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  1. My surgery date is 02/20/2012! with Dr. Aceves in Mexicali! i can't wait, i am so happy for this! anyone else comming this date? i will love to share and talk with someone going tru the same
  2. Allie ALii

    Aceves Or G. Alvarez

    Dr. Aceves is the best! and all his staff is so sweet and profesional He is my fave dr. ever! and i think the 4 days you stay in Almater Hospital are so woth it, they treated me like a queen and when i was home i was so much better, i think those first day are really important and having the best care is a must!
  3. Any of the options is fine parking in Calexico or in Almater since their parking has security and is really close to the border, really like 5 min.
  4. Allie ALii

    My Mexicalli Experience!

    with dr aceves you stay in an amazing hospital with big private rooms there's wifi and a big tv in your room, everything is super clean and new the nurses and staff are super sweet and helpful you stay 3 nights and 4 days, you leave the 4th day morning they do 2 leaks teast and take your drain out before you leave i had my surgery on monday and was at the mall shopping all day saturday
  5. Allie ALii

    My Mexicalli Experience!

    aren't they amazing? i love them and i live here in Mexicali, so i get to see them every month for follow up
  6. i had my dr.'s appointment yesterday and he is super happy about my progress and i even gained muscle yay! i go to the gym 3-5 times a week i do pilates, yoga and weights and i feel so much better, i can do a lot more things now friends are starting to call me skinny (i know i'm not, but it feels so good haha) and today a neighbor told me ''omg! you have lost a lot of weight, you look so beautiful'' i love my sleeve <3
  7. Allie ALii

    Crystal Light Margarita Addiction

    i love crystal light! i will try this soon!
  8. I had a bmi of Obesity (Class 2) pre op and now on week 14 post op i have an Overweight bmi and this makes me so happy! I'm feel so close to a normal bmi and to my goal weight that it seems unreal, my clothes don't fit anymore, i love that but at the same time i hate it, because i had tons and now i'm left with just a few options and i don't want to shop for clothes that i will just wear once. An amazing NSV i wore a shirt that i got 3 years ago when i lost weight and i couldn't wear all this years because of course i gained back, and it was a little losse that felt so good, i didn't think i will fit, i guess i don't see myself that different but i am.
  9. Allie ALii

    Happy To Be Overweight!

    Thank you girls, you are so sweet! and i will try shopping there for sure!
  10. my dogs get a ton of "last bites" of my food and they love it, specially since it is mostly protein
  11. Allie ALii

    I'm Half Way To Goal!

    Thank's a lot! i think it is Protein, Water and gym
  12. Allie ALii

    What's Not Normal?

    it sounds normal to me, walk as much as you can, it will make you feel a 100x better, i know you may not be in the mood to, but it really realives the gas and pressure and take the pain meds, there is no reason not to
  13. Allie ALii

    No Longer Hot? Omg This Is Awesome!

    i want this to happen to me! haha i don't sweat a lot, that is not an issue to me, but i'm always hot, i need the a/c to be super cold to feel confy, i live in the desset so that doesn't help, i read before surgery about the always feeling cold after, but so far it hasn't happen to me
  14. Allie ALii

    Nsv With A Friend

    that happened to me at a kid party, everyone noticed it feels so good, right? congrats!
  15. Allie ALii

    Shirataki Noodles (Tofu Noodles)

    where do you buy this?
  16. Allie ALii

    Progress Picture #2

    you look so good and your hair is so pretty!
  17. Allie ALii

    Before And During Picture

    it's an amazing change! congrats!
  18. Allie ALii


    OMG! you look amazing! you look like a teen!
  19. Allie ALii

    Onederland! Omg!

  20. Allie ALii

    Kim purple

  21. Allie ALii

    before And after

    you look super cute!
  22. i'm here 2 days post op and everyone is so sweet and nice, the rooms al clean and modern and the give you just abou anything you need or want. i love my doctors Aceves and Campoes!
  23. Allie ALii

    What Scares You?

    this is just what i need to read! my surgery is tomorrow and i'm so ready! thank's for being so possitive and nice

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