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  1. Hi All, My DD is a couple weeks shy of 7 months. I am getting sleeved on Jan. 22. She has been breastfed since birth and now since she is eating solids, I have began storing pumped milk. My goal is to BF until she is 12-15 months. I spoke to my PCP and she is a little concerned that with the drastic cut in calories, I won't produce any milk or nutritious milk. I plan on still taking prenatal, Fenugreek, and other Vitamins to keep my supply up, but I am wondering if I will need to start the weening process now pre-op. Any thoughts?
  2. Hi All! I wanted to start a thread for African-American sleevers (no worries I HEART all sleevers from the rainbow). I just thought, no scientific proof, that African-American sleevers may respond to the surgery different than our lovely non-African American sleeved sisters and brothers. I wanted to know if we had the same skin issue, hair problems, and other surgery related issues. Also, how to deal with the culture shock. African-American "soul food" may be something of the past... or not. So I was just looking for a space to voice culture related issues and concens. PS- I TRULY :heart: ALL SLEEVERS.
  3. Hi All, So I wanted to make an "ALL CALL" for us 20 somthing sleevers. I don't have any scientific proof BUT I think the recovery, weightloss, and other issues may have something to do with age. I am 25 and getting sleeved on Jan. 22. I am the mother of a goregous 7 month old and a wife for the past 2 years. I just wanted to make this forum active again. With that said? What's your story? How was recovery? How's Life?!
  4. Congrats and welcome to the LOSERS bench!
  5. Congrats and welcome to the LOSERS bench!
  6. ATLGirl

    One Day Until Vsg Surgery !

    Congrats and welcome to the LOSERS bench!
  7. Congrats and welcome to the LOSERS bench!
  8. Congrats and welcome to the LOSERS bench!
  9. Hi All, I know I have been out of pocket for a little while. I needed to get away for a few months and refocus myself on why I did the surgery. I was becoming a very bitter person by comparing myself to others. Along the way on this weightloss journey become more about vanity and less about health. And that is so not me. I must say, I fall in love with myself a little more each day. I am embracing my newly found curves. Coming to an understaning with my stretch marks, and learning to love how much I can eat. I am almost 11 months out and as I read back over my old post, I can't help but to smile. How scared I was about never reaching ONEderland. My mourning over food. My worries that my husband would leave me if I got too small. And my fear about eating around others. Somethings that I have can now report on: 1- My goal was to get to 199 by Thanksgiving (I know I am a slow loser and paced my goals as such). I am happy to report I am 194. 2. I can eat a lot more around people. I don't know how my tummy knows, but I just can. 3. Food and calories are not the enemy. I honesty lose more when I anm not counting every calorie my mouth or keeping myself from slices of heaven. Its all about balance. 3. Still don't LOVE working out, but you gotta do what you gotta do. 4. I still don't take my Vitamins like I should (I am working on this). I take them 3-4 times a week and its mainly a multi (a good multi) 5. Carbs are not a sin. There are some good ones. 6. shakes are still NOT my friend. Every now and then in a pinch I will have one and I struggle to get them down every time. 7. My goal weight is just a number. I am actually looking to even out in about 20 more pounds. I am moving past the number and embracing how I feel. 8. Inches lost are just as important as weightloss. 9. But inches lost in the waist (pants size) don't correlate with weight. (I am a size 16 still after almost 90 pounds of fat being gone). 10. I still have a very hard time going to the bathroom (TMI?). I don't know what it is. I know if I went more, my weightloss would be better. But its a plus if I can go twice a week. Well that's it for me. I would love to hear from you all who have been with me for almost a year now. I am still hoping to reach my goal of 100 pounds lost by 1 year out. Its a goal, not the end all be all. Love ya lots!
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    Combo meals???

    Combos great for sharing only
  11. Glad to see this post. My goal was at least 100 pounds by my 1 year anni. I would have thought I would be in onederland by now, but I am not (205). So It is my hope to reach 181 by January (4 months) but I am a slow loser coming to grips with losing slow. You would think 6-7 pounds a month is totally doable, but its hard for me. I hope to get to the point of Coops and MG2.
  12. ATLGirl

    One Year Anniversary

    You look AMAZING!!!!!!!!! PS: I;m Jealous- You men with you high metabolism! Lol Congrats
  13. Almost 8 months out and no regrets at all. It gets me upset when newbies, particularly those 3 months and less, get on the boards discouraging others. Anyone who reads this board and research the surgery know that there are some set backs. There is the 3 week stall (that can last more than a month), there's the throwing up, there's the mourning of food, and slow losers (like myself) BUT all in all those of us 6 months or more out (even some with SERIOUS complications) wouldn't go back to how we were. I always feel that someone who is still researching the Sleeve verus other WL options will turn away because they read a rant of regret from someone 1 month out. They miss the chance to change thier lives based on an "in the moment" and emotional writin. Then when such said ranter is 6 months out and close to 100 pounds lost (Praising God for this tool) the researching newbie will still be unhappy and unhealthy. I'm sorry for my soapbox. I know these boards are a place to come and vent, read, learn, and testify. I myself have posted some post that I now look at and laugh about. And even in my slow losing phrase, I come a write BUT I am always so careful to search on previous topics and answers before I unleash my sleeve wrath because its all here on the boards- rarely nothing new under the Web sun. ut again- back to your question- I DON'T REGRET ONE MINUTE OF THE SLEEVE.
  14. ATLGirl

    Anyone else belong here?

