happy dance", and your whole outlook starts changing. Then, pretty soon, you start getting compliments, then you are really doing the "happy dance" even faster and bolder!
  8. readyforachange

    In Mourning....

    I just hit my 9th month out and would do this again in a heart beat! I'm almost to the high end of a normal BMI. I need to exercise, as my weight loss has just about stopped. But, if I never lost or gained another pound, I'd still be happy. Now I'm ready for a neck lift. I'm 66 yrs old and it would really be a perk for me.
  9. readyforachange

    Watch Jay Leno Tonight!

    She was on "The View" yesterday. I almost didn't recognize her. Her husband got the sleeve, too. She's still disgusting in my book.
  10. readyforachange

    Slow Loser

    Slow and steady wins the race. My weight loss has been slow, but the change in my body has been dramatic. And, I feel awesome!!
  11. readyforachange

    Grocery List

    Just don't go crazy on buying protein powder. I have 3 canisters....make that 4, and I rarely drink it anymore. Just buy one can at a time.
  12. readyforachange

    Getting Anxiety About Upcoming Holidays

    You'll do great! I like the "high protein diet" idea. Just don't overeat.....you'll be miserable.
  13. I'm so glad you posted this. I have had the scurge of eczema since my early 20"s. After my second or third month of surgery, I noticed it had cleared up. I'm 8 months out and haven't had any flair ups. I think it's because I've cut out sugar. It's the only thing I can think of. Maybe it's done the same thing for psoriasis??? I love to self-diagnosis.
  14. readyforachange

    NSV shout outs

    Hi everyone! Today is my 8th month surgiversary and I am down 50+ lbs!!! I know that's not a lot to some, but for me, "slow and steady" is the race I'm on. I'm 66 yrs. old and not much of an exerciser, so I'm happy w my slow pace. So here's what I"m happy about: 1. I wear a size 12 (from a tight 18) 2. I look great in a bathing suit.....for an old broad. 3. I've cleaned out my closet and love my new organization. I've taken bags and bags to charity. I want to NOT buy so many articles of clothing from now on. I want to be selective and get some wonderful thing I love, wear the heck out of them, then donate and replace. I've realized that I have my favorite items and those few items is what I wear all the time. (that has nothing to do w weight loss.....just a point of view.) 4. I love the compliments I get. 5. Only my inside circle know about my surgery, so when someone sees me and remarks about my weight loss, I just say that I've been working on it for the last year. "It's been coming off slow, but I like it that way". I love my little secret! 6. I love the support of this board! I can't imagine going through this w/o the information I've gotten from this wonderful community! 7. I almost forgot......the love my new energy and love of life!!!! What I don't like: 1. My hair is dull and I've lost lots of it. 2. I need a neck lift! I hope that will be my next treat to myself at my one-year. 3. I need a tummy tuck. Maybe the following year!!! Lord Jesus bless all of you and continued success to all!!!! xoxo
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  16. Congrats on your success! You ARE an inspiration!! xoxo
  17. readyforachange

    I Have A Question Help

    I followed my drs. orders to a "T" and have never had one bit of a problem. No reflex, no vomiting, etc. This has been so easy on me. And so happy w the results!
  18. It sounds like you are back on track to success!
  19. Why haven't you followed the pre-op diet? You are starting a major change in your life and should be following your doctor's orders. The pre-op diet shrinks your fatty liver in order for the doctor to lift it during surgery. You need to get on that diet right away! From your comments, you sound like you aren't ready for this surgery. I'd get some professional advice and make sure you are up for this.
  20. readyforachange


    Congrats on your decision. I was self pay, too......$18K here in the states. Best money I've ever spent in my whole life!
  21. readyforachange

    Hello Everyonr

    You need to just rest. Each day you'll feel better than the day before. So many of us have experienced that, "What have I done to myself" feeling. Trust me, it'll go away. I'm close to completing my 6th month. Lost 50 lbs. If I never lost another ounce, I'd be happy that I did this. I get compliments every single day. I'm just sooooo happy!!!! Oh, and I eat whatever I want, just not so much of it. I had a glass of wine at dinner tonight....frozen yogurt w strawberries on it for an afternoon snack. Life is good!!! REST!!!
  22. readyforachange

    11 Days Is That Enough Time?

    11 days will be plenty. I"m 65 yrs old and I went back to work on the 11th day. My drain was pulled a week after surgery. Once that was out, I really started feeling better. That drain made me feel lousy just mentally. For me, the fatigue I felt is what took the longest to get through. I think I felt tired for a month or two. You are going to be so happy you had this surgery! It's made me a new woman. My life is so much happier and healthy now!!
  23. readyforachange

    100 lbs down Aug 2012

    You look beautiful! And, sooooo happy! Congrats!
  24. I'm losing inches faster than pounds.
  25. readyforachange

    Help Me Decide!

    Absolutely, the sleeve! I would do this again in a heartbeat! I get compliments every single day. I have never been so happy and looking forward to my future.