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  1. 1 years has passed since you registered at VerticalSleeveTalk! Happy 1st Anniversary val628!

  2. val628

    Sleever's Rendezvous...?

    ive never been to the keys, so that would be my vote. but the riverwalk in san antonio is awesome a girls weekend sounds fun to me
  3. val628

    Sleever's Rendezvous...?

    id love to come...but central would be good. im on the east coast
  4. val628

    NSV shout outs

    i did the diabetes walk today and saw someone who hasnt seen me in about 5 years and when she saw me she said where is the rest of you...lol
  5. im 3 months out and i do not tolerate salads, im basically still on soft foods. im not really tolerating dense protein. i was a little concerned but my doctor wasnt, so it is still soft stuff for me
  6. hi all, im just wondering when everyone was able to tolerate meats. im almost 8 weeks out and i tried some meat yesterday and it got me sick. it was pretty tender and i chewed it to death. i have had ground meat, but im wondering about steak, eating a burger that kind of thing. also when could you tolerate fruits
  7. the rate of your weight loss really has nothing to do with you developing loose skin. alot of it is genetics, your age and how long you were overweight for. exercise will help...but basically once the skin is stretched...it is stretched
  8. i agree...i have had people say to my face that i took the easy way out. i tell them no i dont think so...i still need to exercise and watch what I eat and if ww had worked for me Id be skinny as I went there so many times. as far as the biggest loser, jillian would prob make me cry! anyway sure id lose weight if i exercised 8 hours/day but then who would pay my mortgage since who would have time to work...lol
  9. my doctor told me that over about 2 yrs it will stretch to about twice of what it is now
  10. val628

    I just don't understand

    i have found for some people who are overweight or obese there is an element of jealousy. there are some people who i work with that this seems to be the case. my response has been they can do what ive done, but its alot of work. you still need to watch what you eat (i do not feel that I diet, but that i try to eat healthy) and you need to exercise. i wish you very good luck
  11. val628

    Struggling a tad.....

    it will get better. it was easier for me this time because i was banded in 2008, so i was used to eating the smaller amounts. right now i eat 3-4 spoonfuls and im stuffed, so i try to stop before that. just hang in there when the weight starts coming off, it wont bother u as much. as far as the protein shakes i bought pb2 and it flavors the shakes nicely
  12. val628


    my doctor told me your stomach can stretch a litle but the hunger never comes back
  13. val628

    Alive and kicking

    glad it went well
  14. val628

    NSV shout outs

    i was a revision from the band to a sleeve. my sleeve surgery was 4 weeks ago today. i lost 70 lbs with the band and 15 lbs so far with the sleeve. with the band i went from a size 24w pants to a 14w/16w pants. well since i had the sleeve my14w are looking baggy, so this weekend i went shopping. i tried on a 14p pants and they fit good, so i decided to try the 12p. they fit, they were a little snug,but okay. i was so excited. i dont ever remember wearing that size ever.plus everyone at work is calling me skinny. i have never been called that in my whole entire life. ijust cant believe it