    Welcome to the losers bench!
  15. I agree. It is a personal decision. Just like those who battle any other disease, it is a personal choice to share and one should not be made to feel guilty because they don't "shout it from the mountain top." I have not lied about my surgery, but I certainly don't wear a T-shirt with "I Got The Sleeve." on it. We all come to the point of making a change through different mechanism. Mine happen to be my through research. Not my doctor, not a friend, not a fellow WLS patient. Through my own "fed-up-ness" and research. IMHO.
  16. I have never heard of Dr. Ponce and Dr. Garcia. Please share your experiences with these docs so othehr newbies can know their records. Though Dr. Kelly was my doc and I am happy. I am not sure, with his recent death, if I would choose him again.
  17. Def would. No question. The first weeks are the hardest. I say if someone isn't 6 months out then be careful about taking their advice. Once you learn how to eat, et over mourning food, fall in love with yourself, and understand the tool it gets better. Many of those under 6 months aren't there yet. Their disdain and "regret" will talk you out of a life changing commitment. Then when their 7 months out and close to 100 pounds smaller, they'll life will go on and you'll be stuck with woulda coulda shoulda.
  18. ATLGirl

    LGCP vs. the actual sleeve

    Once you read the plication thread. I think your choice will be very clear. I am thankful I had a chance to talk to Tiff when I was on the fence. Thank God for the choice I made.
  19. ATLGirl

    I Just Wanna POOP!

    I am 8 months out and I still have problems. I'll admit. I take a lax once a month. I east Activia everyday and take Mylax 3 times a week. Nothing seems to work with me. The lax makes me feel like at least I know something is in there and coming out. I will try the flaxseed this weekend. I consider myself a slow loser and I think it has a lot with me not going weekly. Thanks for the topic and tips.
  20. I did the HCG diet for about 2 weeks and lost 14 pounds. Gined 4 of those pounds ack, but I think I needed to shake things up a bit. Not a pill, but was a diet nonetheless.
  21. Hi all. I figured I would come here and post since my post in the "success" thread won't post. I am 7 months post op and down about 73 pounds. I thought it would be more at this point. In the past MONTH I have not lost a single pound. my weigh flux between 208 and 210. I have changed my personal goal to 185. My husband really likes thick girls and he is a little worried (and too honest) that if i lose more than 25 more pounds he may "get that feeling" from looking at me. But you know what I am OK with that number. My doctor's goal for me was 150 because she says I have "big bones." But not losing the last month and really about 6 weeks put me in a rut. I know I am losing inches because my pants fit sooooo much better. My thighs in a 16 are not squished. They are "normal". That's a rant in itself. I went from a 22/24 to a 16/18 in 73 pounds. i have seen others sleeved around the same time. Who have lost 80-100 pounds wearing 10-12. I know these paints are not vanity sized because I got them from New York & Co about 4 years ago. Well I say all of this to say I pay that in the 5 month to go before my 1 year anniversary I reach my personal goal of 182 which is 100 pounds lost since surgery. I am going to keep trying everything- uping the calories, lowering the cals, increasing the fat, lowering the fat, 100oz of water a day, 64 ounces of water a day, green tea, black tea, Activa Light, no carbs, more card, 65+ grams of carbs- and all in the shabang I forgot. Thanks for listening to my rant.
  22. So you all probably haven't seen me around much lately. To tell the truth its because I have been down. Like really down on myself. I feel like I am failing my sleeve and not "working it" like I should. I have been at 210 for almost a month. I mean I go up 2 pound, down 2 pounds. My next mini Labor Day Goal is to get to ONEderland... 199. I have tried everything. I mean when I first posted my progress in the Labor Day Challenge group I went from 222 to 212 in like 2 weeks, But after that... just fizzle. So I shook it up a but with more fats, less carb. Lost 2 pounds that week. And now I am stalled. Last week I up'd my Water intake to about 100 oz a day. And I have been maintaining 210-211. This week I am uping the cardio again. I stopped this about a two months ago because I was stalling then. It seemed to work, so now I am hoping my 2 (40 min) a day workouts help. I know we can't look at other people and their progress, but I hope my body is not leveling out at 210. I would love to reach 100 pounds lost by 1 year (now in month 7) but I don't know. I hope I am not coming across like a cry baby or a remorseful sleever. I just want to be a champion again. If my body calls a quit at 100 pounds (hopefully in Jan 2012) I would be okay. But not now. We will see what the workouts and water does. My diet is pretty much 1200 cals a day give or take (sometimes as high as 1500 on weekends or 100o on tough work days). Thanks for listening.
  23. Hi All, Thanks for the responses. My Protein has always been high. It's the staple of my diet I get like 100g a day. I up'd my cal intake because before during my dreaded 5 month stall I was around 800 calories. The more I ate the more I lost. I only weigh on Weds and Saturday mornings. I think the workouts and Water is helping but I will just have to wait until Weds to see if there is a difference. I have read the boards and know that this to will come and go eventually, Just needed a place to vent. Thanks all.
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    Antimicobial Skin Cleaner

    I use Hibiclens (sp) and love it. even after I was in the clear. It comes in a blue bottle. A little expensive but good.

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