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  1. You have to try the chinese food here, is the best in Mexico!
  2. Allie ALii

    Mexico Complications?

    I had no complications at all!
  3. Allie ALii

    Aceves Or G. Alvarez

    Dr. Aceves is the best! and all his staff is so sweet and profesional He is my fave dr. ever! and i think the 4 days you stay in Almater Hospital are so woth it, they treated me like a queen and when i was home i was so much better, i think those first day are really important and having the best care is a must!
  4. Any of the options is fine parking in Calexico or in Almater since their parking has security and is really close to the border, really like 5 min.
  5. Today i'm at my goal weight! yay :) but i want more, lets see where this journey takes me ;)

  6. Allie ALii

    My Mexicalli Experience!

    with dr aceves you stay in an amazing hospital with big private rooms there's wifi and a big tv in your room, everything is super clean and new the nurses and staff are super sweet and helpful you stay 3 nights and 4 days, you leave the 4th day morning they do 2 leaks teast and take your drain out before you leave i had my surgery on monday and was at the mall shopping all day saturday
  7. Allie ALii

    My Mexicalli Experience!

    hi, i'm 6mo post op down 80lbs only 6lbs to goal and i feel perfect and i'm actually considering a new lower goal weight, i want to lose as much as i can until i feel thin, i guess that's my new goal wherever that weight is. this tool is amazing and it only gets better everyday now i'm getting a ton of compliments and atencion and it feels really good i get a lots of cute and skinny and it never gets old but i don't feel skinny just yet
  8. Allie ALii

    My Mexicalli Experience!

    aren't they amazing? i love them and i live here in Mexicali, so i get to see them every month for follow up
  9. Allie ALii

    I Skipped The 18's! :)

    yay! total nvs!
  10. Allie ALii

    What Amount Can You Eat After Sleeve?

    i'm 4 months post op and every single meal is different, sometimes i can eat only a couple of bites and others i'm able to eat an in n' out cheeseburger without the bun, i don't eat bread. I eat tuna salad and sometimes a can is 1,2 or 3 meals it depends of my sleeve not me. My advice is don't push it, it until you are satisfied, don't stress if you think it is too little or to much and be aware of the signs of fullness like runny nose, burp, hiccups or any other you may have. Eat very slow and chew a lot, that really helps and always keep your food really moist, dry food is the worst it just gets stuck and it really hurts. I wait 30 min before and 30 or more after a meal to drink, it is so easy to do and i used to drink a lot with my meals pre op.
  11. Allie ALii

    Sweet Nvs!

    Today i was thrift shopping with my mom and i was like i need new jeans asap, the ones i was wearing were hanging in my butt and legs really big and ugly, so i saw some really cute skinny jeans in size 9 and i was like aww :/ they are 9, i don't wear that size, then i said ok lets see if maybe they will fit some day, so i just grab them and meassure them against me and they look like they will fit, so i said i'll just take them and they will fit me eventually and when i got home i tried them and omg they fit and they look good really thight and i love them, it feels so good to not be pulling my pants up every second. I was a size 16 the day of my surgery and i'm a size 9 today and i still have more lbs left to goal! I love my sleeve <3 :wub:
  12. go for it! this is your life and you deserve to live it the best possible way and being fat is no fun i was a lower bmi myself and people told me the same things "you don't need something that drastic" "you are not THAT fat" but i did it because i didn't want to wait to be even more fat or worst to be sick i was perfectly healthy pre op and i want to remain that way now people tell me '' omg you look so good'' '' have you lost like 20 pounds?'' and i'm like more like 60 and they say ''really? that much? that's a lot! you are done right? am like no, i want to get to my goal weight and they say ''so, you want to get really skinny?'' hell yes i want to be skinny! nobody nows what it is to be me, but me, so i choose to do what makes sence to me and what makes me happy i wish i knew sooner and dit it years ago!
  13. i had my dr.'s appointment yesterday and he is super happy about my progress and i even gained muscle yay! i go to the gym 3-5 times a week i do pilates, yoga and weights and i feel so much better, i can do a lot more things now friends are starting to call me skinny (i know i'm not, but it feels so good haha) and today a neighbor told me ''omg! you have lost a lot of weight, you look so beautiful'' i love my sleeve <3