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  1. VSG4aHealthierMe

    Liver reduction diet- sodium through the roof :(

    If this was just a 2-3 week thing I wouldn't be so worried, but I'm looking at 3 MONTHS (scheduling issue, long story). I see my NUT the 16th... but I may try to call tomorrow...
  2. VSG4aHealthierMe

    Liver reduction diet- sodium through the roof :(

    I don't know how to attach a screen shot Breakfast: 2 oz Breakfast chops, 2 tbsp A1, 8 oz V8 original (I know A1 and V8 are big culprits but even w/o them my day was very salty) Lunch: 2 eggs over easy w/ 1/2 cup LF cottage cheese Dinner: as previously explained, brands: pace (medium) and honeysuckle white Snacks: 4 stalks celery w/ ranch salad spritzer w/ 1 cherry tomato; 2 eggs over medium (got hungry just wanted something easy). I don't have a medical condition that I'm aware of but my kidneys ache alot and I have a family history of kidney issues- mostly related to diabetes with I don't have that I know of, but I prefer to 'er on the side of caution so I worry about it.
  3. My surgeon's LRD consists of eating meats and veggies (certain varieties stipulated), certain condiments, and up to 2 dairy servings/day. Day 1 of my LRD was yesterday. I am following my LRD diet to a "T", but my sodium is through the roof (3,263 g today, 2,906 yesterday) and I'm not using alot of processed foods or dressings (for example: Dinner today consisted of lettuce, tomatos, a bit of salsa, ground turkey and a bit of cheese resulting in 1,158 g of sodium). This diet is to help my liver but this much sodium could damage my kidneys! What am I doing wrong???
  4. VSG4aHealthierMe

    Can I eat this post-op and when?

    I've tried those.. they are positively HORRIBLE!! Worst tasting crap- just awful. Blech!
  5. VSG4aHealthierMe

    Can I eat this post-op and when?

    Yeah, no pasta/bread will leave a void just cause I have ate them my entire life BUT will be much easier to cut out post op because pasta has always been a filler in our recipes. They are an inexpensive way to make a meal stretch to feed the masses lol, so with no hunger and less room to fill I don't imagine I'll need fillers to get full/satisfied. So giving them up will, hopefully, be easier. Not to mention the carb detox on the pre/post diets.
  6. VSG4aHealthierMe

    Can I eat this post-op and when?

    Thank you all for your replies! They have been very helpful!!!
  7. VSG4aHealthierMe

    Can I eat this post-op and when?

    I don't know what my reqs are yet. My mandatory seminar is on the 26th of this month and I prob won't see the nut until next month. I have tried those shot things and they don't agree with my pallet unfortuately but I have been lucky in the protien shake dept for the most part. I'm avg about 65g protien right now but have gotten as high as 174g before- depending alot on if and how many protien shakes I drink.So far today I only have 28g (2 meals, no shakes or Snacks so far today) so not doing great today, lol. Thanks for the input!
  8. VSG4aHealthierMe

    Can I eat this post-op and when?

    Thats sounds delish!! I may try to make that at home!!! Thanks for sharing! I really hope my sleeve is as compatible with my tastes as your's is! I kinda feel the same way about spicy! I HATE when you go out and order something with jalapeno's because your craving something spicy and you end up with whimpy peppers ruins the whole meal! I could still use my jalepeno plants if I can't handle spicy- I'd just have to wait until they turn red, lose thier heat and start getting sweet but if I wanted sweet I'd grow banna peppers lol. Thanks again!
  9. Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I know most ppl think about what they will and won't be able to eat post-op and alot of it is the less than healthy favs we might have but I have questions regarding healthier options. *Spicy foods? Will I be able to eat them post-op? If not right away when? I LOVE spicy foods. In fact I am growing multiple jalapeno and habanero plants, because I love them so much. I know spicy can cause acid issues but are they intolerable? If I can't have spicy I think this is what I will miss most post-op *Salads? I know salads are really against the rules but when I think protien first, then think about the fact that for several months post-op my sleeve will be the most restricted I wonder if I will have room for the greens? I am also growing several greens that I use in salads, but I could learn to accept this one knowing that eventually my sleeve will relax slightly allowing me a tiny salad on occasion but I am curious how far out it was before some of the post-op'ers were before they could enjoy a good salad without sacrificing precious protien space. I.e- when there you able to have a salad WITH a protien source and NOT end up eating only the protien because there was no room for the greens? *In relation to the salad question- We are told protien first BUT protien is not the only nutrient we need. We need to get the Vitamins and nutrients provided in non-protien sources as well if the intent is truely to become healthier. How do YOU balance the need for protien with the need for the vitamins and minerals not provided in protien sources with such a tiny place to put it in? I know we have to take vitamins but I'd like to have the bulk of my nutrition come from food not pills and since I have not yet been sleeved I don't yet know what i will be able to consume with a sleeve and protien first mantra. Many say they could only eat a couple bites of protien before becoming full, esp early on... where do the fruits and veggies fit in (pun intended)? Thanks in advance
  10. VSG4aHealthierMe

    Indiana Sleevers

    Congrats! !!
  11. I am having a hard time stabilizing my weight. I am clueless as to why but my weight fluxes so rapidly and unpredictably. No exageration. Last week I weighed in. Last weekEND I weighed in more than 5 pounds less. Today, yet another 5 pounds less and if it follows it s usual pattern I will likely be back at the starting point by s ome time next week. All I can figure Is Water weight, but I eat the same allthe time (admittedly I could deff lower my salt intake) why would it flux by so much so fast? I know I need to figure this out because how the heck can I lose weight when I can't even control it, and I wanna do so pre-op. Could it be hormonal??? (Sorry gents but small TMI ahead) I have severe PCOS... like 2x worse than it was 2 years ago and it was bad then. I haven't had a natural AF in well over a year, I induced one last June, and recently tried to do so again but only got spotting this time... no AF. If its hormonal then I am screwed because the only reset button I have is provera (to induce AF) and that's not working. This has been going on for a few months and I don't yet have ins. Coverage to talk to my doc about it, he called in the script for me as it was. Any thought, hints, tips on what could be causing it and what I can do about it? I am desperate to get it under control so I can show my sugeon I am serious about changing but that's gonna be hard if he weighs me in one month then the next I have Gained 10-15 pounds. TIA.
  12. VSG4aHealthierMe

    Lose weight before surgery?

    The reason it 2 fold. 1. It shrinks your liver which makes surgery safer. 2. It proves you are putting your best foot forward and are already doing what you can to lose weight. I mean even if you weigh 300# , 5% which it what the surgeon I will use requires is only 15# going by total weight and even less going by excess weight. Is it a pain when you want the surgery so bad you can already smell the antiseptic they clean hosps with, yep, but its in the best interest of you.
  13. I too am interested in the answer to the five year history! I don't know if I will need them yet but trying to be proactive about gathering what I can. I moved here about 3 years ago and only saw my ob/gyn b4 that... they are also the ones who prescribed weightloss pills(appetite suppressant) to help me lose the weight. I called and they said anything older than 2 years was moved and destroyed (can they legally do that?). So as I said I too would love to know the answer in case it pops up in my case.
  14. VSG4aHealthierMe

    Bile & Acid Reflux

    Years ago when I was diagnosed with bile reflux gastritis, my doc put me on liquid carafate. It was not all that palatable but it was like heaven in a bottle because I could feel my symptoms getting better as it coated my stomach. I don't know if you can take it post-sleeve but its worth looking into. Hope things have improved for you!

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