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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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Hello - I am a danish woman, trying to loose weight. Needed to change this text only a weeks after I got here.


I am trying my best in writing in a different language - but hopefully you understand. :-)

There is a forum in Denmark - but mostly about the Gastric Bypass. Only ten post about the sleeve operation :violin:

This is "Sleeve-info-heaven" :-)



36 years old - turning 37


BMI: "only" 33

Comorbidities from my fatty fat:

Sleep apnea

High bloodpressure

Lower back problems

Father diabetes 2, both mother and father are medicated for high bloodpressure. Sis underwent a Gastric Bypass en roux.


Work: Writer, Fashion writer & stylist, make up artist, teacher


I have tried almost every diet on earth, undergoing lifestyle changes, have been in therapy, have spent a lot of money on all kind of weight loss thing.:yield:

The only thing, I havent tried yet is undergoing hypnoses AND WLS. My date is November 2010!


My biggest issue was if I should choose a Gastric Bypass or a sleeve operation.

Different european doctors have recommended me different things. But reading this forum, I chose the VSG


I have been thinking about a WLS for some time now. I can not have the operation payed or performed in Denmark. I have been in contact with batriatic specialist in Sweden, Greece and Belgium. And chose a danish doctor in Athens!


Some doctors say, that a sleeve operation is useless, when I have a sweet tooth. That I would probably gain the weight back in a few years. Others that new statistics for this operation have shown the same results as for a Gastric Bypass. Trying to read the online Obesity SurgeryJournal - the statistics seem very promising.


I only need to loose 30 kilos/66 pounds, so perhaps a sleeve is ok for me - and I could still use the best of the B-12, iron, calcium and proteins, that I am digesting.

Futhermore it seems that a sleeve operation is having a lot lower mortality rate and fewer post complications!


Thank you for this great site - I really missed all the talk and Information on the danish site!



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