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  1. Just-A-Gem

    HOUSTON Sleevers?

    Congrats on your surgery and great post-op loss Shiner86!! I am in Dickinson/League City! Great to see some locals in the house! I was sleeved in September 2011 and am hopping back on here for a while as I work through some maintenance issues.. The struggle is real. LOL.
  2. Just-A-Gem

    Drinking with meals

    When I got to about 18 months out, I started slipping on this. I'm trying to get back into the habit, but I guess that the pain I used to have just went away.. I am at 24 months now with no regain, but I do believe in the logic behind this rule and I'm working on getting back to it.
  3. It's been a while since I've posted, but I wanted to post some update pictures. Last time I did I was 138 lbs down and in a 10 and pretty damn happy. I am now 163 lbs down and in a 6, maintaining.. even still *slooooooowly* losing.. My body seems to have found it's happy weight for the most part though and I find myself losing inches more than pounds these days, which suits me just fine! Still counting this as the BEST thing I've EVER done for myself.
  4. I wouldn't say that I have a lot.. but I definitely have a fair amount on my belly and sagginess on my inner thighs. I want to post a picture of my stomach to keep it real, but I haven't worked up the courage quite yet. I have lost 145 lbs or something around there depending on the day, so it's not anymore than I was expecting. I don't know the weight of the extra skin on my stomach, but I figure it adds at least 3 inches to my hip measurement and as far as my inner thighs go, I hope that the running that I am doing helps with that.. And lotion, lol.. Unlikely but worth a shot. I've lost A LOT from my thighs and several inches from my hips in just the last few months so I am sure that they are in a bit of shock... For those curious about my leg. Since I have found out that it's peroneal mononueropathy and took the necessary action to try to reverse the nerve damage the feeling has started to return to my lateral calf muscle and most of my foot so I have returned to my runs every other day plus Saturday. I hadn't had feeling in my lateral calf since some time in June.
  5. Just-A-Gem

    I'll show you mine... (LBD's)

    Quite possibly my favorite dress ever to rock! I'm absolutely loving my new silhouette.
  6. Just-A-Gem

    Dumped... 2 Weeks Pre-Op

    That just shows right now the kind of person he would have been down the road. You are SO MUCH BETTER OFF! Trust me! When you need support, look to VST and I know that in the meantime, you will find it IRL.
  7. Thank you! I just consider the divorce another 240+ lbs lost.
  8. I have it.. I guess it could be worse though. My upper, inner thighs aren't great and I'm hoping that they bounce back over the next year with regular exercise.. same with my arms. My stomach is going to require a tuck but I had two vertical c-sections, so I knew this would be the case. It's not too HUGE of a problem though because these dresses were tried on without Spanx and I think with it, I would be okay for sure, at least with clothes on. LOL.. I think the key to having less slack is a steady tempo of loss, which is what I was thankfully pretty well able to manage. It wasn't super fast, but it got me to goal.. That and age.
  9. I must add that I now wear an 8 pant and I think with my tuck, I will fit a 6 comfortably.
  10. You will get here too! I so remember that feeling.. I had it about 13 months ago.. and then about a year ago I was having that, "damn, I hope this was worth it feeling." Totally was. My surgiversary was the 2nd.
  11. This is really just an add on to my post from last week that you can find here, but I have made goal and on my surgiversary, I went an tried on/bought these lovelies: http://www.verticals...wn-what-a-ride/ Size 6!!! Size 6!!! Size 6!!! Size 6!!! Juniors Medium (I know that I had NO BUSINESS trying on or buying this dress, but I COULD NOT HELP MYSELF!! SO SPARKLY AND SEXY!!! I tell you one thing, when my 3 year old is in "jr's" she won't be wearing this stuff!) AND a before from mid August 2011! http://www.verticals..._2605_66971.jpg I love you guys!! xxoo! Heather, now JustAGem
  12. Just-A-Gem

    Dresses :)

    My mom tells me I was a dress-wearer only as a child.. well now I remember why..
  13. Just-A-Gem

    2 Years Post Op-Before And After

    You look sooo amazing, as ever. I continue to look to you for inspiration.

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