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  1. A New Me

    Mid-August Check-In

    Hi I understand completly when you say you are craving chocolate and sweets. I found a few things at the store that are sweet but healthy compared to sees candy or in your case snow caps. Next time your at the store try sugar free fudge pops, brownie Fiber one bars they are only 90 calories and very good tasting, also, special k makes great protien bars that are chocolate, penut butter, caramel ect, they have a good amount of protien and low on calories. I also have been making a chocolate protien shake with a tiny bit of penut butter and a banana sooo good...anyways just a few suggestions Im still trying to find new things as well. I have been having a problem eating solid foods this last week and basically gagging everything back up. Its a new prob for me so I need to see the surgeon to find out why. Also I cannot go #2 anymore I have been putting miralax in my shakes and no success the only thing that has helped is ex lax and it is painful cramping. any suggestions? the good news is I have lost bout 50lbs since june 9th and feel overall amazing. I am working out at the gym 3-4 times a week when i am not working at the hospital on my feet 12 hours a day. work has def become a little better loosing some of this weight. i hope everyone is enjoying their sleeve as much as i have. pls tell me if something is working good for you!
  2. Thanks so much for your input! I am def calling the doctor tomorrow and I have not been taking prilosec anymore. Maybe I should again??? And I will check out that website for an iron supplement, that was next on my list. thanks again, Lauren
  3. So I am about 3 months out from surgery and just started to have a few complications. About 2 weeks ago I have been having trouble eating solid foods, I have pain ,my stomach hurts, and I immediately feel nauseous and sometimes vomit. I cannot eat scrambled eggs at all, they make me soo sick. I also just found out from the doctor that I am still very anemic so I have to start taking iron supplements. That explains why I have been so tired lately.I am just concerned about the solid foods, Is something wrong?? Should I just go back to liquids for a while and then slowly advance again? Im not sure what to do or if I am not doing something right. I am very happy with my sleeve, I have lost close to 50 lbs and feel amazing besides eating solid foods. thanks everyone
  4. A New Me

    San Diego Buddy?

    Im from san diego too, well actually lakeside so east county..I would luv to meet up with everyone as well!
  5. A New Me

    a little over 1 month!

    I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your you tube videos..I dont have anyone to really talk to about how I am feeling and thinking about so it was nice to hear what other people are thinking. congrats on your weight loss
  6. I def need some advice! I am 4 weeks out of surgery and have been following all the rules. I even have been at the gym everyday walking a little over 2 miles a day and stretching. I was doing so well I have lost a total of 30 lbs and am stuck. Its been almost two weeks and I cant loose 1 pound. I am eating more solid food, so is that the problem? Do I need to go back to shakes for meals and greek yougart. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Please help!! Im lost
  7. A New Me

    Week 3 post op

    today is offically the 3rd week after surgery and I feel great! I have lost 20lbs since surgery which I think is great. I did however hit my first stall, I weighed myself this morning and I havent lost anything in one week! It really bums me out Im thinking maybe since I am eating more solid foods, but I know that this is not all I am going to loose. I read a post and learned that our bodies are still trying to adjust and I just need to continue to eat healthy and exercise! I have been going to the gym walking for bout 30 min a day. I hope that is good enough for now. I am trying not to over do it. I also have been experiencing major anxiety attacks and I know why. I am not smoking anymore, and I cant emotional eat anymore! So I am trying to fill that void with going to the gym....I dont think being addicted to the gym is a bad thing, right? Its just so nice to wake up in the morning and be happy! I look at my face and actually feel like I am a pretty mommy. I never ever felt that way before. I just want to help every overweight person in the world! this surgery is a miracle and the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. It really has saved my life!
  8. i was told that its ok to walk right away. one week post op I have been on the treadmill doing a slow steady walk ay a slow pace with a pillow for support.
  9. i understand what you are going through. I am nine days out of surgery and still having major gas as well...I believe it takes a while before it goes away but i have been told it will get better...my surgeon just told me to move move move that is the best thing to do, even though it so hard to do. I purchased a heating pad and it has helped with me alot with the pain...good luck keep me updated if u hear anything else that will help
  10. Just curious how everyone is doing and feeling?? If already sleeved how is recovery?
  11. so its been nine days since my surgery and I still dont feel good...I am nauseous all the time and nothing taste or sounds good to eat. Also getting down liquids is so hard. I am also up in the middle of the night not comfortable at all..Is anyone else feeling like this? how long before it gets better? the good news is I am down to 200lbs the lowest I have weighed in years.
  12. A New Me

    Its been too long

    I am so sorry you are going through it too...it is not right for the name calling and Iknow we are strong and want to keep our family together so we put up with things we shouldnt have to...It seems like you are deciding on the surgery for the right reasons..not to please your husband, so far just loosing the little that I have I am already getting some of my self confidence back and boy does it feel good...good luck with your choice of having this surgery and I know good things will come to you.
  13. so its been 1 week since my surgery and feeling a little better.. I am still having pain but the heating pad has helped..I am still on Clear liquids and the only full liquids is greek yougart nothing else is going down right it hurts too much..My mood swings are better, did anyone else experience that??? also I have lost 5 lbs which is crazy to me. how is everyone else doing with food? bloating gas?
  14. A New Me

    Its been too long

    so I have not written in a long time, I was sleeved on june 9th and almost on seven days after surgery. it has been so up and down. my mood swings for one have been awful it seemed like everything that i have been unhappy about for the last few years of my life exploded out of me. its like i change the size of my stomach so now i change everything about me?? even my life's path??? I have been having marital problems for years and now right at this time in my llife right after surgery things have to be stirred up..I just dont get it..but atleast I am now really seeing everyones true colors, who wants to support me and who just wants to talk crap to me and be down right rude...so I am still very very happy about this decision to have surgery I am at the lowest weight in about four years, thats a long time....I went from 223 before surgery and now down to 203...wow its just so amazing to know that...I am still having pains gas and back pains and the med is helping but food is so hard to even get down I am trying to be on fulls but clears is where I will be at for a while everything hurts going down and I feel sick....my poor little boy who is 2 is also home sick with a horrible viral infection with fevers above 103 so I have been trying to get him to feel better along with myself but Ihave my mother in law who has been helping me since my husband still cant do nothing but sit on the computer all day and watch t.v. oh and to mention he has had no job for three years...thats just a little history to why I was having a meltdown when I came home from the hospital..he has never been supportive always calling me fat and just recently saying he hates me..it has been awful, but I know this is a happy time for me no matter what..okay enough venting for one day...time for my mind to rest and watch shrek with my little one
  15. A New Me

    Am I dreaming!??

    congrats...it is sooo amazing,its def worth all the ups and downs...and this is just the start for you

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