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  1. da1stladie

    Tall Women, Tell Me Your Story!

    Redbean you are still doing a great job. There is no other "diet" where you would have lost 60 lbs in the amount of time you did. Just stay focused and stick to the plan. You are successful already! :-)
  2. da1stladie

    Tall Women, Tell Me Your Story!

    Readbean I do protien first then veggies. Not too many starches as in no corn and pototoes about once a week. Bread once a week. I'm in the maintenance phse so It's still trial and error. I make a conscience effort to eat or I lose more weight. Happy weight range 166-170. You can do this. Remember it is a weight loss journey not a sprint.
  3. da1stladie

    44 and sending fat out the door!

    Im 44 as well, and had my surgery 8 months ago. It has been a journey and I met my goal in 6 months. Stick to the plan and you will be successful. :-)
  4. da1stladie

    Tall Women, Tell Me Your Story!

    Well I am 166ish and about 5'9-10". HW 304 SW 271 CW 166 third goal met in 6 months. Size med top and 10-12 bottoms. If I did this anyone can!
  5. Didnt know that its now one year! So many things have changed on this site since it's all the sites together. Thank you :-)
  6. Hello all, I'm 7 months out as of November 30. In a few days I'll celebrate being 44 yrs young. At 166 pounds well below my 1st goal of 185, then 2nd goal of 175 with a height of 5'9"+ I can say I'm smaller than I was at 13. I could not have dreamed being below goal this soon. I can go up amd downstairs with not being out of breath, cross my legs, take up less space in the chair. Park farther from the store walk long distances. And get all my protien intake done. I love my sleeve. :-) The hardest part has been your head realizing how your body has changed. I tried to still wear plus sized clothes but had to come to grips with shopping on the "other" side of the store. Challenges have come during the weight loss journey my mother was ill and died in October. August my gallbladder had to come out. A kidney stone in November and a sinus infection now. But thankful I'm still healthy and can celebrate memories of my Mom with my family this Christmas & New years. How are you feeling?
  7. da1stladie

    I Feel Good... And Its About Timme

    That's wonderful! I feel great too, 6 3/4 months out, weighing less than my goal 166 this morning. Over 100 lbs lost, now for maintaining what has happened. Have an awesome Holiday Season!
  8. da1stladie

    Richmond, VA sleever

    Hello, I am in the Tri-city area. Dr Datta performed my surgery April 30, 2013 & reached my goal in about 6 1/2 100 + lbs GONE. I go to support group meetings either on a Saturday or Thursday in the area. Support group meetings are very important! They encourage me to stay on track and to continue to eat healthy. :-)
  9. Thank you all for your replies :-) I' ve met my goal about 5 months post op and my surgeons goal at 6 months. From HW 304 SW 271 & CW 168 Normal Bmi. Surgery date 4-30-13 I'm still motivated and determined to KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF! :-)
  10. da1stladie

    5 Months Post-Op Pics

    You look great! :-)
  11. da1stladie

    Any Virginia sleevers...?

    I had surgery 6 & 1/2 months ago. Love my sleeve100+ lbs gone. Thanks Dr Datta
  12. I have motivational talks with myself daily. And look at a few large things I have still saved as reminders of how far I' ve come. :-)
  13. da1stladie

    Shopping but not buying

    Have a yard sale for those clothes. Its amazing How much money $$$ you can make from one. Just advertise it in the local paper.
  14. da1stladie

    Shopping but not buying

    I find myself wandering around stores a lot. I will normally wait for a 40-50% off sale and a store coupon or rewards to buy new clothes. I've gone from a 22/24 and 2-3X top down to a med top and 10-12 bottoms in 6 months. But the rapid weight loss messes with your perception of yourself. I'm smaller but my brain sees me larger. :-) I'm still adjusting to my new body.

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