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  1. Rick, thank you. That article was very informative!!
  2. Well it's been about a week after my "time" and im finally losing again!! So don't be discouraged!!
  3. I can say I feel like I will struggle with this too! Everything my family (extended) does revolves around eating out... so some of these suggestions are helpful!!! Some tips I can offer.... If you can shop at trader joes (havent tried whole foods but try there too) THEY HAVE A LOT OF FOODS that all you have to do is heat it up!! Very easy!!!! healthy and organic!! def invest in a george foreman!!! I love to cook turkey burgers on them!! although some meats get very dry, such as turkey.. because there is low fat in the meat and all the fat drains!! however I love to add some salsa and sometimes low fat cheese to the mixture ... it helps keep the meat moist!!! its hard eating out but there are a lot of places becoming more 'healthy' but I would always check the nutrition facts before ordering!! high sodium and sometimes carbs in things you would never guess! good luck to you!
  4. liliana.. I have not been tracking my food, the most cals im getting are from my protein shakes.. other than that im only able to eat an egg (breakfast), tuna w/light mayo (lunch) and small amount of protein for dinner( maybe a small meatball).. for snack I have some cheese.. I cant manage to get in more than a few bites so I cant even add in any fruit or veggies yet.. im working on it... and my stall has lasted about a week... I lost all that weight right before and right after surgery .. stopped about 2 weeks after surgery.
  5. I have been working on the larger muscles (although I had no idea they burn more fat, so thanks for that info!) I think my best bet is to ignore the scale as much as I can.. I have heard that its outta whack in the beginning.. I was doing so well i was losing everyday then it just stopped!!! so thats was why im asking.. but thank you for ur encouragement and knowledge!!
  6. It's so annoying!! Lol I am working out more than I ever have and NOTHING' I even woke up and I gained! Ugh. Curious though .... Are you able to get down all your Water and Protein?
  7. Btw, I was losing before my period started but then I also started my period and started eating soft foods at the same time... If that makes a diff.
  8. So I'm almost 3 weeks out, I started my period last week and have not lost ONE darn pound since!!! I'm really discouraged but I'm hoping to blame my period!! I've been working out and I've been eating what I'm suppose to... Anyone else had this???
  9. tiffanye

    So Nervous And Need Some Positive Words!

    Now Im craving Salmon!! YUM!! cant wait unitl I can taste it lol And Im a week out as of yesterday and I feel pretty good!! I actually was able to take in my whole protein shake yesterday.. which was great because I havent been able to get enough water and protein .. so hopefully Im staying hydrated enough until I can get into a good rhythm .. thank you so much for your support!!
  10. tiffanye

    So Nervous And Need Some Positive Words!

    Thank you Kathy! I am doing well. I'm on day two now and I've had little to no pain other than the gas. Today is worse than yesterday, and I'm just starting to drink water. I've been walking like crazy and the pains jus get worse so I'm hoping this will pass soon so I can go home tomorrow. Tha k you for your prayers !!!
  11. Congrats!! Im going in tomorrow and after reading this makes me feel alot less nervous!!
  12. tiffanye

    So Nervous And Need Some Positive Words!

    YAY SIZE 8!! Congrats!! And thank you so much for your kind words!! I really felt better after reading this.. & Im trying to focus on the end result.. Its only a few hours now and Ill be at the hospital.. Im calm right now so hopefully I can sleep through the night.. Again, thank you..
  13. tiffanye

    So Nervous And Need Some Positive Words!

    TY, its relieving that there is a light at the end of this tunnel! Congrats on the 74lbs!! thats amazing!

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