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    I am a mommy to a 3 and 1 year old, and wife to my amazing husband.
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  1. happy2behere

    Peanut Butter Cookies

    can't wait to try this one, thanks. PS- I am 5 weeks post op today and do endulge myselg with a small teaspoon of peanut butter now and again. It goes down easy but I ahve for others it gets stuck. Anyway, thanks.
  2. happy2behere

    Cheese Crisps

    OMG! I just made these!!! AMAZING!! First thing I really enjoyed since my surgery 3 weeks ago!!! I didn't put it in the food processor and they still came great!!! THANKS!!!!!!
  3. I LOVED reading your post!!! Thank you!!! I was sleeved on the 27th, so I am almost 3 weeks out. Life is good. Cheers to us!
  4. happy2behere

    10 days post up! Hungry as heck!

    CWalker, thanks. Whats a PPi?
  5. happy2behere

    Soy, peanut butter ... 4 days post-op?

    sounds like dumping syndrome or you may be lactose intolerant now...call your surgeon. Hope you are feeling better. To get the protein in, try PURE protein ready made in the can (found at Trader Joes, Target or The Vitamin shoppe-add 1 scoop of any flavorless protein powder to it (I use Designer Whey) This will double your protein intake in one 6 oz shake equalling a total of 36 grams of protein for one 6 oz. shake and the pure protein in a can is the absolute best I have had..alittle pricey but well worth it.
  6. happy2behere

    10 days post up! Hungry as heck!

    Ahhh.thank you..3 more days to go on this liquid stage...I think everyone is right about the acid build up rather than hunger feeling..I slowed down on the soups yesterday and didn't hear the gurggles as much. Makes sense. Thanks!!!
  7. happy2behere

    10 days post up! Hungry as heck!

    I have to clarify..i lost 26 since pounds including my pre op diet!!! only 6 since surgery. You are doing great. To get the Protein in, add a scoop of protein to powder to the ready made Protein Drink..that's how I sneak it in. Good Luck!!
  8. I am 10 days post op and feeling very normal. I have some discomfort but no pain. I am able to get all my liquids in plus some. I am tired of soups and yogurts. I had 1/4 cup ricotta and I told the doctor. He advised me not to do that again because it is too soon. I am hungry. My stomach will not stop growling. I asked the doc if this really worked b/c I thought the grelin hormone (hunger producing hormone was removed) What the heck?? I can get down 6 oz of soup and then I am literally hungry an hour later. Does anyone else feel this way? The doc says that I once I am able to eat sold foods I will have alot more restriction...is this true? All I know is that I am dreaming of scrammbled eggs!! HA! I had some tomato soup today with a dab of fat free cheddar melted in--that was good. But an hour later and I am hungry again!!! Any advice?? Thanks all! By the way, I am not complaining I lost 26 pounds as of today (this includes the pre op liquid diet.) I have lost 6 since surgery alone, just a bit frustrated from not being able to eat and being hungry. ugh!!
  9. LOL Raine!! I am with you! Give me a friggin egg already!!!
  10. happy2behere

    How long did u do the puree stage for?

    full liquids week 1 and 2, soft diet weeks 3 and 4. Hey, does anyone know is ricotta considered or allowed in the 1-2 week liquid stage?
  11. happy2behere

    Soup ideas for the weeks just after the operation?

    :rolleyes:My fav so far is the butternut squash soup in a box! Found at Stop and Shop or any grocery store in the organic section!
  12. I am only 10 days out. I called my surgeon and wondered if this thing really worked for me...I can fit all my liquids in, including 6 oz soup in between and last night I had a 1/4 cup of ricotta-no problem. I could have had more but didn't..what the heck?? I am dreaming of the day I can have a scrammbled egg. I have to wait until I am 2 weeks out.
  13. happy2behere

    April Update from everyone

    Hi to dream, Every docotr is different..I have to laugh because mine says strained creamed soups are okay but that cottage cheese is not . so strange!!! Ask your doc, but cream soup is thinner and more liquid than cottage cheese.
  14. happy2behere

    4 days post op

    Yes, I bought the grape. I spoke to my surgeon before trying it and he said not to use it because it is collagen and whey. collagen isn't a great source of protein for us. What I now decided to do was.. I bought the Designer Whey flavorless protein (1 scoop is 19 grams ) and I added to 1/2 a can of ready to drink PURE protein and which =26 grams for the 1/2 can or 5.5 oz..pretty cool, huh? Try that. You can get PURE and desiger at the vitamin shoppe. quote name='StacyS' timestamp='1304378604' post='145250'] Happy...did you get those shots today? Which flavor did you get? I just ordered the grape one from www.mybariatricpantry.com Do you like them?
  15. happy2behere

    Day 35: Life of Sleevey

    Thanks for sharing crosswind. It is good to hear-I am only 6 days post op and I called my surgeon today to ask him if the damn sleeve worked because I am able to eat like 6 oz of fat free cream soup in like 10 minutes. He told me that once I graduate to solids, it will be different..the food makes you full very fast. Your posting also helped clarify for me...thank you!

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